10 Things A Girl’s Gotta Have For Summer

For the northern hemisphere girls summer is halfway over. You’ve no doubt got a little color to your skin, you’ve got that fresh faced glow happening, maybe you’re coming home from a vacation, maybe you’re getting ready to go on one.

Here are 10 Things A Girl’s Gotta Have For Summer

Facial SPF
Don’t use your regular sunscreen – it will break your skin out.
Instead select a non greasy, non pore clogging Facial SPF with
a protection factor of at least 30. I use 85 and 100.


Add Some Shine To Your Hair
Chlorine, salt water, dry air can all leave your locks looking less than lusterous.
Spritzing on a little Bumble and Bumble Shine On
will not only give you some glossiness, but will tame the frizz
and let you have a little definition to the ends.


Skin Rescue Spray
Hot weather can add extra stress to your skin, whether its sunburn (gasp!)
windburn, dry air, humid air, travel – you name it.
Keep a rescue spray on hand, such as skynICELAND‘s amazing Arctic Mist Spray.
It gives your skin instant relief while fortifying it with nutrients.

Bright Nails

Liven things up a little with a bold, bright nail color.
Leave the nudes and the dark shades behind – they’ll be back in the fall!
Bright, vibrant nails look fantastic with a summer tan.

Raspberry Lipgloss

You’ve got a gorgeous summer golden complexion (hopefully from a bottle)
now compliment it with a raspberry popsicle kiss.
The blue undertones in raspberry will make your teeth look super white
and your lips look super ripe!
(shown here, Smashbox Lipgloss in 24/7)


Add A Gold Accent
And I do mean accent.
A soft gold shadow, or a little gold pressed into the inner corner of the eye
can wake the eye up and compliment your tan.
When adding gold to your look choose one area and stick to it.

Big Sunglasses
Big, dark glasses not only look uber chic, but the protect the skin around your eyes
from the sun’s harmful, damaging, aging rays too….

Makeup Forever Aqualiners

Searing hot temperatures, a dip in the pool, diving into the ocean –
regardless of what you’re doing, these waterproof, sweatproof, tearproof liners
can stand up to anything, and keep you looking vibrant, chic and glam!

Give your skin a sexy glow with Nars Illuminate in Orgasm.
And frankly, who can ever get enough?
Mix into your foundation or moisturizer, or maybe just add a little to your cheeks.
It looks straight up gorgeous along your collar bones, over your bare shoulders and down your bare shins too!

A Fabulous Big Hat
Take fabulous to a whole new level with a super stylish big hat!
Protect your hair, your haircolor, your ears and your skin and rock a little glamor while you’re at it.

image source Naperville Magazine, photographer Michael Dar

10 Tips To Avoid Holiday Makeup Mistakes

We all want our party makeup to look flawless and fabulous all night long, and to be chic and current without leaving us looking like a fashion victim, so here’s a little guide to avoiding Holiday Party Makeup Mistakes.

1.) Exfoliate.
Makeup will never look gorgeous when the skin underneath is dry and flaky. Cold weather dries skin out, so at this time of the year it is more important than ever to stay exfoliated.
Use an enzyme mask before applying your makeup. Remove with a warm wash cloth and follow with an intense moisturizer, or a serum and moisturizer.

2.) Avoid The Oilslick!
Just as a dry, flaky complexion is a beauty buzz-kill, so is the super slick, super shiny, oily T Zone.
Use a pH balanced cleanser such as Pamela Springer’s Natural Radiance Bar with a Clarisonic for a deeper, exfoliating cleanse that will remove excess oil and congestion. The only shine we want to see on the face is that which we have strategically placed ourselves!

Clarisonic Mia Limited Edition.

3.)Prime your skin.
You’ll get more mileage out of your foundation if you are well primed beneath it. Give your moisturizer 15 minutes to really settle in to the skin, make sure there is no film left on the surface, (lift of with a single ply tissue if there is) and then apply a good primer, such as Makeup Forever HD Primer.

