4 Tips For Keeping Your Tan ~ Beauty Tip Of The Week #29

I just got back from the beautiful beaches of Sicily and have the absolute loveliest tan that I really do not want to lose.

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Curvy girl in horizontal stripes on Pozzallo beach in Sicily

We all look good with a golden glow to our skin, and at the tail end of summer most of us want to hold onto it for as long as we possibly can – I know I do!


Here are 4 Tips For Keeping Your Tan (just a little bit longer)

1. Shower Smart

Keep your shower water warm instead of hot, use gentle soaps and don’t over lather or over scrub your skin.

2. Moisturize

The more you moisturize, the better. As your tan starts to fade breathe life back into it with a self tanner. Jergens Glow does double duty, keeping your skin hydrated and golden.

Self Tanner

3. Drink Lots Of Water

Your tan will fade faster if you (and your skin) get dehydrated, so drink as much water as you can. I keep a Starbucks 20 oz water cup on hand, and do my best to keep drinking water all day long.


4. Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Of course you need to keep up with the sunscreen to protect your skin, but spending as much time as you can outdoors is a fantastic way to keep up your tan.
Biking, hiking, eating lunch outside – just being outdoors as much as possible not only helps you keep your color, but makes you feel fantastic too!