10 Fantastic Travel Tips You Need To Know Before You Fly

Have you ever noticed how business travelers and people who fly frequently seem to move through airports easily, not even slightly flustered, keeping their cool and looking chic, while you are juggling your carry-on, your handbag, your boarding pass, your I.D and your coat, trying to remember if there are liquids in your bag, hoping you didn’t just drop your iPhone, and getting totally stressed out?

There is an art to air travel. Simple tricks that make everything work seamlessly, get you early boarding and upgrades, make navigating airports easy and have you arriving to your destination looking cool, calm and collected. Business travelers know these tricks. People who fly often know these tricks. And now you are going to know them too!

10 Travel Tricks Every Business Traveler Knows

1. Choose One Airline and Stick With It

Business travelers know whenever possible you should stick with one airline.

Sometimes you can save a few dollars by flying with a cheapie airline or by using a competitor airline but often its just not worth it

Sticking with one airline is beneficial not only for accumulating free flights but also for getting upgrades. Loyal customers tend to get more opportunity to board early and to be upgraded to better seats, and are less likely to be kicked off the flight if it is oversold. Airlines want to build loyalty (hence the frequent flier programs) and understand there is value in taking care of good repeat customers. Also there is a huge benefit to you as a traveler already being familiar with the airline and the way they operate.

2. Choose Your Seat When You Make Your Booking

Business travelers and frequent flyers seldom get stuck in the middle seat.

One of the ways that airlines are making more money is by charging you to choose your seat and staggering the costs depending where on the plane that seat is. You seldom find half empty flights anymore, and most flights are full, even the red eye flights that used to be mostly empty in the good old days. You can safely assume that if you don’t choose your seat ahead of time you will in fact get the dreaded middle seat and be squashed in between two overweight, itchy passengers!

For a short flight it doesn’t matter so much, but for a long flight or for an international flight this can be very important.

Use an app like Seat Guru and evaluate the pros and cons of a seat before committing to it. For example avoid being next to the toilets, look to see if that seat has limited recline or no recline, look to see if the seat has a shorter pitch than others and also see if there is an entertainment system under the seat in front of you taking up both your leg space and your space to put your extra bag. I have been saved countless times by using the Seat Guru app.


3. Never Check In At The Airport

Business travelers don’t wait til they get to the airport to check in.

Most airlines will offer you the opportunity to check in online 24 hours prior to your flight. Even if you are checking bags always take this option. Apart from it being a time saver, especially if the ticketing area at the airport is busy, it lowers the chance that you will be kicked off your flight if the flight is oversold.

With most airlines this enables you to either choose your seat or at least get a better seat assignment. Your boarding pass can either be printed ahead of time or even sent to your phone. Every step you take to streamline the travel process is worthwhile.

4. Be Ready For TSA Security Checks

Business travelers sail through the TSA security check points quickly and effortlessly.

This is huge. You can tell who are the business travelers and frequent travelers just by watching them move through the TSA check points at the airport. And you can learn a lot from them too.

man being searched at tsa checkpoint in busy airport
image courtesy of Daily Mail

The travel pros are ready for the security X-Ray machines. Jewelry and belts are removed before getting to the conveyor belt, often not put on in the first place until they have cleared the screening point. Keys and coins are removed from pockets and either stored inside their bag or put into a small tray. They know that if they don’t have TSA Pre Check they will have to remove their shoes, so they wear shoes that are easy to get on and off.

Their cabin baggage is organized, with laptops and properly sized, properly packaged liquids at the top, easy to access and put in the trays. Frequent travelers don’t hold up the line and don’t waste time fossicking around in their bags to find the items that set off the x-rays machines. Surplus clothing – coats, hats and scarves are already removed and folded. They have their boarding pass and ID in hand, they are ready.

Frequent travelers will scan the lines at TSA and avoid the ones filled with children and disorganized people. Why get stuck behind someone who is taking up too much space and time?

They know to go left – most people are right handed and will instinctively veer to the security lines to the right. The lanes to the left typically move more quickly and have both fewer people and fewer disorganized people.

By being prepared you can expedite the security process, avoiding some extra stress in the process as well as lessening the likelihood of losing personal items in the process.

5. They Board ASAP

Business travelers don’t waste time hanging around the gate – they board their flights as quickly as possible.

