Mascara – 5 Tips To Fabulous Lashes

During the summer we want to wear less makeup than during the rest of the year, so we cut back on most things, but one product that stays essential is mascara. You can have a nearly bare face, but still look totally pulled together if you’ve taken care of your brows, lashes and lips.


With lashes being so important at this time of year today I’m giving you Mascara – 5 Tips To fabulous

1. Curl Them
The first tip to perfect summer lashes is to curl them.
Curling lashes opens up the eye and keeps you looking brighter.
Use a great eyelash curler such as Shu Uemura, and rather than a single quick crunch, hold for an extra few seconds, and pump the curler. I normally give 5 pumps with a little extra hold on the last one.

2. Start At The Inner Corner
You want to create a perfect fan of lashes, so start at the inner corner, where you’ll catch little lashes you didn’t even realize you have, and then work your way out to the outer corner.


3. Build At The Root
One of the big mistakes people make is not getting mascara all the way at the base of the lash. Start at the base and then work your way out. Just applying mascara to the mid-lengths or ends looks awful and clumpy.

4. Use 2 Formulas
Want to really build some big, full lashes? Try using 2 different formulas. Start with a couple of good coats of your first mascara, then do a third coat with a different mascara. It works like magic creating a thick fringe of lashes.


5. Use 2 Tones
If you’re going to use two formulations, try using two different shades to really enhance the eye.
I like to build a lash with black mascara, then go over it with an aubergine hue to really spark the eye color. Purple/eggplant tones look gorgeous against any eye color, making the eye and the eye color itself stand out, which is what we are trying to achieve anyway.