Friday Nite Happiness!

I ripped this one directly out of InStyle magazine – no creativity here on my part!
But doesn’t it just look like a fabuloso evening???

They recommended starting with home made neopolitan pizzas. To accompany them a light refreshing drink called an Orange & Lillet Cocktail.

So here we go:

Orange & Lillet Cocktail

2 cups chilled white Lillet
2 cups chilled vodka (I recommend Grey Goose)
1 cup orange liqueur
1 cup chilled orange juice (not pulpy kind)
2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 bottle chilled Prosecco
orange slices for garnish

In a large pitcher or carafe combine Lillet, vodka. liqueur, and orange and lemon juices.
Chill til ready to serve
Before serving add Prosecco

Pour into ice filled glasses & garnish with orange slices.

Lillet is an aperatif from Bordeaux made of 85% wine and 15% oranges.

Friday Night Lite!

Well here we go again! Its Friday, and I just got back in from a shoot. Once again I have a crazy early call time tomorrow morning, so I wont be going out tonight.
But I got to thinking, if I was going out, what would I like to drink?

Looking to sports for inspiration, the racers are in Richmond (not feeling it), Fontana (sorry, but definitely not feeling it! but I am hoping to watch some of it), football of course, is all over the place. But Monday Night Football is Jets v Dolphins. There’s a little something to inspire a girl!

Jets aren’t thrilling me yet. And the Dolphins? I adored Dan Marino after Ace Ventura! (laces out Dan!) – so Dolphins it is.

Next up find a drink that is somewhat Miami-esque. Something with a little cuban flair maybe…

How about the El Presidente? Sounds cuban to me!

I have no idea who that girl is, but she mixes a great drink!

I also found this one, which is actually from Acapulco, but it looks kinda fab too!

Not to be confused with the daiquiri variant of the same name (created by an American bartender in Havana to honor Gerardo Machado, the fifth president of Cuba), this cocktail came from El Presidente Hotel, in Acapulco. If it seems outlandish, consider that the hotel bar was decorated with art by Salvador DalĂ­. The ingredients should be combined in a cocktail shaker three-quarters full of ice, shaken, and strained into a highball glass.

For each drink, combine 2 ounces each of dry gin and orange juice, 1 ounce each of apricot brandy, pineapple juice, and grapefruit juice, and a few drops of grenadine. Pour the drink over ice cubes in a 10-ounce glass, and garnish with an orange slice and a cherry.

Either way, fun drinks, and a fun weekend ahead!

Bottoms up lovies!



Shakin’ That Pom Pom!

Hola amigos!

It’s Friday, and I’m not in the Caribbean frolicking and having fun, so I decided it was high time we broke out my favorite drink for the fall.
(Even though it is 105 degrees here today, I’m still calling it fall…)

I love margaritas, and as a rule I never mess with the traditional flavor. But my gorgeous Texan friend introduced me to pomegranate margaritas one fall a couple of years back, and they are just ridiculously good!

I only ever make them from now though Christmas time – either its the color that makes it seasonal for me, or maybe its that this was the time of year that we made our auspicious aquaintance, but I am sure they make a great year rounder if you want a diversion from the regular margi flavor.

Pomegranate Margarita

2 cups of Pomegranate Juice
1/2 cup lime juice
2 tablespoons triple sec
2 tablespoons pomegranate liqueur
1/2 cup Cruz tequila
margarita salt
limes to garnish

Pour the pomegranate juice into icecube trays and freeze until solid.

Put the frozen cubes into the blender, leaving out one for each glass.
Add tequila, triple sec, pomegranate liqueur and lime juice.
Blend until slushy.

Slice one of the limes and run it around the rim of the glass, then salt it.

Put a pomegranate cube into each glass, pour the slushy margarita mix over top, and granish with a twist of lime.

Bottoms up baby!!!