How To Line Your Entire Eye With Eyeliner ~

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How To Line Your Entire Eye With Eyeliner

image by Kelly Cappelli

1. Make sure the area has been cleansed and prepped.
I like to put a think veil of foundation and powder topped with eyeshadow primer and some eyeshadow.
Use a neutral matte shadow if you don’t want your eyes to look like you have shadow on.
By prepping the eye area you are giving the liner something to grab on to, and to hold.
Eyeliner applied to bare skin is not likely to stay in place for very long.

Think about the shape of your eyes.
If you have small eyes, completely ringing the eye in eyeliner can actually make them look smaller.
If your eyes are set close together having eyeliner come all the way into the inner corners can make your eyes look as if they are even closer together.
If you have deep set eyes ringing them entirely in liner can make them look further recessed.

Sharpen your pencil, but not to a sharp point – it will just crumble when it makes contact with your skin.

Lie the pencil slightly onto it’s side, and starting in the middle of the lash line make small feather like movements across the eye.
If you have small eyes, keep the line thin.
If you have close set eyes either fade the liner out before you get to the inner corner, or keep it very thin through the inner 1/3 of the eye.

Once you have the eye lined in pencil, take a liner brush like the Corinna B Angle Taklon Liner ( and an eyeshadow that matches your liner color (black shadow with black liner, brown with brown etc).
The first pass you make across the pencil liner helps to set the pencil so that it won’t move. The subsequent passes can be used to buff the hard line of the liner and give you a more smudgy, lived in look.

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