Although it means a few more minute on the plane vs standing at the terminal gate (and who wants to do that anyway?) frequent travelers know to board their flight asap. Have you ever noticed that first class passengers are seated and comfortable with their bags stored in the overhead bin before anyone else is allowed to board?

The first reason to board immediately is to get your share of valuable overhead bin space before it’s gone. Simple and small things such as being able to fold your coat and put it away neatly (rather than having to hold in throughout the flight or have it crushed while you try to squish it in around other travelers rollaway bags) can make all the difference in any flight, be it a short or a long one.

It is much easier to keep your inflight belongings organized when you have had time to board your plane comfortably. Trying to organize your book or laptop, your phone, your earphones, your sweater or scarf, your water and anything else you need out with you, while trying to climb over other passengers and trying to find overhead bin space is not only really difficult but also raises your chance of losing items. You seldom see business travelers or frequent fliers losing their travel items – they board early and stay organized. Which makes them both look and feel calm.


6. Don’t Bring Unnecessary Valuables

Business travelers know that bringing unnecessary valuables when you travel is plain stupid. The streamline whatever jewelry they are bringing and use the hotel safe to store anything surplus they do have to bring.

They also know that all laptops/medication/jewelry/cameras/valuables have to go on the plane in their carry-on luggage and never in their checked bags. If it has value, never, ever check it.

7. System Boosting

Frequent long distance flyers know that getting sick during a flight can ruin the best business meetings and the best vacations.

Face it, airplanes are full of germs. Not only are all the surfaces dirty – they are not chloroxed down in between flights, but they are also covered in whatever the previous passengers have been sneezing and coughing up, and you don’t even want to know what else!

On top of that along with everyone else you are breathing in recirculated air that is not fresh or clean. Add to that your defenses being down due to lack of sleep and change in routine and you have a recipe for catching every bug that is floating around.

Before you travel build your personal defense system with extra vitamins. Instead of indulging in airport food, which is typically starchy, fatty, high in sodium and relatively bad for you, pack healthy snacks.  The same applies to airplane food, which is not known for its health benefits.

Business travelers typically don’t drink endless sodas or alcoholic drinks during their flights either. Both break down your body’s defenses and make you more vulnerable to getting sick while traveling.


8. Avoid or At Least Minimize Jet Lag

Business travelers and people who fly a lot know how important it is to stave off jet lag and travel fatigue, or at least minimize it.

Sometimes you just cannot get away from jet lag, such as when you wake up in Los Angeles and go to bed in Singapore, but you can minimize the effects of it.

The game changers include staying super hydrated before, during and after your flight, banking some extra sleep in the days leading up to your flight and by making really good food choices. In the lead up to a big flight avoid heavy, starchy foods, salty foods and junk foods. Eat lean and clean.

Another great way to help mitigate jet lag and travel fatigue is to get extra exercise in the days leading up to your flight and then getting quality exercise when you land, either from taking a really good, long walk or working out at the hotel gym. Even 20 minutes sweating on a treadmill can help your body to recover by getting the blood pumping and reducing swelling in the feet and ankles.

9. Stick To Your Home Schedule

When moving through different time zones, crossing datelines or just traveling across country one of the best ways to acclimate your body is to maintain your home schedule.

If you don’t drink alcohol during the week at home, avoid drinking during the week while away. Try to get the same number of hours sleep per night as you do at home, keep up your exercise routines and watch for the devil that is sugar. It is easy to start indulging in novelty foods while away but remember sugar is at the root of most evils. A body getting excess sugar is more likely to get sick, feel icky, get bloated and have trouble sleeping, as well as many other negative things.

10. Dress The Part.

Business travelers and frequent flyers know that wearing the right clothing to travel in is a must. You can see them deplaning after a 10 hour flight looking chic and stylish instead of completely crumpled.

Simple pieces made in breathable fabrics that you can layer are the key to easy travel.

angelina jolie and maddox arriving at LAX
Angelina Jolie wearing a perfect travel uniform, arriving at LAX with her son Maddox

Most people will bloat a little during the flight as the cabin air pressure changes, so clothing that is too tight or that doesn’t move with you can make a long flight incredibly uncomfortable.

Look for fabrics that don’t crease and that although thin are nice and warm, such as Modal and merino. Airplanes get cold but heavy bulky clothes aren’t fun to fly in.

