How To Look Great In A Bikini

Its bikini time again, and whether you are the girl who works out fanatically everyday, or whether you are just realizing that you have in fact been forgetting to work out, chances are that by virtue of being female you are feeling a little self conscious about greeting the world wearing next to nothing. 
Here are tips for how to look good in a bikini:

1. The Anti Bloat

3 days before bikini D-Day go on an anti bloat crusade. No alcohol, no salt or salty foods, kill the carbs, and abandon gas inducing veges such as broccoli, replacing them with diuretic veges like cucumber, celery and tomatoes.

2. Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate!
You need to get somewhere between a healthy glow and a subtle sheen to the skin so that the light just rolls right off of it, so invest in a good body exfoliant (or make one) and keep that skin super smooth.

3. De-Fur
Laser it, wax it, or get a really good razor and some shaving foam – whichever works your budget, but if it’s furry, remove it.
Everything else can be completely perfect, but if it looks like a nest of spiders are about to escape from your bikini bottoms you’ve blown the whole deal.

4. Fake A Tan

You get no points for spending time on the melanoma beds at the tanning salon, but instead go for an airbrush tan or a good faux tan that builds over a few days, such as St Tropez.
Golden skin looks infinitely better in a bikini than ghostly skin.

5. Get A Lift

Strategically supported boobs sit higher thus slimming the waist (and creating all the diversion you need).
Go for a bikini top that has an underwire to support the girls and that is structured to give them a little lift.

6. Position Yourself Perfectly.

image courtesy of InStyle Magazine

I saw this one in Instyle Magazine and thought it was pretty hilarious. Body language expert Patti Wood says to sit with your knees up, which creates a slim line by drawing the eye to your upper body and knees, and rolls fat away from your thighs.
They also suggest digging a 1 inch hole in the sand and planting your booty in that so that your saddlebags and spillover from your thighs will be hidden.
Personally I’d rather look extra-curvy than sit in a hole with my knees up all day!!

7. Wear A Straw Hat

image curtesy of InStyle Magazine

It works for Elle Macpherson so chances are it will work for you.
A hat keeps your hair controlled, keeps sun off your face and can look pretty cool. Especially when paired with some chunky jewels.

8. Hide Flaws With A Little Body Makeup.

I’d prefer to just faux tan them away, but even supermodels have veins, bruises and other imperfections that they want to hide. At Miami Swim Fashion Week body makeup is a staple, the brew of choice being MAC  Face and Body.

9. Find The Bikini Style That’s Right For Your Shape.

Dolce and Gabbana vintage style bikini

Don’t get all consumed with whatever the latest fashion fad is, or what your friends are wearing. Instead find the style that is best for your body shape. If you’re not sure which shape works best for you, go to a higher end department store or swimwear store and have a professional guide you.
You don’t have to be the skinniest girl on the beach to be the sexiest girl on the beach.

10. Get A Great Sarong And Stand Tall.
Pretty self explanatory. A killer sarong slung around your hips can both mask the iffy bits, and look super-sexy-cool. Combine that with standing tall and you’ve got a win! Nothing is sexier than self confidence, so throw your shoulders back, keep your spine straight and just own all that you’ve got!