Glittering Headbands ~ Madame Figaro

Isn’t this just lovely??

Headbands in Madame Figaro

I meant to post it pre-Christmas

but time got away on me…

Anyway, its from Madame Figaro

for a story about the holiday season’s headbands.

I’m not necessarily crazy about the headbands,

but how delicious is this makeup??

Its by makeup artist Regine Bedot.

So beautiful.

Photography by Alexandre Weinburger

Glittering Headbands, Madame Figaro

Glittering Headbands, Madame Figaro

Siri Crafoord for Madame Figaro

Wondering what to wear to 

beat the heat in St Bart’s this summer?

The latest issue of Madame Figaro takes a look at

summer chic in St Bart’s, 

through the lens of Alexandre Weinberger.

Model Siri Crafoord frolics ocean-side 

in a variety of designer T’s and shorts

from labels including Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci.

Tosseled beach hair by Alessandro Rebecchi

and smudgy eye’d sexy beach makeup by Regine Bedot.

The Tee Shirt Show