The Modern Girl’s Guide To Hair Removal

Summer is here, and that means legs are out, we’re wearing sleeveless tops and swimsuits, skin is bared.

girl white swimsuit pool

image by Brad Olson for Luca Magazine. Makeup by Corinna Cooke

For most of us that means dealing with (and removing!) unwanted hair. There are several options when it comes to hair removal and we want to know the pros and the cons of each, so I asked a specialist, Sandra Caldwell from Blume Skin Centre in Scottsdale for the low down.

This post originally appeared in one of my beauty columns in Luca Magazine

Hair, we all have it, which is the best way to get rid of it?


The basic option for hair removal is shaving with disposable razors. The typical women’s razor can be bought at drug stores in conjunction with shaving cream and post-shave moisturizers for around $25 a month. Most women shave every day or every other day, depending on the how dense the hair is or your how fast the hair grows. At a glance, shaving isn’t a bad deal at around 83 cents and 10 minutes each day. However, after ten years, that adds up to $3,000 and around 27 ½ days of lost personal time. Shaving also has some uncomfortable complications including cuts, irritation, bumps and ingrown hairs.

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Waxing treatments involve a visit to a salon or wax center. The technician spreads a thin layer of wax on the body area and then quickly rips it off in the opposite direction. Women usually try waxing because the results last longer than shaving. If you can acclimate yourself to the pain of waxing, the treatment will give you up to three weeks of no stubble, without the fuss of daily shaving. One of the requirements for waxing is that the hair must be at least ¼” long. That means before you receive a waxing treatment, you must allow your hair to grow and be visible for a week or more. If you have delicate skin, the wax can burn or cause inflammation. The cost of waxing varies. A full leg waxing costs around $65, while the bikini area can cost an extra $50. Depending on treatment area size, hair density, and the type of wax used it can take up to 40 minutes per visit. The

results show that waxing is efficient time-wise compared to shaving, but much costlier. The cost of waxing legs for ten years is over $6,500 with total time of 2 ½ days plus travel time to the salon.

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction can be the most effective treatment for getting rid of hair on large or small areas of the body. The upfront cost for Laser Hair Reduction is greater that shaving or waxing, but the long-term cost is much less than either. With Laser Hair Reduction, you shave prior to each treatment, so there is no need to ever have visible hair growth. Laser Hair Reduction has some discomfort- it feels like a hot rubber band snap. Thankfully, the treatment is very quick with cold air blowing on your skin to relieve the brief pain. It takes an average of 8 sessions of Laser Hair Reduction to nearly or completely remove body hair, with full legs costing around $2,800 for the series. The time commitment is around 45 minutes per treatment, or a total of 6 hours for eight treatments plus travel time. The $2,800 up front seems like a large sum, but once you completed the treatment that is usually all you will ever need for that area. The average woman will want to have a maintenance touch up laser reduction treatment once every year. No more shaving, plucking, razor burn, or waiting for hair to grow out for waxing.

When you compare the cost, time, and effort of the three methods of hair removal, Laser Hair Reduction saves time and money. The true benefit from Laser Hair Reduction is freedom!

Sandra Caldwell is the Director of Blume Skin and Body is Scottsdale Arizona

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Summer Beauty Essentials ~ 7 Skin Care Must Haves

Summer is the season of skin.
There is no other season when it is more important that your skin is radiant and glowing. Summer requires you to either go bare skinned, or at least trick your makeup to look like you are going bare skinned.
Summer is also all about travel, and nothing is guaranteed to jack your skin up quite like travel does, so you need to have a game-plan in place.

Here are 7 must have summer beauty essential skin care products.


Your first thought has to be the climate you are traveling to, or how your home climate is changing.
The oil cleansers that I swear by in dry climates often don’t cut it in humid places. There is every chance that your normal moisturizer either won’t be enough or will be too much over the summer months, or at your summer travel destination. Before you travel, or before you invest in new products for home, factor in the humidity or lack of, and buy your skin care in travel sizes.


