Marlies Dekkers Sexy Lingerie For Fall

You know how Google manages to hit every page you open with ads that pertain to things that you like and things you may intend to purchase? Well I am being bombarded at the moment with endless ads for Dutch Lingerie purveyor Marlies Dekkers

And that’s just fine by me. 

Heaven only knows my great loves in life are a high heel, a beautiful lipstick and a never ending supply of 

luxe underthings.

While they currently want me engaged in their Tempting Triangle

(as seen above)

I am somewhat obsessed with the new Joan Of Arc inspired pieces

for the fall/winter 2014 Couture Collection.

The release says the collection is for

“a young and strong woman following her heart and achieving remarkable goals in her life” 

and I am pretty convinced that I could follow my heart, and achieve the remarkable in either of these ensembles.

And I think I may even have a wig just like this one…

Don’t you just love it??