New Year New You ~ What Is Microneedling?

What Is Micro-needling?

There is no time like the beginning of a new year to start making some drastic improvements to your complexion.
Its a great time to implement a new skin care regime, as well as take on some bigger challenges to resurface the skin and to improve texture and skin tone.

I have been wanting to try Fractional laser treatments for ages, but my lifestyle really doesn’t allow for the down time required to heal them. Most resurfacing laser treatments leave you looking like you’ve had your face in a waffle iron, and can involve pain, intense redness, intense shedding.
The results are spectacular, but the healing process can be brutal.

post Fraxel acne treatment

Because of this, my skin guru steered me towards Microneedling instead.

Both laser resurfacing treatments and Microneedling utlize collagen induction therapy by creating a wound, which stimulates the body to create new collagen.
Laser energy burns microchannels through the skin, leaving intense redness and discomfort.

Microneedling uses a disposable cartridge with 11 small needles that are propelled by a motorized stylus.

Microneedling with EraseCIT  stylus

 The technician uses a numbing cream first to ensure zero discomfort (I have no tolerance whatsoever to pain) and then moves the stylus in a manner similar to a microderm machine.

erasecit- microneedling-treatment

The depth of the needle penetration and the vibration speed is adjusted to suit the client’s comfort and the desired result.
I had the benefit of having EraseCIT! Microneedling, which adds in another component. With EraseCIT! the technician does a small area, then during the 2 minute window before the needle holes close, she uses an airstylus to infuse a treatment specific to your skin’s needs, prior to continuing microneedling. In my case she used a special concoction of hyaluronic acid for intense moisturization, mixed with some skin vitamins.
The added benefit of using an HA infusion was that it filled my nasolabial lines, giving me some instant youth!

Microneedling has the huge benefit of having essentially no downtime. 
In my case I was able to leave the EstheticAdvisor clinic and go directly to a meeting, with no redness, no swelling and no discomfort. My skin looked spectacular! Due to the needles being so micro fine, there were no puncture wounds or visable signs of ruptured skin. 

Before microneedling with EraseCIT. Notice hyperpigmentation and fine lines
After microneedling with EraseCIT see the even color, smooth texture and youthfulness.
Also note how plumped up and luscious the skin looks after the treatment.

So who should use microneedling?

Microneedling with EraseCIT! is an ideal correction procedure for the following conditions:

* Fine lines and other skin aging concerns
*Acne scarring
*Scars from traumas or incisions
*Skin tone and texture improvement

One of my close friends has been having Microneedling with EraseCIT! for scar revision from a hideous, big surgical scar running the length of her tummy. The scar has gone from being a giant, angry, raised scar, to a fine, bikini worthy line.

Although EraseCIT! is based in Scottsdale, it is available everywhere. Technicians come to the Scottsdale facility to train in the procedure.

To find an EraseCIT! technician near you, contact the EstheticAdvisor Laser Academy