How To Look Ageless In A Selfie

I still get hundreds of hits per day on my blogpost about 
How to Take An Amazing Selfie.

So today I am updating the selfie story with some tips from Instagram queen and E! Host, Catt Sadler (@IAMCATTSADLER) as seen in Health Magazine.

While researching this I looked at most of her instagram feed (linked both above and at the bottom of this post) and now I am a little bit obsessed! Now I want to know what she’s getting up to next, and what she’s wearing while she’s at it…

How to Look Ageless In A Selfie

1. Be Real

Say no to duck face. 

Catt says a beautiful shot of a barefaced woman is better, but looking through her Instagram selfies there are just so many gorgeous images with makeup on! So avoid duck face, but be your gorgeous self.



2. Look Up

Catt is a fan of the high angle shot because it’s much more flattering.

I say keep the camera slightly above eye level. If your curves are looking too curvy angle it higher and you will look both slimmer AND younger.


3. Choose The Right Light

Natural daylight is ideal. Avoid light shining down from above you – it creates shadows all over your face and adds 10 years. Light should be coming directly at you, essentially at eye level.



I only found Catt Sadler on Instagram via her bestie, Jacey Duprie @DAMSELINDIOR who is one of my absolute faves. I look at her Instagram most days, and get her blog, Damsel In Dior delivered to my email each day.



Check out Jacey on Instagram here @DAMSELINDIOR

Have a look at her blog here Damsel In Dior

Follow Catt Sadler on Instagram here @IAMCATTSADLER

All images via @IAMCATTSADLER instagram and @DAMSELINDIOR instagram

How To Find The Perfect Dress

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To find out the perfect dress for you, simply answer the quick and easy questions here, and you are all set!

Check out some gorgeous images of one of the dress options on one of my absolute favorite blogs, Damsel In Dior

and read what she has to say about M.M. LaFleur