5 Essential Beauty Products For Winter


The barometer has finally dropped here in Phoenix, and our endless days of temperatures in the 80’s have disappeared for a while leaaving us with bone chilling highs in the 60’s.

You may laugh but I’m sitting in my house freezing, with thick socks, sweats and a fleece on!

The change in temperature means skin, hair and scalp need extra lovin, so I’ve been clicking away on Amazon.com (how did we ever survive without it???), re-ordering my winter staples.

5 Essential Beauty Products For Winter

Nioxin hair Dermabrasion Treatment 75 ml / 2.5 oz ANTI-AGING TREATMENT 


Just as the skin on your face needs exfoliating, so does the skin on your scalp. I’ve written about this magic product several times before – I use it at the beginning of each season. When you clear your scalp your hair grows in thicker and shinier. I always see a big difference in mine, it gets glossier, fuller and bouncier. And there’s no time quite like the holidays to get bouncy hair!

Malin and Goetz Recovery Treatment Oil


Winter skin needs a booster product, and nothing beats a good facial oil. The Malin and Goetz Recovery Treatment Oil instantly makes skin look and feel smoother, softer, more supple and its proprietary blend of 9 natural oils and powerful antioxidants help combat signs of aging while making your complexion radiant.
You can buy it online at Space NK

Weleda Skin Food, 2.5 Ounce


I learned about this one a few years back when my friend Nico moved back from Milan. When your skin is dry, when it has to battle cold weather, when it’s just feeling tired out, lacking luster, looking dull, Weleda Skin Food is the most amazing balm like moisturizer that is the best rescue product ever!
Find it at Target or at Amazon

Ouai Treatment Mask


cold weather, wind, central heating and hats all rough your hair up and dry it out. These deep treatment masks (there are 8 in the box)
repair hair and leave it smooth and shiny after just one treatment.
Available online at Space NK

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips


It’s no secret that one of the most effective products for cracked, chapped or dry lips is good old nipple cream. Anyone who has breast fed a baby will know all about nipple creams, and how healing and soothing they are both to sore nipples and to lips in need!
You can also use this to groom brows, add shine to cheeks, and even as a cuticle cream.
Find it online at Space NK.com

7 Step Checklist For Fabulous Fall Hair

Black Fedora from ASOS

Have you changed your hair up yet for autumn/winter?
I love autumn hair, and I love getting my hair ready for the colder months, especially after wearing it up for most of the summer.
I also love the ASOS black fedora in the picture above. I think that is going to be my hat for the season!

Here is my 7 step checklist to get your hair fabulous for fall:

1. Clarify.

Malin + Goetz Clarifying Peppermint Shampoo

Use a clarifying shampoo to clear out the last of the dry shampoo, leave in conditioner, SPF, shine products – everything you’ve been piling into your hair over the last few months. Many colorists also recommend using a clarifying shampoo the day before coming in for your new color. 
Try Malin + Goetz Peppermint Shampoo, it’s super gentle (some clarifying shampoos feel like you’ve just used dish washing liquid on your hair) and it cleanses and purifies your hair and scalp while it re-balances them too.
I order mine online from Space NK

2. Do A Scalp Treatment


Just as our complexions need masks and deep treatments, so do our scalps. One of my hairstylist friends turned me onto 
Nioxin Scalp Renew a few months ago when I was convinced my hair was growing thinner and weaker strands. She said that just as we need to exfoliate our face, our scalp needs an occasional micro-dermabrasion treatment too, but without all the gritty stuff.
After a long summer of product use, perspiration, maybe some excess oils, or just the extra products we use during the summer, you’ll love the way your hair thanks you for an at home scalp treatment like this one. Your hair not only looks revitalized, but it gets it’s bounce back too!
I couldn’t find it in retail stores, but you can buy Nioxin Scalp Renew at Amazon.com

3. Add In A Strengthening Product.


My hairdresser has me using Olaplex once per week to strengthen my hair, eliminate damage and make it extra glossy. If you color your hair you will find your color lasts longer and stays more vibrant and healthy looking.
You can find Olaplex on Amazon.com

4. Get A Good Cut.

As soon as summer is over (which here in Phoenix is not til mid or late October) you need to get a really good cut. Have your shape restyled, or go for something new, but get rid of the last inch of summer – more if needed. All the damage done by surf, sun, chlorine and hot weather needs to be removed so that your hair can be fabulous for fall.


5. Warm Up

Fall is definitely the time to warm up your hair color and get rid of the brassy tones of summer. Especially you blonde girls – get rid of your platinums and icy blondes, and replace them with warm honey blondes and baby beige blondes.

6. Moisturize


Cold weather, central heating, wind, basically all the elements of fall and winter strip your hair of its natural moisture. Repair, protect, and generally love your hair up with a luxurious deep treatment moisture mask. Make sure you use one that won’t weigh your hair down or leave it limp. My personal favorite is Oribe Signature Moisture Mask. Not only is the product itself amazing, but the smell of Oribe products is incredibly beautiful. Everything about it is luxurious.
You can order Oribe Signature Moisture Mask at SpaceNK.com

7. De-Frizz


Autumn wind and rain can wreck havoc on your ‘do and leave you with frizzy hair. Hats and scarves rubbing on your hair can do the same. Use a lightweight oil to tame your hair and keep the frizzies under control. I use Oribe Gold Lust Oil to keep my hair smooth. I actually buy it in the travel size and take it everywhere in the world with me. Its very lightweight, smells like heaven, and gives you the double winter-whammy of de-frizzing and giving you shine without weighing down your hairdo and making it go flat.

You can also order the travel size Oribe Gold Lust Oil online at SpaceNK (It comes in the big size too).

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