The Coveted List December 2016


How is your end of year wish list looking?
I love making Christmas lists. actually I love making lists of things I want all year long!
This month we are channeling our inner french girl, drinking great tea and airbrushing our complexions to perfection.

Eberjey Gisele PJs in red.


I found these on, a totally fabulous fashion website that has everything you can imagine from intimates to shoes to clothes to accessories. The Revolve store in Los Angeles counts many celebrities as regular clients, and one of my personal favorite fashion it girls, Chiara Ferragni.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse


French girls swear by this multi purpose oil that you can use on face, body and hair. 
Skin literally begs for oil during the winter. If your face is feeling dry or your body needs hydration anywhere, this glorious lightweight oil works magic. I love to put on a couple of drops before bed at night and wake up to a smooth, hydrated face that takes makeup beautifully and looks like it’s glowing from within.
You can find Nuxe products online at Scarlet and Julia

Breville One Touch Tea Maker  from


Cold winter days (and nights!) call for hot cups of tea. I love buying Teavana teas with all their fantastic flavor combos, and the perfect way to make them or any other tea is with this tea maker. It heats the water to the right temperature, lowers th tea basket into the water, lets it steep, then raises it at the right time so your tea never gets bitter. It then keeps your tea hot for 60 minutes.

Jus By Julie 5 Day Jus Til Dinner Cleanse


Prep for the holidays with a 5 day juice cleanse. This one is great because you get to eat too. 4 juices throughout the day followed by a healthy meal. Jus by Julie juices are all vegan and non GMO. The reviews are fabulous.
Available online at

Kule The Modern Long Sleeve T


Nikki Kule’s striped T’s are the ultimate in french girl chic. Dress them up, dress them down they are always uber chic.

Check the website, and get inspired by her story.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Red Carpet Red Lipstick.


Still my favorite red lipstick! December is the perfect month to kill it with an absolutely amazing red lipstick, and this is the one to wear. Matte lips are great in the winter, they look fantastic and are easy to wear, but for many of us mattes just dry the lips out too much, so we avoid them. One of the things I love about the Matte Revolution lipsticks is that they are super hydrating, so your lips look luscious, and of course Charlotte’s colors are incredible.

Red Carpet Red is a classic, old Hollywood red. It is the ultimate red lipstick.

Available online at

Temptu Holiday Perfection Set


This is super cool. You get the personal airbrush pod system with a bottle of foundation, a blush and a highlighter.

There is a product color selector on the website to help you get your perfect shade as well as the right shade of blush and highlighter for your complexion.

The personal airbrush system gives you instant, effortless skin perfection. You mist on just the right amount of foundation with perfect coverage, getting an even, flawless application that is still sheer enough that your makeup doesn’t look caked on.

The holiday set is on sale online at reduced from $325 to $258

Shop Temptu Today for the Best in Airbrush Makeup.

Tory Burch Marion Flap Shoulder Bag In River Rock


This suede shoulder bag is perfect.

River rock is a fantastic alternative to standard black or regular browns. The bag is chic, modern, looks equally killer with jeans and a t-shirt or an LBD. The suede finish is cool, the chain strap evokes a little Chanel magic, and the bag itself is a classic.

Find it online at

8 Travel Beauty Essentials

Summertime is all about heading out on vacation.
I’m packing at the moment for a month in Italy leading two Glam Italia Tours (make sure you follow us on Instagram!) so it seemed like a really good time to talk about Travel beauty Essentials.


Travel is tough on your skin.
Air travel is tough on your skin.
Just being in a different climate or in a place with different water can be really tough on your skin.
No one wants to deal with crazy breakouts (hello humidity!) or look dried out like the crypt keeper while they are on vacation. Especially me! So I have 8 beauty essentials that travel with me everywhere I go in the world as well as here in America, to make sure my skin looks great, which in turn makes me feel great!

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Remember too that especially for summer travel you really don’t want to be cavorting around with a full face of makeup on, trying to cover up breakouts.

1. Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist


This is one of my all time favorite skin care products and is just the absolute greatest thing to have with you when you are flying, especially on long haul/international flights. In fact it is the holy grail of travel skin care products!
I don’t wear makeup when I fly (just brows and a bold lip) because quite apart from the fact that makeup looks hellacious when you land, your skin is fighting enough battles at 38,000 feet in hours of regurgitated air – it doesn’t need to battle foundation as well.
When you have bare skin, even if that means cleansing your face after takeoff, you can pamper, or at least hydrate your skin by spritzing this gorgeous mist during the flight.I swear you can feel your skin relax every time you do!
The full size bottle is allowable in your cabin baggage, but many of the Tatcha products including the Dewy Skin Mist also come in travel size.

2. Tatcha Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream


I got my hands on the Indigo collection from Tatcha a few years ago when winter weather was tearing up my skin. The Indigo collection are healing products, and to this day I still travel with a travel sized tube of Tatcha’s Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream. In flight it keeps my hands and cuticles from getting dried out and nasty, and the tube is small enough to keep in my handbag while I’m out and about.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Nourishing Lip Balm.


I have tried so many lip balms, but this one I keep coming back to. 
It’s nice and heavy, doesn’t dry out or strip your lip, and softens and moisturizes like no other!

Fly in comfort with Lufthansa

Eye Gels


Have you ever had a good look at people deplaning from a long international flight? They always look beaten up around the eyes. The same goes for when you’ve spent time out in hot weather, be it pool-side, at the ocean, on a boat – you name it.
I am a huge fan of eye gels. I use them on the plane (if people around me are sleeping), sometimes I will slip them on and then put my sleeping mask over top. I use them while I am away too.
What they do is super hydrate the under eye area, depuff, revitalize, and make the under eye look refreshed. I’m not sure that they say they take out the blue/grey under your eyes, but I am convinced that they do. Maybe they get the blood circulating through the area or maybe the nutrients just reflect off something glorious, but either way they are wonderful!
I buy my eye gels online at Memebox. They are very inexpensive and worth their weight in gold!

Facial Oil


I treat myself to Tatcha’s Camellia Facial Oil when I travel.
It comes in travel size, so you don’t have to break the bank to get it.
I use it during the flight and also every day while I’m away. It super hydrates and nourishes the skin, so your complexion looks luminous, but it also has a dry finish, so you don’t look slimy. It is fantastic!

Oribe Dry Texturing Spray


Have you ever smelled Oribe products??? They smell heavenly.
Have you ever smelled hair after a long haul flight??  Quite apart from the fact that your hair looks lank and flat after a long flight, 8 hours plus in that stale, over-circulated air makes your hair smell. It’s gross. Especially gross when you are standing in long lines of humans waiting to go through passport control. Especially gross when you are going to be met with a big, long hug on the other side of customs and immigration.
So I always pack the travel size of Oribe Dry Texturing spray in my hand luggage. It works like a dry shampoo to give your hairdo some body, and it smells so fabulous you won’t be worried about anyone burying their face in your hair.

Stila Aqua Glow Gel Bronzer


This one is a recent addition to my travel arsenal, but it is fantastic!
When you deplane after a long flight your skin has a nasty grey hue to it. No one (who hasn’t flown first class) looks fantastic after a long flight, everyone looks hellish.
If you try to put color back into your complexion with a bronzing powder it sits on top of that ashen skin and looks orange. 

Last year I started using Stila’s Aqua Glow Perfecting Bronzer gel and I totally love it! You just put a tiny amount in the general area of the apples of your cheeks and buff it out with your finger. Run a little across your forehead where the sun would hit you and you instantly look lovely.
The great thing is that you don’t have to get all perfect with it. It’s really sheer and buildable, and just looks like gorgeous skin. The color is lovely too, and it doesn’t get streaky or turn orange.

