Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2014 Paris Fashion Week

I think my favorite show each season is Alexander McQueen. I can never wait to see what designer Sarah Burton will come up with next.

Alexander McQueen is known for exquisite tailoring, perfect jackets, the ultimate cut pants.
But the Alexander McQueen runway show is always a theatrical spectacular, designed to provoke and inspire, to excite and confuse. It’s magic.

After last season’s tribal warrior theme, the autumn/winter 2014 collection featured an Elizabethan silhouette paired with wild furs. A line skirts and dresses featuring heavy embellishment in a mostly dark and moody palette, on girls with long twisted braids and eerily painted faces, left you feeling like you had just stumbled upon a dark and madly disconcerting fairy tale.

Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2013

If I were to assign each day one word

then the word of this day would be McQueen.

You don’t really need any others.

Alexander McQueen A/W 13


The Alexander McQueen Autumn Winter 2013

runway show at Paris Fashion Week was tiny.

The smallest show this week.

The invitation was a simple white card,

and was bestowed upon three sittings

of 50 people only.

Clearly the most coveted invitation in all of Paris this week.

Alexander McQueen A/W 13


The collection itself was comprised of only 10 looks,

presented in pairs.

Sarah Burton’s inspiration was the ecclesiastical wardrobe

of communion gowns and cardinals robes.

The Virgin Queen, angels, popes and nuns,

the Ballet Russe and the high church.


Intense embellishment, obsessive detail,

completely out of this world.


Sarah Burton doesn’t create her shows to sell

what will be on her showroom floors.

We all know she cuts the most exquisite and perfect coats, 

jackets and wearable ready to wear.

Instead her shows are spectaculars. 

They are events to be remembered, to define moments in time.

      They are a madcap moment in couture,

where true genius and theatrical magnificence

play out an exquisite dance

giving us a window into a truly brilliant mind.

Alexander McQueen A/W 2013

Alexander McQueen A/W 13

Alexander McQueen A/W 13

Alexander McQueen A/W 13

Alexander McQueen A/W 13

Alexander McQueen A/W 13

Alexander McQueen A/W 13

Alexander McQueen A/W 13