Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System

This looks kinda cool!
I used to have so much fun working with Jonathan Antin on celeb photoshoots in LA, and he used to cut my hair, so I’m always extra interested to see what he’s up to.
He has his own product line, Jonathan Product, and now he has a shower filter. Lord knows I need one – the water where I live is awful!

Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System

Jonathan Product is a celebrity-inspired luxury hair care line. A harmonious fusion of nature and technology, Jonathan Product’s sulfate-free and 100% vegan formulas utilize purified, deionized Essential Water® infused with natural botanicals to leave hair manageable, healthy and effortlessly beautiful. An expert approach to hair care and styling, simplified.

An exclusive, patented 2-stage shower filter with one of the highest grades of purification media to change ordinary, polluted tap water into pure, pH balanced water. Designed to remove synthetic chemicals and toxic heavy metals. The resulting filtered shower water helps skin and hair feel softer while helping to maintain the shiny and glossy look of hair.

Water has a vital effect on the condition, color and manageability of hair. Proper cleansing and hydration begin with pure, natural spring water.

Beauty Water Shower Purification System  $95.00 
* It filters chlorine, heavy metals & harsh chemicals
* reduces harmful VOC’s
* enhances pH balance
* softens hair & skin
* helps preserve hair color.

Made up of Amorphous Titanium Silicate, a potassium charged zeolite, coated to a granular media made from carbonized coconut shells During the first stage of filtration, chlorine is reduced substantially & the water is pre-conditioned to be neutralizing agents.
In the second stage, the filter delivers the most effective elimination of VOC’s and synthetic chemicals, including heavy metals commonly found in tap water such as copper & lead. As the system removes heavy metals, it replaces them with healthy potassium ions to balance pH and produce the closest thing to pure, natural spring water possible.

Available at, Sephora, and other fine retailers

Bet It All On Black

How is this for fabulous???
Just as the staple pieces in our closet are black – our little black dress, killer pair of pants, cashmere sweater, pencil skirt and sky high boots; here is a line that is just the simple yet essential black pieces we cannot live without.
Meet Noir Cosmetics.

Three years ago marketing expert Caroline Cohen was spurred into action after a fruitless search for the perfect black eyeliner in a high end department store.
She went back to her native Montreal, where she gathered a team of long time beauty professionals to develop this amazing line of 12 specialty products.

Noir’s professional-grade selection of eyeliners, mascaras, eyeshadows and brows sidesteps the standard multi-colored palettes, instead sending a simplified message of classic black. Their longwear and waterproof formulas range from smoggy charcoals to deep, dramatic blacks, making everything from the sexy, smoky eye to the fierce and fabulous cat eye both accessible and attainable to every woman.

“Black may be the current trend in fashion, but it never goes out of style, just like your LBD” (little black dress) states the visionary Cohen. “Noir represents the Little Black Dress of the cosmetics world: something no stylish woman should ever be without.”

All of the products in Noir’s line are designed to work together, so that you can easily create a range of versatile eye makeup looks. There are 5 unique formulas and shades of eye pencil, 2 liquid liners and an intensely black gel liner, as well as one perfect black mascara.

The jewel box eyeshadow palette is in
Ivory Pearl, Silver Quartz and Diamond black,
designed to sweep together the entire look.
The products average in price between $14 and $16, with the eye shadow trio at $28

Noir Cosmetics are sold in select locations in the USA, more than 200 specialty boutiques across Italy, and more than 300 locations in Canada.
You can purchase Noir Cosmetic online at

5 Quick Ways To Update Your Look For Fall

Now fall is here its time to really update your look. Don’t be afraid to try a few new things, play with color, experiment a little, and at the same time find a balance where you don’t abandon the look you’re most comfortable with.

Here are  quick ways to update your look for fall:

Use a serum.
As the colder weather settles in your skin dries out more and loses its vitality. Swapping to a heavy, creamy moisturizer can leave you super slick and slimy, so opt for adding a serum before your moisturizer to give your skin a much needed boost!

skyn ICELAND Arctic Brightening Serum is a makeup artist favorite. LOVE it!

2. Upgrade to a full bodied foundation.
Summer and its golden hue are behind us now, and the transparent, barely there foundation we use during the hot months is now not going to cut it. Instead of enhancing a tan, a sheer foundation will now just be a window into your autumnal pallor. Try a more full cover, silicone based foundation for a luminous vibrancy to the skin.

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation – because looking good is the best revenge

3.Move into a sleek, smoky, sexy eye
Intensify the color you’re using on your eyes. Choose something with some moody depth to balance fall’s lush color palette, and buff and blend it so that its perfect to wear to work or to wear out on the town.
Enhance it with a deep, bold hued liner such as a hunter green, a cafe americano brown or a deep violet.

4. Add a metallic shimmer
Bring deeper eye shadows to life by adding in a metallic sheen. Look for golds. bronzes and coppers

5. Make a statement with your mouth!

Nars Pur Matte lipstick

Intensify your lips with a deep, opaque color. Too bold when applied directly? Just smudge it on with your finger. Create a nice deep stain, then use your favorite sheer gloss over top