Choose shoes that are comfortable and that you can wear with socks, and definitely avoid heels! Add a pashmina or large scarf that you can use either to wrap up in or as a blanket if needed.

Have you read my book Glam Italia! How To Travel Italy (Secrets To Glamorous Travel On A Not So Glamorous Budget!) yet? It is available exclusively on Amazon.com, in both paperback and on Kindle.

How To Get The Best Deals On International Flights

Are you planning an international trip in the next year or two? Would you like to save hundreds of dollars on your international flights while still using your favorite airlines?

If you are thinking about traveling internationally in the year ahead then you need to read this post before you do anything else!

How To Get The Best Deals On INternational Flights! Learn how to save hundreds of dollars on your airline tickets while still flying the best airlines in the world

My secret talent in life is finding incredible flight deals and saving a fortune on international travel. I have an entire section in my book Glam Italia! How To Travel Italy: Secrets To Glamorous Travel (On A Not So Glamorous Budget) on how to get the best flights possible for the least amount of money. Every hundred dollars you save on airfare is a hundred more dollars you can spend on shopping!

Some of my Glam Italia Tour travelers this past summer saved as much as $800 on their round trip flights using the tips in my book. By this I mean they were able to get the exact same flight on the exact same plane for $800 below price. If the book saves you even $100 on your flights then it was worth spending the $15 to get it! You can get a copy of my book here on Amazon.com

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I am a Sagittarian and I am a Kiwi, so it stands to reason that I have a heavy dose of wanderlust running through my veins. I am never happier than when I’m on my way to the airport about to embark on a new adventure.

The only problem is that I am also a single mom which gives me a different set of budgetary realities to deal with. People are always questioning how I can pull of all the travel I do on such a tight budget. Since 2010 I have flown to Australia round trip twice for free and to Europe five times for free, all using my frequent flier miles. This past weekend I booked a $1700 round trip trans world flight for free, using the ultimate travel hack. I have written about that in a separate post here: How To Fly Anywhere In The World For Free

Grand Canal venice in the late afternoon. If you could fly anywhere in the world where would you go?

The Grand Canal in Venice. If you could fly anywhere in the world, where would you go?

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Today I want to look at flight pricing and how to get the very best price on a great flight. There are important steps to follow and they work every time.

How To Get The Best Deals On International Flights

Step One: Go Incognito

Always and only ever look at flights on an incognito window. (Google how to open an incognito window on your computer).

Have you noticed that if you click on an ad or google almost any product these days your social media suddenly gets swamped with ads for that product? You open your computer and everything you try to read or look at gets riddled with ads for that product you only clicked on once???

It’s so annoying! Not only do companies drop cookies into your computer, they also drop Facebook pixels (and no doubt lots of other pixels too) that track you, collect data on what you look at online and change your marketing profile.

Most of the time it’s just annoying, but when it comes to searching for flights it can cost you hundreds of dollars. Now that they know what you’re up to they will keep upping the price of the flights you are researching. Then they start trying to make you panic by flashing “only 3 seats left at this price!” signs at you.

When you only look at flights with an incognito window, each time is the first time and you will see major differences in the price.

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Step Two: Check the airline website.

If you have a favorite airline or an airline you specifically want to use, you need to know what their price point is. My main airline is American Airlines, because that’s where most of my frequent flier miles are, so I check them first.

The airline website will normally show you the most expensive pricing you will find! But you need to know what the top dollar on this flight will cost. It doesn’t hurt to click around on their website and see if they are offering any specials, sales or big discounts somewhere else on the site.

Step Three: Check the consolidators

Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz etc will typically have the same flights for cheaper. The various consolidators have different airlines, so look across several of them.

Green Fiat 500 in Capri. Learn how to get the best deals on airline tickets. If you could fly anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Step Four: Separate off the junk.

You will find some amazing pricing with the consolidators, but know that there will be some junk routing you need to avoid.

Watch out for crappy airlines and crazy routing. When I was looking for my flights this past week and weekend there were some great prices but they had horrible routing. Instead of a 24 hour door to door some of them were as much as 41 hours! Sending me all over the place and giving me 13 hour layovers in places I didn’t want to be.

