2 Things Successful People Have In Common ~ via Zanita

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Sometimes I think my own life is just a combination of passion, resilience and tenacity. People always tell me I’m lucky (in spite of the endless hours of hard work, the long nights staying up making deadlines, the endless sacrifices it takes to achieve a worthy goal…)
Suffice to say I really identified with this post and I hope you do too!

I loved this post about the 2 Things Successful People Have In Common

In a world where we’re hyperaware of everyone’s accomplishments, it’s easy to look around you and immediately think success came easily for some and that money and connections are the two contributing factors to success.

I see this all the time as I read comments about successful fashion bloggers on WhoWhatWear and Fashionista, but if you look deeper, you’ll quickly realize that there are two key things that actually propelled those individuals to where they are today. With these things in mind, you too, can cultivate yourself, build good habits, and some day get there.

1. Passion.

Everything starts with Passion for it is the primary driver of initiative and energy. It’s important because successful people must have the energy to work relentlessly. You may not be smarter or more experienced than those around you, but surely, you can outwork them if you have the passion and drive. Plus, when all else fails, your passion will be the only thing that remains – is it enough to keep you going?

2. Resilience & Tenacity.

These two go hand in hand and you need them to succeed simply because they triumph when talent and skill do not. With failure being inevitable along the way, Resilience lets you bounce back and try again. Tenacity is what forces you try every option and analyze every outcome – it’s ultimately what makes “success” happen. Both are what will keep you from throwing up the white flag.

Vogue-Australia-April-2013-6Success comes in both big and small waves, but before you make big things happen, you need to overcome the small. Recognizing your small wins and understanding the steps and setbacks you went through to get there allows you to visualize that it is the exact thing you need to do to be successful – just on a different scale. 

It drives me insane when people call me lucky because luck 

sounds like I sat on my bums while opportunity came knocking on the door. However, I can’t even count the number of hours I’ve spent learning something new or perfecting a skill, which all stemmed from a passion for wanting to do better and go further in life.

So the next time you’re questioning your ability and capacity, ask yourself, “Why did I start?” Then remind yourself of all the obstacles you had to overcome to get to where you are and just keep going. After all, I truly believe,

“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

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