4 Beauty Tips To Revitalize Winter Hair

Has your winter hair had an attack of the blahs?

Here are 4 tips to revitalize your hair and rejuvenate your look.

Get A Scalp Treatment

Scalp Treatment at Azur West

Just like the rest of your skin, your scalp can get dry and irritated in the cold winter weather.
A scalp treatment with a really good massage won’t heal any medical issues with your scalp, but it will lift your spirits, feel really fantastic, and maybe temporarily ease the winter dryness.
And hair always seems to look bouncy and luscious after a good scalp massage.

Use A Deep Treatment
Talk to your hair stylist and find out the right treatment for your hair type. You don’t want a treatment that will weigh down your fine or thin hair, and you don’t want something that doesn’t do anything for your thick or coarse hair.
Find a deep treatment product that penetrates the hair shaft. Plenty of them just coat the outside and then rinse off.

If you’re feeling super indulgent and want to splurge, try Oribe Signature Moisture Masque.
Oribe products are all spectacularly high performance, and the smell is heavenly.

Make The Cut

image courtesy of Reesays.com

Mid winter is a great time to try out a drastic new cut, or to just have a major trim and reshape.
Once a year (mid-winter) I get a good 2 to 3 inches cut off my hair, and have it totally reshaped.
If I’m going for a new look, mid-winter is when I do it. There’s plenty of time for it to grow out before spring, you can hide it under a hat if you don’t like it, and especially for those sporting longer tresses, your hair will love you for it!

Color It Up

Adding color will totally rejuvenate your look.
Start merging away from lowlights and into highlights, to herald an early spring.
Use color to emphasize your new cut, to add life and shine to your hair, to boost your skin tone.
Often when the winter blahs have your skin looking sickly, just juicing up the color can breathe new life into your complexion