13 Rarely Seen Photos Of Marilyn Monroe

Isn’t it interesting how fame works? There are so many actors who do great work and then disappear into oblivion, and yet others who remain timeless and intriguing.

I love looking at images of Marilyn. Iconic Marilyn Monroe.

I  found this on MSN.

Marilyn at at Yankees game with then husband Joe DiMaggio, April 11 1961
Marilyn with a very aggressive looking Tony Curtis in 1958

Marilyn trying on wardrobe August 1960
Marilyn Monroe January 26 1952 at the first ever Hollywood Foreign Press International Film Festival
Marilyn with then husband Arthur Miller in 1956

Marilyn in March 1955
Norma Jean Baker circa 1941

Marilyn signing an autograph for a serviceman in Korea, 1954

Signing an autograph for a U.S. serviceman in Korea in February 1954.

Marilyn being helped into her coat by Ciros’s restaurant owner Herman Hoover, 1957

Marilyn at a press party in her home, March 3 1956
Marilyn in a New York restaurant, March 1955

with then husband Arthur Miller, July 1956
reading in Los Angeles, August 1950

How To Apply Your Perfume

You know it was the PR coup of a lifetime when a reporter for Life Magazine asked Marilyn Monroe what she wore to bed, and she replies “Why – Chanel Number 5 of course!”

Do you have a signature scent? A fragrance that defines you, that makes those that love you think of you when they smell it anywhere in the world? 
Dior believes that a woman’s perfume is as important as her handwriting. I believe it’s more important.

1953 Marilyn Monroe in bed

But just as important as the fragrance itself is the way you apply it.
A gorgeous perfume can be hideous if you overdo it, so here are the guidelines for How To Apply Your Perfume

Marilyn Monroe applies Chanel Number 5

* Spritz fragrance onto a couple of your pulse points ~ wrists, throat, behind the knees, inner elbows and behind your ears. There’s magic when the beating of your heart meets with some body heat and your fragrance. Just don’t put it on all your pulse points in one session.

* If you are wearing perfume you just need a couple of well placed drops.

* If your are wearing eau de parfum limit it to three cleverly placed spritzes

* If you have eau de toilette limit yourself to four spritzes, but make them count.

* Over time you become a little desensitized to your perfume, but everyone else can still smell it, so don’t double up because you can’t smell it!

And finally, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a quote from Coco Chanel:

A woman should wear perfume wherever she wants to be kissed…

Midweek Wisdom + Airport Celebs

I found a series of vintage photos of celebs at the airport

 via Conde Nast Traveler

and was thinking, while it lasts

we could do a little midweek wisdom to get us through hump day

and pair it with a fabulous photo 

of a fabulous celeb 

being fabulous.

Who better to get the ball rolling

on the final day of 2014

than Marilyn Monroe?

Here is beautiful Marilyn Monroe

leaving La Guardia airport in NYC and heading to Chicago for the premiere of Some Like It Hot

and below it a quote from Mahatma Ghandi

Marilyn Monroe on her way to the Some Like It Hot premiere in Chicago

“In a gentle way,

you can shake the world”

~ Mahatma Ghandi

Happy New Year Everyone!