Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2014 Paris Fashion Week

Finally! The first collection for Louis Vuitton by Nicolas Ghesquiere hit the runway today!
Perhaps the most highly anticipated show of fashion month, as everyone waited to see how Louis Vuitton would look without Marc Jacobs at the helm.

Ghesquiere chose a bare warehouse with horizontal blinds over large windows to stage his Louis Vuitton debut. After the extravaganzas that Marc Jacobs put on each season (and which I absolutely adored)
the choice of venue and its austerity marked an absolute change for the brand, signifying a streamlined modernity, and melding perfectly with the crisp new designs.

The collection itself was modern and fresh, with a focus on buttery soft incredibly beautiful leather.

The lines were firm and straight, almost architectural in their precision. Ghesquiere took the angular cuts he used at Balenciaga and moved them into leather – the heart of Vuitton. The V shape showed up in low cut decolletages and upturned triangles in skirts, from lapels to bodice, perhaps signalling victory or Vuitton? Or both.

There were many swoon worthy moments in this collection, and many items to covet. 

all images courtesy of Fashionising.com