On top of that many of the airlines they were showing me were airlines I wouldn’t want to fly. Taking a long haul flight on a substandard airline is (in my opinion) not a great idea. There are plenty of great airlines out there, so if you are not familiar with a particular airline, check the reviews on it before you discard that flight option. If you see bad reviews, dig deeper – you may have a disgruntled customer who isn’t familiar with overseas travel, but if you keep seeing the same types of negative reviews run a mile!

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Step Five: Look beyond your home airport.

I live in Phoenix, which is an expensive airport to route in and out of, sometimes hundreds of dollars more than other airports. So although I do check pricing from Phoenix I also look at other airports not far from here. Tucson, Las Vegas, Denver and Los Angeles all tend to have much better pricing. Tucson is  only a 2 hour drive, and the other three I can get round trip flights to for $150 or less. I constantly save as much as $700 on a round trip flight by booking it from Los Angeles.

Step Six: Stick with it.

If you persevere invariably you can find something fantastic. Most airlines had my flight starting at $1700 and heading upward in price from there to more than $2400 for the round trip! Others were as low as $800 but the routes were just awful and on airlines with horrible revues.

After clicking around across a couple of days I found the perfect flight. It is direct, so door to door 24 hours (other side of the world), and is with one of the best airlines in the world. And it cost $958 round trip. I didn’t pay so much as a penny for my flights though – I used a frequent flier mileage trick that meant I didn’t even pay airport taxes. Normally if flying on frequent flier miles you still have an out of pocket cash cost on taxes. I am walking away from this with not one cent out of pocket. I have detailed it in this post.

Airline choice is a huge factor, especially on long haul flights. Little details such as seat pitch, food quality  and service are super important, and can mean the difference between arriving feeling sick and exhausted and arriving feeling great.

My book Glam Italia! How To Travel Italy: Secrets To Glamorous Travel (On A Not So Glamorous Budget) goes into depth on how I get all these flights, how I make sure my flights are fantastic, get upgraded much of the time, and avoid jet lag. Regardless of where in the world you are traveling you will find this information both helpful and cost saving. It makes a great gift for anyone you know who is planning travel to anywhere in the world, (not just to Italy). You can get it here on Amazon.com

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How To Fly Around The World For Free

Would you like to travel internationally but get put off by the high cost of airline tickets? Does the thought of amassing frequent flier miles and using them for flights confuse you or maybe just seem a little too much work? Would you like some really great tricks for traveling around the world for free?

How To Fly Around The World For Free. Lean the tips and tricks thta get you free flights to anywhere in the world on the very best airlines! No blackout dates, no long layovers 9Unles you want them!)



Before we go any further I want you to know that this is not a sponsored post. I don’t have links to any credit card applications in this post – it is just an info post.

Also I want you to know that I am a single mom. The reason I have been able to travel around the world so much over the past few years is by using the tricks I am about to share with you.

Since 2010 I have flown round trip to Europe for free five times and to Australia for free twice. Flying for free was the difference between being able to travel and not being able to go. So if anyone reading this is in the same or similar position to me and has been thinking they can’t afford to take a trip to Europe or anywhere else in the world, buckle up baby! Let’s go fly the friendly skies!

My Latest Free Flight

This past weekend I was trying to explain to a group of my Glam Italia Tour travelers how I get flights for free using credit card miles. I had just booked a $1700 round trip flight for some travel I’m doing next year (not a Glam Tour) for free. Zero. Nada. Not one penny out of pocket.

As I explained how I do it, along with the concept of triple dipping on miles they all looked quite confused. I think it was info overload, so I decided to break the story up into two blog posts and deal with each part separately.

The first of the two posts is here: How To Get Great Deals On International Flights You need to read it in order to get the full benefit of what I am teaching you here.

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It also made me think about all the people out there planning their trips around the world for next year who could find this helpful. I go into it in more depth in my book Glam Italia! How To Travel Italy: Secrets To Glamorous Travel (On A Not So Glamorous Budget) . If you or anyone you know is planning some overseas travel it is well worthwhile reading my book and really getting on top of how to get killer flight deals without downgrading to crappy airlines or taking crazy layovers. The book costs $15.95 in paperback and under $10 on Kindle.

