How To Wear Highlighter

Gisele Bundchen  highlighter

Highlighter is one of those fabulous makeup products that can completely transform a face, making it radiate light and youth. 

You can use it to make individual features glisten, or to create the illusion of completely brightening the entire complexion. 

It’s magic.

But unfortunately it is also one of those products (like bronzer) that gets horrifically misused and abused.

So here is a cheat sheet with 4 tricks for mastering highlighter.

1. Keep it to one product

Jennifer Lopez WearingHighlighter

Don’t use highlighter and pair it up with a glossy lip and shimmery eyeshadow. Choose one gleaming product, and keep the others neutral.

2. For Just A Hint of Luminosity
Apply a hint of liquid luminizer such as MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion to the cheekbones, temples and bridge of the nose prior to applying your foundation. This will bring out a subtle glow to the skin from underneath. Light will radiate from your complexion without making you look shiny or oily.

3. For A Soft Sheen
If your skin is looking lifeless or dull and needs a little more help to achieve a subtle glow, mix a few drops of liquid luminizer with a few drops of foundation. Using a duo fiber brush, swirl the product across the tops of the cheeks, the bridge of the nose and the center of the forehead. Apply foundation alone with a duo fiber brush to the other areas of the face, swirling it into the borders of the areas you just worked on so that it blends seamlessly. Your complexion will come alive and look radiant, without looking oily or shiny.

4. For A High Shine
Add a liquid or cream highlighter to the cheekbones, cupid’s bow and eyelids as the final step in your makeup application. This will give you a really radiant shine, and the boldest effect of them all.
If you are using a powder product make sure the particles are really refined. Anything with larger particles will make the complexion look glittery.