Summer Essentials: You Need To Know About These Masks

Normally right now I would be posting travel based product stories to align with spending the summer in Italy leading Glam Italia Tours.

This is the first summer in the past decade spent here in the U.S.and I had forgotten just how hot and dry the weather is here in Arizona! I wish I was frolicking around the Italian beaches – I was supposed to be in Puglia (the Italian Maldives) as well as multiple trips up and down the Amalfi Coast with my tour groups, but now I doubt I will even see the ocean this summer.

Last summer at the beach in Southern Basilicata.
The Greek Islands are somewhere out there in the distance

Hot sunny days, sea water, chlorine and just being out and about in the sunshine all strip moisture from your hair and your skin, so masques become an essential part of your summer routine.

I normally do a hair mask and a face mask once each week, more if my skin needs extra help. I had bought the following two masks with a view to taking them with me to Italy. Instead this summer they are getting used here at home.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post or a paid advertisement. It is also not a product review. I have been using these products for the past 3 months and am obsessed with them. This post does contain affiliate links.

Intense Hydrating Mask

Your best accessory for summer is a glowing, gorgeous complexion. That means keeping your skin exfoliated and hydrated.

I am so excited about the award winning Colleen Rothschild products. I have used them for 3 months now, so have a good idea of their quality and efficacy. At this time I haven’t used the exfoliating products but plan on trying them with my next order. You can check out the Colleen Rothschild exfoliating products here.

Colleen Rothschild Intense Hydrating Mask

I have however been using the Intense Hydrating Mask every week, and consider it a summer skincare essential. Here’s why: it is like a long, cool drink of water for your skin. It gives amazing hydration, relieves tired/dry/rough skin and gives you a radiant glow.

Unlike hydration masks that leave your skin feeling slimy or sticky, this one soaks in and leaves the surface of the skin feeling supple. Which brings me to my next point: were I traveling this summer I would wear the Colleen Rothschild Intense Hydrating Mask on the plane. I never wear foundation on long flights, opting instead for a moisturizing mask or reapplying moisturizer during the flight. Many hydration masks are not viable because they either don’t provide enough moisture or they are just too sticky and make your skin feel dirty.

Another reason I consider this a summer essential is that it’s a great rescue product. If you accidentally spend too much time in the sun, if wind or salt water or chlorine have sucked the life out of your skin and have left it feeling parched and/or irritated (which happened to me last week) this mask works wonders, instantly soothing and re-hydrating your skin.

It applies like a moisturizer, so you can put it on and go to the store – you don’t have to stay in hiding while it is working. You can leave it on for 15 minutes or do my favorite which is leave it on all night. It is very concentrated too, so a little goes a long way.

This is a really beautiful hydrating mask. Find the Colleen Rothschild Intense Hydrating Mask online here.

Colleen Rothschild Beauty

Quench and Shine Restorative Mask

I actually discovered this entire line because of this hair mask/restorative deep treatment. You can use it weekly or every time you shampoo. Quench and Shine Restorative Mask is my absolute favorite hair treatment product.

Best Hair Masks Colleen Rothschild Quench and Shine Restorative Mask

This mask is good for all hair types as it doesn’t weigh your hair down. It gives you a really nourishing deep conditioning treatment and makes your hair really shiny and bouncy. It also helps frizzy hair. My hair gets really frizzy in humidity so this mask is a godsend. On top of all the benefits it does for your hair (you can read about them here on the website) it smells heavenly.

I find the more I use it the more I love it. It makes my hair really soft and super shiny.

Colleen Rothschild Beauty

Pro Tip: before you swim, especially in salt water or chlorine, wet your hair with tap or bottled water then comb through some Quench and Shine Restorative Mask. It fills the cuticles of your hair, protects your color and stops your hair getting dry or crunchy. At the end of the day you will be amazed at how gorgeous your hair feels!

You can find Quench and Shine Restorative Mask online at

Colleen Rothschild Hair Travel Set
The perfect travel kit for summer

Colleen Rothschild has a fabulous hair travel kit with travel sizes of their shampoo, Quench and Shine Restorative Mask and the Smooth and Shine Hair Serum. If you are not traveling or going to the beach this summer it is a great way to try the products out!

