The Three Main Hair Color Trends For Fall 2015

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Are you planning on changing up or modifying your hair for fall?
Yesterday I wrote about the 7 Step Checklist For Fabulous Fall Hair, today I’m looking at the three main color trends for this fall.

To help me out I talked to celebrity colorist Heather Strange, formerly of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and now based at Carolyne’s Salon in Scottsdale.

The 3 Main Color Trends For Fall 2015

Heather told me that this season the blondes have become warmer, and interestingly the brunettes have become cooler!

Lets take a look:

If You Are Blonde

The first thing you need to do is get rid of platinum and ashy tones. Instead add in honey and caramel tones to richen the color up for the wintery months.

Buttery, beige blondes work magic on your washed out, winter complexion. Adding warmth to your blonde, especially around the face, is a beautiful way to approach the cooler weather.

If You Are A Brunette

This season marks a big change for brunettes! Normally we think of adding deep, warm lowlights to winter brunettes, or infusing lighter red toned highlights. But this year it’s all new.

For fall 2015 icy browns are in. A cool brown fading into lighter, cool chestnut is a fabulous modern alternative to highlights.

If You Are A Redhead

Red tones always rule for fall. 

Heather says a champagney red is beautiful if you want to stay a little lighter, or if you are feeling more bold, cinnamon accents compliment most rosy shades.

Two Extra Tips:

Heather threw in 2 extra tips for gorgeous fall hair.

1. To keep your hair moist and your color vibrant during the dry, bitter winter months, think about adding an oil to your hair regimen, like Oribe Gold Lust. (this is what she has me using!)

This is a very lightweight oil that won’t weigh your hair down, or make it go limp and flat, but instead adds back in extra nourishment and shine that the weather may have you lacking.
You can order Oribe products online at


2. If you are a gym rat consider just rinsing and conditioning after your hard workout session, instead of using shampoo every day. This will help your color last longer, and will stop you from stripping away the essential nutrients that your hair needs.

If you are in Arizona you can find Heather at 

Carolyne’s Salon


She is also on Facebook and on Instagram

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