Beauty Tip Of The Week # 8 How To Wear Eyeliner After Lash Extensions ~

How To Wear Eyeliner After Eyelash Extensions
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Eyelash extensions are single, individual, generally synthetic lashes that are glued one by one onto your existing lashes 

with formaldehyde free adhesive.

They generally last about 3 weeks before they need replacing.

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They have a similar effect to strip lashes,

except that they are semi permanent.

Most women find they don’t really need to use eyeliner

with lash extensions as the lashline is so enhanced by them.

However if you do choose to wear a liner, you have to be careful that you don’t destroy your new lashes. 

eyelash-extensions-and -eyeliner
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Here’s what I recommend: 

Check the label on your eyeliner.

Avoid cream or oil based liners as they can disrupt the adhesive and make your expensive lash extensions fall out.  

Liquid liners typically don’t contain oils but can be more stubborn to remove.

A good trick is to use a dark eyeshadow and an eyeliner brush

Take the dark shadow along the lash line and build depth and color.

Next take your gel or cream liner along the lashline but not up against the lashes themselves. The shadow you applied in the first step will give you the depth of color you need at the lashes, enabling you to trick the appearance of  your gel liner and making it look like it goes all the way to the lashes themselves.

Be very gentle when removing any eyeliner. 

Don’t use oil based eye-makeup removers.

Either purchase products from your eyelash technician, or use a very gentle cleansing milk and a QTip. 

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