Get Caught Looking Gorgeous

 Want to look extra gorgeous this holiday season? Here are five quick steps to looking super fabulous!

Charlize Theron looking gorgeous

1.) Refresh and revitalize your skin by misting Hylunia’s incredible Colloidal Silver with Lavender Water onto your freshly cleansed face before starting your makeup routine.

The time-tested curative powers of colloidal silver and lavender flowers are blended in this sensational tonic and healing floral water. Its antiseptic power may be used to reduce infections caused by acne, cuts or burns. For all skin types, it awakens, enlivens and soothes the skin.

2.)Replace  a dull, lifeless complexion with a healthy glow by giving your winter skin some extra luxe loving via fast absorbing, super moisturizing Zensation Super Hydrating Cream with SPF 15.

3.) Light your skin from within by mixing a drop of Nars Orgasm Illuminator into your foundation to magically transform lackluster winter skin into a lustrous glowing complexion.

If you’re looking a little on the tired side and need to boost your makeup for an office to happy hour transition, mix a tiny amount of Nars Orgasm Illuminator, eye cream and concealer together, pat under the eye and be instantly, (orgasmically!) transformed!

4.) Replace your dull powdery blush with a beautiful cream blush from

Cream blush will softly catch the light and lift and mold your cheeks, keeping you fresh faced and lovely!

5.) Add a little gold to the inner corner of your eye and lower lash line to illuminate and brighten your eyes

Lip Loving Holiday Gift Guide

Here are some holiday gift sets for lip lovers

Nars Follow The Boys Lip Gloss Set ($48)

This set of Nars lip gloss favorites makes lips look more luscious with dazzling shimmer and shine.
Four .14 oz lip glosses in Moon Fleet (clear with silver and gold flecks), Easy Lover (sheer, hot pink)
Turkish Delight (pink sorbet) and Sweet Revenge (sheer, pink grapefruit)

Tarte Good As Gold Lip Gloss Collection ($165) 

An amazing array of gorgeous glosses in shades that range from sheer to deep. 15 X .6oz glosses in the following universally flattering colors: bubblegum pink, true pink, vivid pink, warm berry, deep raspberry, nude, brown sugar, soft peach, coral, whisper pink, apricot, apple red, mauve, tawny brown and deep plum.

Stila Lip Glaze Set ($120)

A collection of 8 luscious lip glaze shades, packaged in Stila’s clickable pens.
There are four top selling shades and four limited edition, holiday shades that give a splash of color and shine to the lips.
The top sellers are: Kitten, Guava, Grapefruit, Apricot
The limited edition colors are: Sea Shell, Blush, Majesty, Merry Merry

Buxom City Slickers ($72) 

A dazzling, eight-piece mini lip color collection that features four Big & Healthy Lip Sticks and four Big & Healthy Lip Polishes. 
Geared toward “Buxom Girls,” who live for jet-setting around the globe. Each lovely lipstick and lip polish is infused with antioxidant vitamins E and A to keep lips soft, smooth and protected. Wear one or layer two for a one-of-a-kind fabulous look wherever you land. 
– 4 x 0.07 Mini Big & Healthy Lip Polishes in Amber (washed peach), Brandi (candied plum), Denise (cool pink), and Michelle (raspberry rose) 
– 4 x 0.05 oz Mini Big & Healthy Lip Sticks in Bombay (poppy rose), Marrakech (beige nude), Fresno (blackberry wine), and Vienna (pink lilac) 

All sets are available at Sephora and at

Jennifer Jo Cobb Big Night Out!

Nascar Camping World Truck Series racer Jennifer Jo Cobb is making history again this weekend at the season’s final race at Homestead Speedway in Miami. She has been the only full time female racer this year in any of the top three Nascar series, she has achieved the highest points ranking ever for a female racer in Nascar, and now she is bringing the first ever makeup sponsor to the sport.
Each week 75 million fans tune in to watch Nascar, 40% of whom (approximately 30 million) are female. With those statistics alone you’d think the likes of L’Oreal, Clairol and Revlon would be all over the race cars, but unfortunately none of them are taking the time to speak to the extremely loyal Nascar fan base.

Until now that is.

This weekend Jennifer is bringing the first makeup entity to Nascar, with her sponsorship from
In honor of this partnership we have put together four different makeup looks that you can easily duplicate using products from The Jennifer Jo Cobb Makeup looks have so far included her s
Signature look, a Thanksgiving look, a Quick and Easy Daily Makeup look, and now today we have the final piece of the Jennifer Jo Cobb collection, The Night Out look.

When I fly out to see Jennifer race, once the racing is done, if time and our flight schedules etc permit, we’ll fix our hair and makeup, strap on some high heels and go out for the night.

With Denise and Jen at a Cincinnati Reds game after a day of press for Kentucky Speedway

Fantastic fun!

I’m always thinking up some new look for us to wear, and this is the latest. We haven’t actually worn this one out yet, but hopefully in the next few weeks we will.

This look is all about a really dark, super smoky eye. The eye needs to be the main feature, so everything else has to be completely toned down. The skin should be pale with just a faint hint of blush – no bronzer. Lips need to be a pale, soft gloss, nothing competing with the very bold eye.

Start out by really taking time to conceal and color correct under your eyes, and apply a full cover foundation. This look is all about a flawless looking skin.
Use the Highlighter Pen to enhance the under eye area and up through the top of the cheekbone.
Next use a really soft and delicate blush shade, such as Pink Petals Mineral Cheek Color, and create a soft wash of color up and over the cheekbone.

Next use a Black Eyeliner pencil to rim the lash line. Work the liner in thicker than usual, then take a
Chisel Fluff  Brush and Black Pearl Mineral Eye Color, and start working the eye shadow through the liner and up onto the lid. First press the dark shadow into the liner, then start building the color, using a swirling motion to graduate the color up and over the crease. This will give you depth and intensity at the lash line and help you to fade the color out as it moves higher up the eye.
Use a Soft Fan Brush to constantly sweep away eye shadow that drops below the eye.
Next take a clean brush and some Moonstone Mineral Eye Color and swirl the color from the brow line down to the crease, meeting and overlapping the darker shade.
Using the Mini Oval Smudger brush and some Coal Mineral Eye Color, make the upper lash line deeper, darker and more smoky, then use whats left on the brush to come under the lower lashes to finish out the smoky effect.
This look requires tons and tons of mascara!! Apply Ultimate Black mascara liberally to the lashes, both top and bottom. To kick it up another couple of notches use false eyelashes. Medium black flare individual lashes or a strip of lashes will both look sensational!

Finish out the look with a very soft pink lipgloss such as Pink Diamonds NouriShine lip gloss from

Make sure you watch Jen race and cheer her on on Friday night on the Speed Channel!

Also I’d like to say a special thank you to Lillys Cosmetics for acknowledging  the tens of millions of female fans who support Nascar racing, and for choosing my gorgeous friend Jennifer Jo Cobb to fly their colors this weekend.

 If you are on facebook you can follow Jennifer at
I’m on facebook at
We are both on twitter too. You can find Jen at
I’m at
Jennifer has two retail lines for stylish racewear – Driver Boutique for women and Driven Male for the dudes.

You can find Jen’s new sponsor online at