This past summer some of my Glam Italia Tour travelers saved as much as $800 on their round trip tickets, I saved something similar (I can’t remember exactly what I paid). And now I just got a $1700 flight on one of the best airlines in the world for free. It’s worth investing$15 in the book just for the hundreds of dollars it can help you save, let alone for all the tricks I have for making your flight fantastic and avoiding jet lag…

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I use the same methods no matter where in the world I am flying. In this post I am explaining how to triple dip with frequent flier miles.


St Mark's Basilica in Venice. If you could fly for free where would you go? Would you fly to Venice?

If you could fly anywhere in the world for free where would you go? Would you fly to Venice and see St Mark’s Basilica at sunset?

Credit Card Frequent Flier Miles

I have a couple of rules for using frequent flier miles.

The First Rule is only ever use them for flights. Using credit card frequent flier miles for magazine subscriptions or hotel stays is a waste and false economy. You just wasted a bunch of money on things that you can get cheaply anyway. With print media subscriptions waning you can get most magazine subscriptions for under $24 per year. Save your miles!

Before you blow miles on a hotel check out sites such as Booking.com where you can generally get a better deal anyway.

The Second Rule is to save frequent flier miles for international flights. That’s where you really see the benefit. You can almost always find deals on domestic flights and they seldom cost as much as international flights. If they do then you’re not looking in the right places for your flights. (again read my book – it works for domestic flights as well as international. You can buy your copy here)

Choose The Right Card

The first step is to get a credit card with a really good frequent flier program. You can google the best credit cards for travelers and for frequent flier miles. If you subscribe to my newsletter you will be getting an email tomorrow telling you exactly which card I use. If you are not on my newsletter list you can sign up for it here

Read the fine print and see how much the card will charge you per year in fees. Some look great at the outset but their annual fees negate the value of having the card, or undo the benefit of being in the program.

Don’t Use An Airline Credit Card

Don’t use an airline card. This doesn’t mean don’t get a credit card tied to your airline of choice, it means they are two separate things. I fly regularly with American Airlines and technically could apply for their card. I would get a chunk of free miles if I spent enough in the first 3 months, which would be good, and I would get some added benefits if I was flying with them.

This can be getting the first checked bag for free on domestic flights and getting priority boarding on domestic flights. Depending on which of their cards you use there can be other benefits too, but the annual fee gets very steep, and unless you travel a ton more than me it’s not necessarily worthwhile.

Most airline credit cards work with variations of the same principles.

The problem is that when you use an airline credit card you have put all your proverbial eggs in one basket. They hold all the power. They decide if you can use your miles on the flights you want, not you. They also decide how many miles you need to make your flight and how crappy of a seat you may be relegated to. And who wants to give up the power of choice when you don’t have to?

Use Your Credit Card Like A Debit Card

Here’s the clever part: use your frequent flier credit card like a debit card. Most of us no longer use cash or checks, instead taking advantage of the convenience of swiping a debit card.

You need to have some financial discipline, but instead of your debit card you swipe your credit card. For everything. At the end of the day just move the money from your debit card to your credit card. I do it on my phone from either my credit card app or my bank app. It takes 2 seconds and means for the most part unless there has been an emergency I never owe any money on my card. (Emergencies like the maniac house sitter who trashed my house in a drunken fit this summer. I used my card to pay emergency plumbers while I was on the other side of the world– a nightmare story I’m not quite ready to share yet) Otherwise I never run a credit card balance.

Most cards with frequent flier mileage programs will give you 2 miles for every $1 spent. So if you run $100 of groceries through your card then you just made 200 miles.

Think about how much gas you put in your car each year, or how much you spend on parking or public transport, uber, or however you get places. Just doing normal life, but running it through your card, means you can accrue huge miles very quickly.

I pay every bill I can with my card. I wish I could pay my mortgage with my card but they don’t allow it. When I pay my bills each month – phone, utilities, insurance, car insurance, internet and cable (yes – I still have cable!) everything I possibly can gets paid on my card, earning me 2 miles per dollar spent.

Then I just move the money over and pay the card. It’s a tiny extra, very simple step that takes no time at all but pays off enormously.

Sometimes it takes a couple of years to earn enough miles for a round trip international flight, others times it’s a year or less.

Another Benefit of Non Airline Cards

Over the years I have used two different credit cards for frequent flier miles.

