Eastern Mistress ~ Marina Jameson for BMM Magazine

I am soooo wow’d by Jose Sequi’s stunning hair and makeup

in this striking editorial for BMM that I don’t really care

about anything else.

Except that it is completely fabulous.

Marina Jamieson, Eastern Mistress, BMM

Model Marina Jamieson puts a 2013 spin on Eastern chic

for photographer Enric Galceran‘s lens

in oriental prints, color blocked moderns and gorgeous lingerie

as styled by Monica Zafra.

Love. It.

Eastern Mistress

Eastern Mistress ~ makeup by Jose Sequi

Iekeliene Stange For Vogue Portugal

Model Iekeliene Stange looks both elegant and ethereal

in this gorgeous editorial in the latest issue

of Vogue Portugal.

Iekeliene Stange For Vogue Portugal, Elegance Refined, by Enric Galceran

Photographer Enric Galceran captures her 

with his exquisite other-wordly studio lighting

in designs by Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Blumarine and Givenchy.

Stylist Lidia Aguilera dresses her in shade of ivory and jet

while Daniel Rull completes the look with his flawless makeup and slicked back hair.

Elegance Refined