The Modern Girls Guide To Hostess Gifts ~ 14 Great Hostess Gifts For The Holidays


It’s that time of the year again – the endless swirl of chic soirées, holiday parties, cocktail parties, dinner parties and events that make up the holiday season.

Your hostess has taken the time to plan, put together and now be the ringmaster of the evening (or whatever time the event is happening). Your job is to be the perfect guest, and to show up with an appropriate hostess gift.

What should you not take? 
Don’t show up with flowers – she already has her decor for the event planned, and when you are at the door with a bouquet she now has to stop what she was doing and go find a vase, deal with the flowers and find a place for them. 
Flowers make a lovely thank you gift after the event.

Don’t show up with wine. (unless asked to) Your hostess has probably planned wine pairings to go with the foods she is serving. A bottle of wine can be awkward too – are you expecting her to serve it at the event or save it for later? It can be easily lost or confused, so opt for something that at least looks like it has been well thought out.

Make sure your gift is wrapped and has a hand written card attached as she may not open it until the next day and will probably forget who gave it.

Here are 15 great hostess gift ideas for this holiday season:

Diptyque Candles


Whether you are gifting a single candle or a set of minis,  a Diptyque Candle is always a win. The fragrances are glorious, and the quality is exceptional. Diptyque is synonymous with chic, classic and luxe. For the holiday season try the Diptyque candle in Feu De Bois for a woodsy, wintery scent.



A little touch of Paris goes a long way. Decadent, glamorous and delicious, macarons are lovely to receive. Order online from Laduree

Bath Soaps


Sets of bath soaps or bath gels are always welcomed.

Where possible try to match the fragrance to the girl. If she is a floral girl a woodsy scent might not thrill her. If she is sleek and modern, get her something sleek and modern. If you aren’t sure try Aqua di Parma, their products are always chic and luxe.
A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything lavender – it smells like grandma.

A Coffee Table Book

Find a statement piece that matches her interests. A fashionista may love the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty (Metropolitan Museum of Art)


A girl who loves home decor may enjoy Ellen De Generes’ Home


A Leather Notebook

In a world that has gone impossibly digital it is still lovely to write notes by hand in a beautiful leather notebook.

A Bottle Stopper.


Lovely wine bottle stoppers make a great gift. I found this Michael Aram Botanical Leaf Stopper 
at Nordstrom

A Picture Frame.

If you don’t know her taste get something simple.

A Reed Diffuser From Jo Malone


A Jo Malone Diffuser is a super chic looking gift, and her fragrances are so beautiful – you will win every time.



I found these Ben’s Garden coasters at Nordstrom

An Interesting Or Exotic Tray.


She can use it to serve food, as a decor accent, to store her perfumes on – the list is endless but the gift is both lovely and original. I love this Rosanna Golden Alphabet Tray

A Throw 

Especially during the winter months a throw blanket is fabulous to curl up with, and they make wonderful gifts. Check out these Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Throws

A Tin Of Holiday Flavored Tea


Holiday flavored teas in interesting packaging make great gifts. Teavana has tea gift sets, and their White Chocolate Peppermint tea tastes like the holidays.

Drawer Fragrances

Everyone loves fragrances for their closets and drawers. These Diptyque Scented Ovals can freshen up any space, and make your clothes smell fresh and lovely.


A Himilayan Salt BBQ Plank.

Completely random, but what a great gift! I found this one on uncommon

8 Perfect Hostess Gifts

I adore party season.
And I adore being a great guest. 
One of the keys to being a great guest is thinking out a really fabulous hostess gift. 
You should never show up empty handed, and a bottle of wine or flowers sometimes just say you grabbed something last minute, or didn’t bother to think ahead.
So I like to stock up on hostess gifts throughout the year, and always be ready.

Here is a list of 8 Perfect Hostess Gifts

The Diptique Baies Candle.
I’ve loved this candle for more years than I care to count. It smells like a bouquet of roses wrapped in blackcurrent leaves, and frankly, is totally luxurious.

Tatcha Kokoro Golden Lip Gift Set
Everything from Tatcha is divine. Their packaging alone makes everything feel like the most unique and special gift, even when you are just buying your own skincare products.
I absolutely love Camellia Oil in lip products, and the combination of the Camellia lip balm and the gold mirror makes for the loveliest hostess gift (or bridesmaids gift).
Order at


Tory Burch Soap Set
I love Tory Burch. 
And I love these soaps. It’s a set of 4 blush colored soaps wrapped in signature Tory prints.
The soaps are beautifully fragranced and are lovely to receive.


Carine Roitfeld Irreverent
I’m just fascinated with former Vogue Paris Editor Carine Roitfeld.
Karl Lagerfeld once said “if you close your eyes and imagine the perfect Parisian woman, it would be Carine Roitfeld”
She is the epitome of style, and this glorious coffee table book is a visual history of her ever exciting career.
Coffee table books make wonderful gifts.


Mini Macarons By LeilaLove Macarons
I love Macarons. They always make me think of fun times in Paris. Macarons are always a wonderful gift, and this gift set is not only lovely, but also very affordable.


The sleek, modern lines of the Savino Wine Saver Carafe make it a very chic hostess gift, as well as a very useful one. The carafe is designed to presere left over wine, keeping it fresh for up to a week. It’s incredibly clever – the float seals the wine, keeping oxygen out and all the flavor in.


Indieflix: Film Festival In A Box is about as cool and unique as it gets. Each box holds 4 short, indie films. The idea is that you get a bunch of friends over, hold your own mini film fest (the films each run 10-20 minutes) and then everyone votes on their fave. You go on the website and report in the results. How fun is that?

Read more about Indieflix Film Festival In a Box here

Cocoa and Hearts Lipstick Dots Notecards by Jen Ramos for 
Made By Girl
I love Jen’s Made By Girl prints, and actually have several in my home office and around my house. The prints themselves make great gifts, especially for stylish, fashion forward girls, and Jen also has a fabulous selection of notecards and journals. Find them here at