Who Says Blondes Have More Fun??

How cool is this?

And fab.

And glam.

Its not new, (2010)but whatevs – 

sometimes old is fun look back at too.

Visa Black Card Campaign

Brunette Donna Feldman gets all James Bond and badass

without messing up her hair.

The product placement heavy spot shows her

donning black Ray Ban Aviators, riding a Ducati Monster 1100

and being dropped to her Pershing 88 from a 

MD 500 helicopter, all in black.

Love it.

and the cool behind the scenes spot…

The Fabulous Miss Zoe Mirkovich

Check it out:

My best friend’s daughter, Zoe Mirkovich,  has just made her mega debut via the new T Mobile commercial
which hits TV land any day now, but which has already surpassed 1.5 million views on you tube.

Zoe sings, dances and acts.
She is amazing.
When she was 3 years old I told her mother she would be bigger than Madonna.

Watch out Madge, Zoe is coming for you…

You can follow Zoe on twitter @ZoeMirkovich
Her facebook pages is Facebook.com/Zoe.M.Official
Make sure you “like” it.
While you’re at it, “like” mine too Facebook.com/Corinna B

Rosie Huntington Whitely Burberry Body

The hottness that is Rosie Huntington Whitely peeling out of her Burberry trench for the new 
Burberry Body commercial, shot in London by Mario Testino.

and,of course, a little behind the scenes…..

have a gorgeous day 🙂