Ginta Lapina For Numero #133

Everyone is shooting in the desert these days.

It is oddly alluring.

Equal parts post apocalyptic and madly beautiful.

Especially at sunset.

I often wonder why so many 

shoot in Palm Springs

when there is a backdrop far more captivating 

just up the road in Phoenix.

This one looks like it was shot on an old date farm in Indio…


For Numero #133 photographers Sean and Seng

took the unbelievably beautiful Ginta Lapina to the desert

where makeup artist Gemma Smith took out her eyebrows 

but hit her up with an uber bright, wildly vivid red lip,

with which to seduce the palms and sands 

in a luxury glam story.

Peter Gray gave her hair some vintage inspired waves,

and fashion editor Samuel Francois decked her out 

in wardrobe from designers including Balenciaga, Ralph Lauren and Gucci