How To Go From The Office To a Party In 6 Easy Steps

Its the time of the year when there are endless parties to go to, often directly from work.
But after a long day at the office, typically your makeup is looking anything but fabulous,
so here are 6 high speed tips to get you from office makeup to super glam in no time at all.

1. Complexion.

Instead of piling on powder and leaving your skin looking chalky, use either a duo fiber foundation brush or a clean makeup sponge
(or in a pinch clean fingers), and apply a little BB cream to the areas that need it. This will help to even out your skin tone and give your skin a little glow.

2. Under Eyes
Mix a color correcting concealer with a little luminizer and a dot of eye cream and refresh your under eye area. The eye cream will rehydrate tired under eyes, the luminizer will add a little glimmer, bouncing off light, and the concealer will even out the color.

3. Shimmer
Add a little life to your upper cheek bones with a shimmer product.
Avoid anything with large particles, as this can leave you looking glittery. I like Nars The Multiple or Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand for a creamy sheen.

4. Sharpen Your Brows

Make a statement with a well defined brow. This helps lift tired eyes, at the same time as looking elegant and refined.
Trace a sharper line on the lower edge of the brow, then blend upward and out to soften.

5. Big Lashes
Open your eyes with tons of mascara. Curl your lashes beforehand if needed, and make sure your mascara is clump free.

6. Apply A Bold Lip

There’s no time quite like the holiday season to wear a strong red lip.
Find your perfect red, line your lips to give them the perfect shape, and go for it!

* too much powder ~ skin looks dead
* too much sparkle ~ it can look ridiculous when paired with a          couple of drinks
*going wild with bronzer ~ bronzer is designed to make you look sunkissed, not to make your skin look like brown glitter. Bad bronzing may just be the ultimate makeup faux pas.