How To Arrive Looking Plane Gorgeous

Airport fabulous

I travel a lot.

I do a fair number of east coast/west coast flights, which run 5 to 6 hours. I do plenty of transatlantic flights, backward and forward to Italy 8 to 10 hours over the ocean, but with connections from Phoenix or L.A. that can make for an 18 hour travel day. And every year or two I do trans-world flights to Australia or New Zealand which are at best 24 hours door to door if I’m going home, and longer if I’m heading up to Far Northern Queensland.

I don’t ever want to miss even one minute of fun through being jet-lagged, so I have a whole system that I follow on outbound flights to make sure I arrive feeling all bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

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 While you are waiting at baggage claim after a long haul flight have a look at everyone’s faces. You will see a sea of grey complexions and worn out humans.

You don’t need to look like that. Especially if you have a handsome man waiting for you on the other side of customs and immigration, or if you think there is a chance you might encounter one!

Here are the tricks to arriving looking plane gorgeous.

Don’t wear makeup on the plane.

Your skin needs to breathe as much as possible while you are flying. Don’t worry about looking icky while you are flying makeup free – a face full of makeup is guaranteed to look ghastly when you arrive.

Drink lots of water during your flight.

Part of what makes people look so beaten up when they land is that they’ve allowed themselves to dehydrate on the plane. Skip the booze and drink tons of water instead.

 Use A Facial Oil

Facial oils are magnificent. The help your skin stay nourished, give you some deep moisture, and in my opinion help hold moisture in and prevent it from escaping out into the dry cabin air.


Moisturize More Than Once

I like to moisturize a couple of times, normally before I board the plane and then again later in the flight. It’s all about keeping your skin nourished and hydrated.


Use a Facial Mist

I swear by facial mists! Not only do they feel wonderful but they help keep your complexion refreshed. During the flight when you are feeling parched give your face a little spritz.


Rosie Huntington Whiteley Airport

When you land

Between landing and your bags arriving on the carousel make a quick pit stop in the restroom and give yourself a 5 minute fix. I pack a wash cloth in a ziplock bag in my carry on luggage. A quick mini cleanse with warm water and a wash cloth will make you feel fabulous.

Wake up your complexion  After moisturizing use a little gel bronzer to wake up your complexion without looking sparkly or orange. I use Stila Aqua Glow Perfecting Gel Bronzer.

Color and Glow. Lightly pat a little cream blush onto your cheeks. It will give you a little fresh color and glow.

Frame your face with a quick brow job. 1 minute with a brow pencil can make all the difference in the world!

Give yourself a bold lip. Reds can be a little fierce for a post flight look, and in my opinion they can often really highlight any washed out or grey look that you are trying to hide. I like bold warm pinks and bold fuchsia’s because they lighten and brighten you.

Oversize glasses. Throw on a pair of oversize glasses and walk out looking like a movie star!

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