Easy Like Sunday Morning….

As far as I’m concerned, the Sunday morning reset is so important.

Love Style Life Garance Dore

I’m trying really hard not to book work on Sundays. Sometimes I have to do a shoot or a wedding, but I really treasure the Sunday mornings when I can just wake because I finished sleeping. No alarms, no racing to get ready and out the door.

I have a little ritual for Sunday mornings.

It starts with a couple of hours of digital detox. No social media, no TV, no checking email.

I put on some chill music and open a book.

Love Style Life Garance Dore

I love coffee table books, so instead of diving headfirst into a novel, (and not resurfacing until lunch) I like to make a killer cup of coffee and have some quiet time being inspired by the art and the thoughts of the ones I admire most.

Love Style Life Garance Dore

I either make a  Nespresso or I make  Illy Coffee in my French Press. I’m pretty particular about my coffee.

This morning my Nespresso and I spent some QT with Garance Dore’s book Love Style Life .

Love Style Life Garance Dore

I gave her book  Love X Style X Life to several people for Christmas last year, and I also have given it as a hostess gift. It’s just fabulous.

Love Style Life Garance Dore

This morning I was rereading her style evolution and day dreaming about Paris.

I will be back there soon.

Happy Sunday

3 Fabulous, Chic, Fashion Books To Add To Your Gift List


Over the holidays I absolutely love to curl up with a great book.
My regular life is so hectic, sometimes working 7 days per week for weeks on end. (at the time of writing this post I have been working 48 days straight)
Just the idea of days off, a couch, and some great books borderline makes me giddy!

One of my favorite things is to spend time with fashion based coffee table books, getting inspired and just loving the art form.

To date my favorites have been The Little Black Jacket: Chanel’s Classic Revisted Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty (Metropolitan Museum of Art), and Carine Roitfeld:  Irreverent

carine roitfeld irreverent book

This year my gift list is being populated with gorgeous fashion and lifestyle books, written by some of the biggest bloggers and social media presences in the fashion arena.
These make sensational gifts for girls who love fashion, business gifts, and gifts for yourself! 
I’ve had trouble finding them in bookstores, so have linked each of them to Amazon for you.

garance dore book

Garance Dore is the epitome of chic, french-girl style. Her website Garance Dore.com is a must see compendium of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Her book  Love Style Life is all this and more.  It makes a super chic gift.

Image result for garance dore book

Image result for garance dore book

Image result for garance dore book


Girl boss and Nasty Gal blogger/fashionista/influencer Sophia Amoruso’s second book Nasty Galaxy is a gloriously illustrated visual collection of her style and the style of her brand Nasty Gal. Its actually a mixture of many things. Short essays, photos, inspo-journeys and her philosophies on relationships, work, friendships, balance – everything Sophia.



Instagram superstar, fashion blogger and interior designer Aimee Song (Songofstyle.com) has written a fabulous book! Capture Your Style: Transform Your Instagram Images, Showcase Your Life, and Build the Ultimate Platform is all about how to craft your voice and story on Instagram. If you have seen her insta feed you appreciate how beautiful, well thought out, and powerful it is. 
Instagram is an incredibly important business tool and platform, and Aimee has built an enormous brand following on it. Her book tackles everything from building your following, styling food, travel and fashion images, which filters to use – you name it.
And the photos are gorgeous!

aimee song of style capture your style book

aimee song of style capture your style book

 capture your style

3 Fabulous Books For Girls Who Love Paris (and things Parisian)


I’m sitting on my couch, it’s late at night and I’ve had one hell of a week. I’ve had editorial shoots, I’ve been teaching a pro makeup class, I’ve been doing the final prep for the next Glam Tour which takes off in a couple of days.
Yesterday I took a red eye (at 1:45 am) from Phoenix to Dallas to speak to a fabulous crowd at the Pinner’s Conference Texas. I am the beauty director for a fantastic new magazine called Luca, ( I am super proud of this magazine!) and I was in Dallas with Luca speaking on one of my favorite subjects, beauty. It was great fun. I wish I could have stayed overnight, but my schedule is crazy at the moment, so I had to fly back last night at midnight. And this morning was up and working super early again.


With a few shell shocked minutes up my sleeve I’ve been clicking around Amazon.com looking for books for the trip ahead. I figured you might enjoy the books sitting in my shopping cart waiting for me to click and ship. I may double buy them actually, as each would make a fabulously chic gift and Christmas is on it’s way.

Image result for garance dore book

Love Style Life  by Garance Dore
I covet Garance’s life. It is so glamorous just as she is so glamorous. Her book is a best seller and her blog is legend. (GaranceDore.com)


Image result for garance dore book
Garance Dore

 thirty chic days

Thirty Chic Days: Practical inspiration for a beautiful life

I’m super excited about this one! Written by fellow Kiwi Fiona Ferris who you may know from her blog How To Be Chic, this book will feed your inner imaginary life in Paris. Even though I’m on my way back to Rome this will make a fab read on the plane!

 how to be parisian wherever you are

How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits

Parisiennes are the epitome of chic cool n’est ce pas? And you and I can channel our inner Parisienne with the help of this book. I’m especially interested in the bad habits….

Visiting Paris? Find Deals, Compare Rates, and Read Hotel Reviews on TripAdvisor

This post contains affiliate links. There is a chance that if you purchase one of these books I could be paid a few cents.

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