And The Winner Is….

Congratulations to Maria M from Dexter Michigan for winning the very fabulous Climate Control Duo from Ouidad!
And a huge thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway – your support is much appreciated!

My Ouidad Climate Control Duo by my pool. Its Summertime!!!

Ouidad has a new promotion running, which I will miss out on as I am about to fly out on the 2016 Glam Italia Tours – make sure you follow along on Instagram @ Corinnamakeup.
I have a link to the Ouidad promo here: “Curls-on-the-Go” Travel Size Event! Buy a 8.5 oz, Get a 2.5oz travel size FREE!

And a banner ad below. The Curls On The Go travel size products will be with me in Italy this year, keeping my curls glossy. (I also use some of the products when I’m blowing my hair out smooth. Just don’t tell Ouidad…)

Enjoy your products Maria!


Embrace Your Curls And Win The Ultimate Curly Girl Summer Hair Products!


Embrace Your Curls this Summer!

Are you ready for summer?

I am.

I always am. I love the sun, I love the beach, I love summer clothes, I love summer vacations.

The one thing I don’t love? Summer hair.


Are you a curly girl? If you have curly hair you already know what a nightmare summer can be with your hair!

My hair is somewhere between wavy and curly. It holds a blowout like no other, but left to it’s own devices looks like a really bad home perm gone very wrong. Add a little summer humidity and it turns into a fluff ball. Go swimming and get my hair wet? Hell in a hand-basket. I’m left somewhere between fluff-ball and frizz-fest.
All of which blow my glam plans for summer.

In the past I’ve had Brazilian Blowouts to keep it smooth and straight, but that cancels out beachy waves, and cool relaxed summery hairstyles.

Last year my hairdresser turned me on to a cool trick. She said that before I go swimming in the ocean I should coat my hair in Ouidad conditioner. The Ouidad philosophy is to moisturize the hair from the inside out so that it doesn’t get weighed down with heavy product. That inside-out moisturizing made my hair super soft instead of salt water stiff, and instead of a madly frizzy mess I ended up with soft, shiny curls! 
With two Glam Italia Tours about to kick off , taking me to humidity and to the Mediterranean, I’ve been stocking up on some more Ouidad products. I got a travel set called the Curl Essentials Trial Set. You can read about it here. It’s perfect for summer travel.

I also just got my hands on the Ouidad Climate Control Duo kit, which I am super excited about.

This duo set is comprised of the two best selling Ouidad products, and is only available as a set in certified Ouidad salons. 
And to my Corinna B’s World readers!
Because I have a set to giveaway.


So here’s the low down on the products you can win.
First of all there’s the Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel. This is a lightweight protective “smart” gel locks in moisture, seals out humidity and helps you to shape gorgeous curls that last all day.
The Curl Last Flexible Hold Hairspray is the answer to the curly girl’s blues. Normally if you are spraying curly hair it starts to look stiff and the curls don’t bounce and move, so they lose their magic. This hairspray gives you hold, but flexible hold infused with shine. You can build it as needed and it wont get crunchy or flakey. it’s fabulous! 

And here is a secret – although these products were designed for wavey, curly and kinky hair, they are also amazing for smooth haired girls who have to battle with frizzy, hard to control summer hair! 

There are lots of ways to win this giveaway! You have to enter through the Rafflecopter widget below. Rafflecopter tracks your entries and their computer picks the winner. The more entries you make the more chances you have to win!

Let’s make this your hair’s best summer ever!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want more information on Ouidad and her amazing products?
Check out the Ouidad website, and read about the amazing Ouidad herself here

The Curly Girl’s Guide To Gorgeous Summer Hair


Are you a curly girl?

I am.

If you have curly hair, wavy hair, kinky hair or tight curls, then this post is for you.

In my mind my curly hair looks like Ciara’s.
Unfortunately in real life it doesn’t.

In my mind I have luscious, beautiful, bouncy curls, but in reality I have that nasty curly hair that looks like a really bad home perm, gone terribly wrong. 

Although my kind of hair holds a blow out like no other, it can be brutal in the summer when you’re going to the beach, pool parties, dealing with humid weather, traveling – basically anything that falls under the headings of “fun” and “summer”. Unless of course, I want to spend the time blowing it out. Which especially when I’m on vacation, I don’t.

Shakira’s beach curls – I wish mine looked like this!

So I have been looking for something to help me both for everyday life and also for dealing with summer, and found these fabulous products courtesy of Ouidad, world renowned hairstylist and pioneer of the curly hair industry, and her fabulous line of products designed specifically for curly girls.
(A.K.A. lifesavers!)

One of the things I love about Ouidad products is that I can buy them in travel sizes. If you have curly hair then you already know that you absolutely must have products with you when you go on vacation or you will look like a frizzy, unkempt mess. 

Curl Essentials Travel Set

I just got the Ouidad Curl Essentials Trial Set which includes what I call travel sizes, of their famous essential core products:
The Waterworks Clarifying Shampoo, to cleanse the hair without stripping away essential nutrients and moisture.

The Moisture Lock Leave In Conditioner, a lightweight leave in product that gives a breathable moisture foundation that keeps your hair hydrated without weighing your curls down.

Botanical Boost Curl Energizing Refreshing Spray energizes and reawakens curls, both the day you wash your hair, and the following days when you need to liven it back up. (Especially good for those of us who can’t shampoo our hair every day without looking like a brillo pad)
Climate Control Heat And Humidity Gel fills each strand of hair with the optimal level of moisture and then seals it in, preventing expansion in even the most humid conditions (stops you getting frizzy), but doesn’t leave a greasy or heavy residue. 

Another Ouidad product that is totally amazing for curly girls is the Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil. Curly hair can get really dry, which makes it brittle, causing breakage. When curls dry out they look dull and lifeless and to make it worse they get frizzy. 
Sometimes the answer is in the way we cleanse our hair. 
Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil turns even the driest, lackluster curls into bouncy, gorgeous curls, adding moisture from the inside out, and then coating them in CR4 Repair, binding the moisture in and making your hair glossy and shiny. I’m ordering this next!

There is a BOGO on The Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil at the moment, so you can buy one and get a second one half off.

Read about Ouidad and her lifesaving line of curly girl hair products here.