Each of them have had a free year then an annual fee between $75 and $95. The fee charges to the card and I get double miles on it, so I’m not too concerned, but you have to figure it into your total plan.

Both of these cards have let me use their miles on any airline. That is one of the biggest things to factor in.

You need to be able to choose the best airlines in the world, the routes you want to take and the times you want to take them.

The trip I booked this weekend was available to me using my airline frequent flier miles, the only problem was the options they gave me for the return flight across the world. Flights that long are exhausting anyway, but the airline was going to make me travel 40+ hours to come home, routing me all over the place with heinous layovers along the way. It was like a recipe for DVT.


If I wanted to take a direct flight back to the USA they were going to triple the number of miles I would have to use. They held allllll the power in this equation and I was effectively completely powerless.

By using my credit card miles instead of my airline miles I was able to choose the flights I wanted, the airline I wanted, and the dates and times I wanted. I designed my flight plan to best suit me. Not them. And I was in control of the number of miles used.

The Frequent Flier Miles Triple Dip

You always need to maximize the number of miles you can get on a flight, so here is how the frequent flier miles triple dip works.

Frequent Flier Miles Dip 1:

I use my credit card frequent flier miles to pay the entirety of my flights. There are no added taxes or fees. I find the flights I want (using my tricks in this post). I use the airline of my choice, which is always one of the good ones. Why fly a junky airline with bad food and worse service if you don’t have to?

Airline frequent flier miles require you to pay airport taxes, so you do actually have out of pocket expenses.

With my credit card miles I simply choose the flights I want, charge them to my card and then pay the card by redeeming my credit card accrued miles. It is very simple and very straight forward. And I got a smoking deal!

Frequent Flier Miles Dip 2:

Because I bought the flights on my credit card I got 2 miles per dollar spent. This meant that I was accruing miles while using miles. Genius!

Frequent Flier Miles Dip 3:

Of course I attached my airline frequent flier program to the flights I bought. This was a Star Alliance partner airline, so the miles I accrue with these flights can be used on a variety of airlines.

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If you could fly anywhere in the world for free where would you go? Learn how to get flights to anywhere in the world for free

Using Airline Frequent Flier Miles

Every flight I take is accruing miles with my airline frequent flier program. I have mileage programs with every airline I fly, so as I’m buzzing around the country and around the world I am building my mileage bank both with my credit card and with the airline.

Most major airlines are part of the One World or Star Alliance partnerships and their miles cross over to the partner airlines in the programs.

For example I often fly Delta, KLM and Air France. Each of their mileage programs works with the others and combine into one.

I also fly American and Qantas, and their mileage programs add to each other and work together.

When I’m using airline frequent flier miles I do one of three things:

Airline Miles Tip One:

The first is keeping an eye out for their mileage special offers. In the off season airlines will often offer good deals, such as round trip to Italy for only 40,000 miles. I like to take advantage of these kinds of deals and get a roundtrip flight for just the cost of the airport taxes, and not use up all my miles.

Airline Miles Tip Two:

Another way I use them is when I really want to go on a trip but really cannot afford it. It takes some extra sleuthing and some flexibility with my dates, but I can swing the trip for just the cost of the taxes. This can mean Europe on a good airline for under $200.

Airline Miles Tip Three:

The last way I would use airline frequent flier miles is to get an upgrade. Depending on how full the economy cabin is the airline may need to move some passengers up to business class to open up economy seats to standby passengers. (If I were to do this I would only do so on an international flight – domestic flight upgrades aren’t worth burning your points.) Sometimes you can use frequent flier miles or frequent flier miles plus cash to upgrade.

On a recent trip to Barcelona the airline had to upgrade a passenger to business class and had me at the front of the line. A passenger came up and used 30,000 miles plus $150 to take that spot. When I calculated the miles and cash it just wasn’t worth it, so I rode in the main cabin. It was a 777 so every seat was good anyway.

I hope this helps you to get some free flights or tax only flights around the world. A little planning at the front end can open the world of travel to you, or can afford you more trips. Make sure you also read the other post in this 2 post story: How To Get The Best Deals On International Flights.

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If you have any questions about how to do this and you are on my newsletter list just bounce back a reply when you get your email. I respond to every email you send me!


How To Fly Anywhere In The World For Free! If you could fly anywhere for free where would you go?