Kim Kardashian As Cleopatra Courtesy Of Pat McGrath For The Violet Files

Pat McGrath is considered to be the greatest makeup artist of our time. Vogue magazine calls her the most influential makeup artist in the world.
We call her Mother Makeup.
She is beyond amazing.
And Kim Kardashian is, well, Kim Kardashian.
Love her or hate her she seems to be here for a while.


Kim doesn’t normally hit my radar, but Pat always does, and I am blown away by the sheer genius of McGrath in this work for the cover shoot for The Violet Files.
(I am frequently left speechless by her makeup magic and her incredible vision)


Pat channeled Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra, giving the look a futuristic 3D spin.

Ms. McGrath explains. “I wanted to portray a luxurious decadence by using elements of ornate facial jewelry constructed into shapes that pay homage to Egyptian culture, and of course to the rich exotic character that Taylor portrayed in this role.”

McGrath made the eye shadow by combining ground lapis stone and gold pyrite flecks, incorporating 3 dimensional gold metal into the makeup design. Exploring the concept of makeup as jewelry she wanted the images to be luxurious, evoking a modern take on the opulence associated with Cleopatra and her makeup.


Photographed by Ben Hassett, this is the first installment in a series for Violet Grey Magazine in which Pat McGrath will re-imagine icons, transforming old Hollywood glamour onto new faces.






Dolce and Gabbana Sicilian Jewels

Sicily is my favorite place on earth.

And I adore Dolce and Gabbana.

So therefore I am prepped and primed to totally love 

Dolce and Gabbana‘s new line of lipsticks and nail polishes,

called Sicilian Jewels.

Designed by the most influential makeup artist in the world,

the legendary Pat McGrath, 

in delicious shades of Ruby, Amethyst, Topaz and Emerald

perfect for the holiday season, the shades are

both the perfect accompaniment to the Dolce Gabbana 

fall collection and also the ideal way to

brighten up any dreary winter day.

Makeup at Givenchy Spring 2014

Can you even handle this crazy brilliant makeup 

at Givenchy spring 2014 show

yesterday at Paris Fashion week???

Makeup at Givenchy Spring 2014 PFW

Riccardo Tisci’s show was set around a circle of

piled up, wrecked cars.

The stage at Givenchy Spring 2014 PFW

Tisci took inspiration from several places.

“I’m obsessed with Madame Grès,” confessed Riccardo Tisci backstage at his show, explaining that he finds the work of that legendary sculptor turned couturier “very romantic and very dark, with this obsession of making everything so precisely—like the pleats—and then those almost-African colorations.”

Starting with the legendary draping of Madame Gres, girls in Japanese kimono inspired draping,

and African inspired prints evoked a new sexuality, not that of high heeled unattainability, but in Japanese flat slides.

Riccardo said, “so it is very risky, but to be sexy you don’t have to be in high heels with a vinyl jacket—you can be in flat shoes and still be a very sexy woman.”

Givenchy Spring 2014

What I found to be overwhelmingly brilliant, was the makeup that Pat McGrath created.

Crystals, rhinestones and glitter, in vibrant hues,

offset by a vibrant mouth, also with crystals,

completed with a black veil.

In the midst of the car-wreck madness

it was a stroke of genius. 

Disturbing, marvelous, superative genius.