What Goes On Board

Do you know what to take on board your long haul flight

to make sure you arrive at the other end

looking glam and gorgeous??

Eva Longoria at the airport

If you’ve taken any international/long haul flights before

you’ll know that the customs and immigration lines are filled

with an odd breed of human that have spilled out of and endless

steam of jumbo jets, all ashen and grey and sickly looking,

interspersed with the occasional glam-bomb, who looks

even more fabulous in their midst.

What does she do thats so right? 

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She boards her flight well equipt 

and with a plan for a glamorous disembarkation at the other end.

I don’t have time for jet-lag and I normally have to roll straight into a business meeting or a social event,

so here’s what I take on board to make sure I’m ready to go when I get to the other end.

So here is my carry on bag, packed and ready.

When you fly your body dehydrates, so the biggest part of the equation is keeping extra hydrated, both with water and with skin care.

I drink tons of water. Once I’ve gone through security I buy the biggest bottles of water I can find. Most airports only have one size, so I buy 2 or 3 of them.


I take Neal’s Yard organic facial towelettes to cleanse my skin during the flight. Any makeup you’ve been wearing needs to be removed, especially any foundation/powder products. 

These facial wipes are fabulous, and very gentle.



My Stephanie Johnson travel cosmetic/toiletry bags have a see through pouch that snaps out, and is ideal for sending makeup and skincare items through the airport xray machines at the security points. I like that everything stays together, and the pouch just snaps back into my toiletry bag when I get to my hotel.


Inside the pouch: 

Skin care wise I have NUDE Pro Genius Oil

This one is amazing as it is full of different Omega’s, each doing different work on your skin. You only use a couple of drops, and they absorb beautifully into the skin. Pro Genius also seems to enhance anything that goes on top of it, giving your skin extra boost as well as radiance.

Rhonda Allison Drop of Essence  is an amazing hydration product. I reapply it a couple of times throughout the flight. It keeps the skin extra nourished and stops it from drying out.

SkynICELAND Icelandic Relief Eye Pens are the perfect travel companion. The Skyn ICELAND products are designed for stressed skin, and theres nothing quite like a 12 hour flight to stress your skin out! I reapply this light weight but nourishing and invigorating eye cream a couple of times during the flight, mostly because it just feels really nice. And it keeps the eye area nice and soft.

La Mer. 

I am obsessed with this wonder cream! When I travel I have tiny tubs of it that go with me.A little goes a long way. I use it as both day and night cream when I fly.

Not shown is facial SPF. During day flights I have a ton on, as the rays that come through the windows are much stronger up there. I’m about to take a night flight, so the SPFs are packed in my checked luggage

Bee Lovely Busy Bee Balm.  

I was just given this one – ideal both for lips (which really do dry out on long flights) and also for cuticles. Even after the most fabulous manicure on earth, my cuticles dry out at 35 000 feet, so I use lip balm to keep them soft. Its from Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden, so is organic, and super yummy.

Shortly before landing I fix my makeup. It’s all about BB Cream. I use Ren BB cream, which gives gorgeous even color, and has so many priming/skin treatment/light diffusing properties – your skin looks amazing.

Next I use Nars Multiples in either Portofino or Orgasm. Eyes, cheeks, lips get a fresh infusion of sheer color, and again the skin just glows and looks radiant. Be sure to use a warm color – the cool pinks can often work against you after a long flight.

Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand adds a touch more life to the skin. I highlight the cheekbones, and also use it under the eyes along with a dab of peachy concealer to brighten the face.

Julie Hewett Lips  have Camellia Oil in them, making them super smooth and luscious, and extra hydrating.

The colors are exquisite too!

DiorShow mascara  has been my favorite for years. You can really build sensational lashes with it. And after 12 hours inflight, you need serious lashes.

Also with me on every flight is my beige pashmina. Its giant, and its more than 12 years old. Its lightweight, takes up no space at all, and is super warm. It literally goes on every flight I take, so it’s been round and round the world more times than you can imagine! Part of having a good flight is being comfortable and warm. A pashmina is ideal. (And beige goes with everything)

Bose around ear headphones. Drown out all noise, and watch movies/listen to music in comfort.

There you have it – what is going on board with me this summer!