Valentine’s Day Makeup #1 ~ In With Skin

I recently shot some beauty segments for

In With Skin.

With Valentine’s Day on the imminent horizon

we shot a series of four different makeup looks

to correspond with four different types of date nights.
 (scroll to the bottom of this post to see the video tutorial)

on the Beauty Room set at In With Skin Media

We exclusively used makeup products by MAC,

all chosen from their basic line, 

(not their specialty or limited edition lines),

so wherever you are in the world you can access

the exact products we used 

and duplicate the looks.

Our first Valentine’s date scenario

is for a cozy date by the fire,

or a date that’s low-key, sweet and romantic.

This is not the time to roll out your banging smokey eye

or your fierce red lip – that would be overkill!

 For this type of date its more about being soft

and approachable. 

And infinitely kissable.

I prepped our model in the makeup room at In With Skin Studios

prior to going on set.

The key principals are making sure the skin is well hydrated,

giving it a little glow, color correcting only where needed

(in this case just under her eyes), using a light foundation

application, and a soft cream blush. 

I used a shade called Something Special.

Valentines Day Makeup, In With Skin

On our model’s eyes I started with a paint pot

in a shade called Painterly. 

I cheat with this as both an eyeshadow primer, because it acts like one, and as an all over the eye base shade, 

because the color is so beautiful. 

On top of the Painterly I then applied a fun shade called 

Stars n Rockets. This gave us a soft glistening eye

that picks up the light and looks incredibly pretty.

In the crease is a nice matte shade called Fig1.

This lets me create a little dimension and shape to the eye.

I finished the eye out with a kohl pencil in Teddy.

I lined her lips with a MAC lipliner called Embrace Me,

then finished the lip with a lipstick called St Germain.

Pretty, non?