How To Choose Your Perfect Eye Shadow Colors


Do you have trouble choosing eye shadows that make your eye color spark?

Do your eye shadows feel dull and boring? Or maybe you’ve always wanted your eyes to look exciting but when you try the looks you see in tutorials it never looks fantastic on you?



The key to your eye shadow looking fantastic is to understand the art of complimentary opposites. This is color theory for your eyes.

In order to draw attention to your eyes and make your eye color stand out you should avoid colors that match your own eye color – blue eyes avoid blue shadow, brown eyes avoid dull browns, green eyes stay away from greens. But more than that you need to choose eye shadow colors that are opposite your eye color on the color wheel.

In a nutshell, here’s what you need to do:


If you have blue eyes and put on a blue shadow, you don’t know what to look at, so it detracts from the blue eye. If you put a bronzey, warm color on it will make your eyes look bluer. Oranges, golds and warm bronzes look fantastic on blue eyes.

warm bronzey eyeshadow sparks megan Fox’s blue eyes


If you have green eyes use purples, burgundies, coppers, reds.
I often use red eye shadows paired with gold – it’s one of my favorites. You get super drama without using a dark shadow (which can make an eye look small).


Green eyes, red eye shadow



Just play with color – everything will look good!

If you have a golden brown eye coppery shades and purple shades will bring out that gold. Greens won’t.

image from Luca Magazine
photographed by Kelly Capelli
Makeup Corinna Cooke

In the image above I used warm coppers to bring out the golden tones in the model’s brown eyes.

If you have warm brown eyes blues and purples will bring the color out, whereas browns will pull it back.


If you have deep deep brown eyes you can do anything, because the depth of that eye color will draw the viewer in.

Everything looks good on dark brown eyes

If you have multiple flecks in your eyes, which is quite common, such as blue eyes with gold flecks, look to the opposite on the color wheel, which is your coppers and your burgundies.

If you have green eyes with gold flecks try purples, coppers and burgundies.


Hazels are a mix of colors. They are either green and brown or green and blue.

If you want to accent the blue, use copper tones. If you want to bring out the green angle more toward reds, burgundies and purples.

If you have green and brown hazels then you want to pull out the green, because it’s the most exciting color. Red based eyeshadows will do that for you, as will burgundies and purples.

Rather than being consumed with the latest fashion fad in eye makeup, always look at what suits your eye shape best and then style it with shadows that bring out the color., Inc.

how to choose your perfect eye shadow color
how to choose your perfect eye shadow color

Oscar De La Renta Vogue Archives

I saw this on and loved it.

I adore Oscar de la Renta. ran 18 images of fabulous moments in de la Renta from their archives. 

Here are 13 of my favorites

 Beyonce by Patrick Demarchelier

Penelope Cruz

Amal Alamuddin Wedding Dress Fitting
By Steven Meisel, September 2012

Grace Mahary, Imaan Hammam, and Cindy Bruna

Anne Hathaway

Kate Moss

Renee Zellweger

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Amber Valetta

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The Loewe Cruz Bag Campaign

Look alike sisters Penelope and Monica Cruz

have teamed up with 

Spanish leather goods company Loewe, 

(Penelope Cruz is the Loewe brand ambassador)

and created a new handbag called The Cruz Bag.

Monica and Penelope Cruz For Loewe Cruz Bag

The Cruz is a reworking of Loewe’s famous Amazona

bag, now available in three sizes

and in plain and polka dot.

The sisters shot the campaign with photographer Nico.

Can you even believe how much alike they look??

Its hard to tell where one stops and the other starts.

Loewe Cruz Bags

What are your thoughts on the bag?

I don’t mind it in plain leather.

The polka dot looks too much like a “Loewe For Target”

for my liking…