If you are going somewhere  humid you may need a foaming cleanser or a wash formula. If you are going somewhere hot and dry an oil cleanser or a milk cleanser may be your saving grace.
Not sure which direction to go? 


Try Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Water at only $12 it’s a steal.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist


Greatest thing ever! I take this on the plane with me to spritz on when my skin feels dry.
In dry places it can boost your moisturizer, in humid places sometimes its all I use. It’s a lifesaver.


The most important thing that you can do for your skin is wear sunscreen every day. Broad spectrum, (UVA and UVB protection) with a high SPF. It’s non negotiable.


Try Kiehls Super Fluid SPF 50 available at Nordstrom

An Exfoliator.

Hot weather and extra sunscreen can make your skin get congested and make the texture feel thick. 


Help it stay clear and smooth with a gentle exfoliator or enzyme mask/peel. 

A Dry Oil

I am obsessed with facial oils for intense moisture, the nourishing properties they have and for how they make the skin glow. But when you are on a beach vacation or somewhere humid adding an oil into your skin care regimen can leave you feeling downright greasy. And who needs that? 


So when I travel I always have Tatcha’s travel sized dry finish Camelia Oil with me. (Not only does it make your skin look phenomenal it also soothes and calms it  it after a day at the beach. Makeup glides on over top and doesn’t slip away due to the dry finish.

Sheet Masks


Whether you are dry and need hydration or whether you are oily and need help clearing your skin, there’s a sheet mask for you. Use them once per week all summer and your skin will be gorgeous!
Memebox has a limited time offer of their Summer Mask Bundle. 11 hydrating sheet masks for only $18! If this is sold out when you go to their website, go to their masks section and pick and choose what you need based on your skin concern.

Eye Gels


These are the greatest thing when you are feeling or looking tired, or when you need an under-eye booster. The morning after the night before they will soothe and de-puff your hungover eyes, they totally revitalize you after a long flight, and after a day at the beach they add in just the right amount of moisture so that makeup will go on evenly and look pretty.
I travel with individual packs of Elisha Coy Snail Hydrogel Eye Patches that I order online from Memebox. They are super convenient to travel with!

How To Avoid Hat Hair This Summer

image by Kelly Capelli
makeup by Corinna Cooke

If I so much as put a hat on for 60 seconds my hair is trashed for the rest of the day.
It drives me insane.
And it can be a real problem during the summer, especially on vacation, when you’ve been out and about in the sun all day with your fabulous hat on, and now everyone is going to lunch/dinner/drinks/or some other place where you either can’t have your hat on or will look stupid with your hat on.

So what is a girl supposed to do?

 Tips For How To Avoid Hat Hair This Summer.

Start by choosing a hat that fits your head, is not fitting too tightly anywhere, and that is made of quality, light materials. This will help your hair to breathe beneath the hat.

1. Pull your hair back into a low pony or low braids and wear your hat loose.

2. Don’t put your hat on over wet hair.

3. Fold a bandana or scarf flat and place the non seamed side against your forehead, tying it above your ears. Let your hat sit against the scarf, stopping your hat from leaving indentations against your forehead.

4. Fold a silk scarf into a large triangle and place the longest edge against your forehead, the V over your head, tying the two corners behind your head. Let your hat sit loosely on top.

5. If you wear your hair in a part, direct it in the opposite direction before you put your hat on. When you take your hat back off flip your hair back to it’s normal side you will have created volume!

6. If you can avoid getting an indentation on your forehead, when you are done wearing your hat spray some dry shampoo (I use Klorane) into the roots of your hair, letting it sit for three minutes. Fluff your hair with your fingers,
spritz the mid-lengths and ends with Ouidad Botanical Boost Curl Energizing and Refreshing Spray 

ouidad-botanical spray

for curls or glossy hair, or Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion for beachy waves, then clip or tie hair into a high pony.