5 Beauty Mistakes You Are Making In The Shower


When you get home after a 12 hour plus day on set and your back and shoulders are aching (makeup artist syndrome) almost nothing feels better than standing in a scalding hot shower and letting that torrent of water just beat down on you.
Multiply that by 100 when its freezing cold outside!

But did you know that taking hot showers is bad for you?
Chances are there are several mistakes you are making in the shower, here are 5 of them:

5 Beauty Mistakes Your Are Making In The Shower

1. The Water Is Too Hot

As much as super hot showers feel totally amazing, they are terrible for your skin. Hot showers dry your skin out (which makes your tan disappear extra fast), can make your scalp flake, and make your hair color dull quickly! 

2. Using A Loofah


You may love buffing away your dead skin with a loofah each day, but guess what? Loofahs really are not hygienic. All that dead skin, dirt, grime and bacteria that you have scrubbed away gets trapped inside the loofah, so each time you use it you are re-distributing germs and heaven-only-knows-what-else back all over your body.
Technically,  the bad stuff could make its way into any nicks or cracks in the skin and at some point set off a nasty infection.
If you need extra buffing try a good body exfoliator instead.
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3. Shaving Your Legs First

Shaving anywhere when you first get in the shower is not a good idea. Ideally wash everywhere first, then shave. This way the warm water and steam have time to soften the skin and the hairs so that you can get a smoother shave with less irritation and fewer ingrown hairs.

4. Conditioning Your Hair Last

Conditioner and hair masks need to be in your hair for several minutes before rinsing out.
Ideally shampoo when you first get in the shower, load your hair up with conditioner or deep treatment, and let it do it’s thing while you wash and shave, then rinse it out last.
For silky smooth, glossy hair try R and Co Bel Air Conditioner
Beware – it smells heavenly!

5. Using Bubbly Products

We are trained to think that shampoos and soaps that suds up and get all foamy are the way to go when in fact they are stripping our skin and hair. The more bubbles there are, and the more product you are using, the more you are drying out your skin.
Stick to soaps that have moisturizers in them and that have a low lather factor.
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