2. Sheet Masks


This is one of my not-so-secret travel beauty secrets! When I arrive at my hotel or vacation rental I take 20 minutes of quiet time with a sheet mask. (of course you cleanse your skin first!). Sheet masks infuse your skin with nutrients, are soothing and cooling and hydrating, leaving your skin luminous and glowing every after a trans-world flight. 
If I’m going somewhere humid I know my skin is going to break out or give me some form of grief, so I pack some sheet masks that deal with black heads or breakouts. If I’m going somewhere beachy I know I need some extra hydrating. If I get too much sun or sand has left my skin feeling gritty or sensitive I use an aloe based sheet mask.
They are very inexpensive – only a couple of dollars each, and they are slim and lie flat in your suitcase so they take up no room at all, making them your perfect travel companion! I order mine online at Memebox, and always add a few into every order I place. (And I place lots of orders at Memebox!)

What To Pack This Summer For Capri

Capri has to be one of the most glamorous places on earth.

Perched prettily in the Gulf of Naples with a view along the Amalfi Coast, (from Villa Jovis) Capri is all spectacular views, sapphire blue ocean and glamour for days.

From the top of the world at Villa Jovis, looking down at the water surrounding Capri

I always think about Jackie O in her heyday walking around Capri town buying sandals. In fact every time I go to Capri I buy sandals from the same store Jackie O did! (read about it here)


When you are packing for your trip to Capri there are some key elements to keep in mind.

Capri is luxe casual. It is the epitome of chic, but effortless chic. 
Cottons and linens wear beautifully on this sunny island, lightweight fabrics that move with you when you walk. 

Here is my list of what you should be packing to take to Capri this summer.

Ideal staple items to base your wardrobe on are a great pair of wide legged, flowy white linen pants like my favorite Cool Breeze Wide Leg Linen Pant  from Nic and Zoe. Pair them with a sapphire loose fitting tank.


A maxi sundress is a must on Capri. I love this Quintana maxi from Sky, available at


Abandon your black and your beige – they look out of place and dull on Capri. Channel some 60’s glam with some Pucci instead.


Leave your heels at home, trading them in for a chic flat sandal. I like to buy world famous Capri sandals at Shettino on via Roma just beyond the piazzetta in Capri town.

Dolce and Gbbana retro style bikini

Malibu Barbie swimwear looks crass in a place as fabulous as Capri. Opt instead for a vintage/retro style bikini or maillot. 

Dolce and Gabbana vintage style maillot

Protect your face with a wide brimmed hat like this one from Revolve Clothing. (I found Revolve via the fabulous @rachelzelic on Instagram)


Sunglasses are a must on an island, and glamorous, chic sunglasses are essential on Capri.
 Leave your traditional aviator styles at home, instead wear an oversized pair like the Dior Twisting 58mm glasses


or something uber-chic and new like Dior So Real sunglasses.

Makeup needs to be so minimal it borders on non-existent. A full face of makeup looks redundant on a sun drenched island, so stick to the basics. A gold tinted dry oil, like Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or 


keeps your skin hydrated and gives you a fabulous glow. Use a waterproof brow product so that you can swim and still have brows, and a blockbuster lash building waterproof mascara is a must. My favorite for years and years has been DiorShow Blackout Waterproof


If you want some extra bronzing use a gel bronzer so that your skin looks fresh.

Top off your Capri summer makeup with a bold pop of lip color like Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lip in Venezia


Don’t forget your hair. You can’t be blown out perfection on an island, even a super glam island – it just looks like you’re trying too hard. Instead embrace your curls or waves with Ouidad. Before you dive into that beautiful sapphire blue Mediterranean sea coat your hair with Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Conditioner


It will protect your color and keep your hair super soft. When you get out of the water, towel dry then spritz it with Ouidad Botanical Boost Curl Energizing and Refreshing Spray

If you are a curly girl it will help give you bouncy, shiny curls instead of post-ocean frizz. if you are a naturally smooth haired girl or a Brazilian Blow Out smooth haired girl your hair will be soft and glossy and shiny. I just got both of these in travel size, ready for summer in Capri.