4.)Use An Eye Shadow Primer

An eye shadow primer will help your shadow to hold better and look fresh even at the end of the night. Try Nars Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base
Make sure the entire eye area, including the lower lash line is well powdered and set so that makeup doesn’t move

5.) Keep Glitter Under Control

Jennifer Lopez always works a dewy sheen without glitter

Avoid large fleck glitter – it looks infantile. Instead opt for luminizer, such as h.wood.beauty Illuminate in Sunshine (on my “can’t live without” list). Apply lightly to the upper cheekbones and bridge of the nose to give the skin a healthy, dewy glow. If you’re looking tired pat a tiny amount under the eyes for an instant revitalizing boost!

6.) Don’t Mix Metals
Metallics are huge this season, but need to be worn alone. Silver and gold really don’t mix well on your face – if you have a fairer complexion silvers and grays will look good, if you are medium through warm complected golds will look gorgeous. Avoid looking like the Tin Man by choosing one area of the face, such as the eyes, and keep your metallics there.

7.)Avoid Mascara Flakes and Smudges
There’s no time like now to invest in a new mascara! If your current mascara is dry and flaky, its time to toss it and get a new one. Try a water resistant formula like MAC Pro Lash. Waterproof is great if you’re planning on swimming or sobbing, but otherwise avoid their tar like formulas. Water resistant mascaras wont smudge and will hold beautifully all night long.

8.) Go Easy On Lipliner
As the evening progresses your lipstick will wear down. Overstated lip liner looks plain silly, and as the rest of your lip color wears down it looks plain awful. Line/shape your lips with a liner that matches your lipstick, then pat your lipstick on with your finger, blot, and reapply, creating a deep stain rather than a surface slick.
It will last longer, wear more beautifully and need fewer touch ups.

9.) Don’t Forget Your Nails!
Choose a fun, bold, bright color for your nails, such as OPI I’m Not A Waitress red. It can be the detail that brings your look together, whereas bare nails can be the detail that leaves you looking incomplete. Its all in the details…

10.) Bring Blotting Papers.
Instead of dulling down your look by caking on extra layers of powder, use blotting papers to lift away any surface oil. This will help you to look fresh faced without excess shine.

How To Buy Fragrance For Your Man

Buying fragrance for your man can be tricky, but here are a few tips to set you off in the right direction.

image MarieClaire.com

1.) Dudes typically fall into one of two categories when it comes to fragrance. They tend to either like something more woody & spicy ( with notes like cedar, oak, cardamom or pepper) or they prefer a smell that is more clean & light. (light scents smell more crisp,  and fresh from the shower)

completely gratuitous…

2.) If you’re not sure which of the two camps he falls into, google his current colognes and see if the notes are more deep or more citrus.
Alternatively ask a fragrance specialist. Describe how he dresses, (is he a crisp suit type, a laid back surfer dude, a rugged jock?) and tell her what fragrances he already wears, so that she doesn’t duplicate his current colognes or choose something too far out of his comfort zone. Most men don’t want to stray too far from what they already use.

3.) Look at the biggest sellers at the top retailers.
 In general those that sell the most do so for a reason. Have the sales associate show you the top sellers in his category, and whittle it sown from there.
The best sellers at Sephora for 2010 (courtesy of Allure.com) are as follows:

  1. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme (shown here), a blend of neroli, patchouli, and marine notes
  2. John Varvatos Artisan, a citrusy clementine-and-ginger combo
  3. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme, a fresh blend of bergamot, pepper, and mandarin
  4. & 5. Carolina Herrera 212 Men, which combines sandalwood, guaiac wood, and musk, and its spicy spinoff, 212 Sexy Men, a mix of amber, cardamom, and vanilla

  4.) If you’re really stuck, marine tones tend to be universally loved, or if he has a giant ego or sees himself as a “scented salamander” look for something along the lines of Sean John I Am King

5.) If you are introducing him to the concept of smelling fragrant, a full blown cologne maybe too much for him. Look instead at lightly fragranced aftershaves, or fragranced soaps and shower gels.

image from MarieClaire.com

 6.) Avoid anything promoted by an athlete. In all likelihood they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it themselves, and it probably smells overwhelming and borderline toxic.

Do you really believe Giselle lets him even bring this shiz inside the house???