May 2021 update: I now have my own Colleen Rothschild Beauty discount code. Use code CORINNA20 at check out.

Exciting New Makeup For Summer!

I am beside myself over these new Stila eye shadows! These are the absolute coolest thing for summer. They are called Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow and you need them right now.

Stila Magnificent Metals

Here is the lowdown: liquid eye shadow that dries to a firm finish that stays on all day. High octane colors underneath with supersonic glitter built in and a high gloss finish. They are off the chain!!

this post contains affiliate links

I was desperate to have them for my Summer 2017 Beauty shoots for Luca Magazine and was actually quite scared I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on them on time.  You can’t but these in stores, they are only available online at and they are selling out like crazy. Luckily they arrived last week in time for this week’s shoots.

Stila Magnificent metals Liquid Eye Shadow

For my beauty shoots I ordered three shades, Molten Midnight which has a deep, dark midnight base and gold glitter finish, Bronzed Bell, which has a gorgeous bronze base and a silver and gold sparkle, and Gold Goddess, which has an antique gold offset with a silver sparkle.

Get Stila’s new Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow at! This brilliantly long-wearing sparkle eye shadow combines the perfect mix of pearl and glitter.


Stila Aqua Glow Perfecting Bronzer

Also from Stila I just ordered another Aqua Glow Perfecting Bronzer. I never can find this in stores either, so always get it online at This is honestly just my favorite bronzer ever. It is a gel that you can manipulate to give you as sheer of a veil or as intense of a bronze as you want. You can mix it into your foundation to juice it up a little, wear it beneath or over your foundation, or if you are like me just wear a little of it alone across cheekbones and collarbones and wherever else I want to add a little luxe love. As a pro makeup artist I really intensely dislike most of the bronzers out there – generally I don’t like the color calibration and the sparkles that they put in the products. Bronzer should add a sunny glow to the skin, not a sparkle.



Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eye Shadow

Free standard shipping when you spend $50 or more at No code needed. Shop Now!

6 Must Have Beauty Products For Summer ~ Beauty Tip of The Week #19

image via Harpers Bazaar Mexico

I love summer beauty.

I love fresh, glowing, bronzey, sunkissed skin.

I love the quick and easy to do makeup looks paired with beachy wavey hair.

It’s fabulous.

But you do need the right products to pull off the perfect look for summer, so here is my list of essentials:

6 Must Have Beauty Products For Summer


It’s Skin Facial Solution Water Mist ($14) is one of my all time favorite products. It’s fantastic year round, but extra helpful in the summer. Feeling dry? spritz it on to rehydrate. Feeling oily? spritz it on to refresh. Had a long day in the sun or on the beach? spritz it on to sooth and soften your skin. Need to transition from the office to happy hour? spritz it on to re-energize your makeup. 
This one is always sold out, so when I see it available I buy 3 or 4 bottles at a time.

Chantecaille Radiance Gel Bronzer ($56) Powder bronzers sit on the surface of summer skin and look too dusty and makeup-y. Instead I prefer to use liquid and gel bronzers that give sheer, buildable color and that make the complexion look radiant and luminous. Chantecaille’s is extra lovely, and doesn’t clog your pores so you don’t have to deal with makeup induced breakouts and blackheads at the end of the day.

MAC Fluidline Brow Gel ($16)
Hot weather, humidity, swimming and perspiring all destroy your artfully created eyebrows, leaving them tail-less and disappearing.
Summer makeup relies on a little brow accent to offset the simplicity of the rest of your look, so you want your brows to stay put. I love the MAC brow gel for it’s colors, texture and staying power.

MAC Lipstick in Full Fuchsia or Girl About Town ($16)
I love both of these blue fuchsia shades for summer. They are bright and fun and make your teeth and the whites of your eyes look super white. When you are keeping everything else neutral and understated, a bold lip can look both stunning and fresh.

Tom Ford Shimmering Body Oil ($95)
I love everything Tom Ford does.
His Shimmering Body Oil is a sexy combination of a luminous golden shimmer for your limbs and a golden amber sandalwood fragrance. 

Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion ($29)
The ultimate summer hair is beachy looking waves. Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion is a yummy mix of tropical oils and sea salts that gives you soft, supple waves, instead of those crunchy, dried out looking sea curls. It is super awesome for dry or coarse hair.