Celebrity Haircuts To Try This Summer


Feel like kicking off the summer with a fabulous new ‘do?

Maybe you’re obsessing over a celebrity’s new cut?

My absolute favorite is Swifty’s new cut and color – she is so ahead of the curve with this look. It’s just so incredibly fresh and fun and alive.


Anyway, I just found this article on The Zoe Report. I get TZR in my inbox each day for my daily dose of glam, and am obsessed with the Rachel Zoe Box Of Style.

Celeb Inspired Haircuts To Try This Summer

by Kristi Mikesky

We blame Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner’s recent hair transformations for the overwhelming urge to chop off our locks. Whether you’re in the same camp or craving something a bit more subtle, look no further than a smattering of celebs demonstrating cool, breezy cuts for summer. Here, swoon-worthy hair inspo to bring along to your next salon appointment.

Taylor Swift

Short: Taylor Swift

Taylor’s new platinum feels right at home in a piecey, shaggy bob with full fringe. The look is totally grunge (and Anna Wintour–approved), which makes it a worthy contender if you’re looking for something edgy.


Short: Kylie Jenner

Kylie’s sleek-and-straight bob is perfect for those who crave a bit of polish over summer’s ubiquitous laissez-faire styles. Her uniform chin-grazing length is the picture of precision.

Chrissy Teigen

Medium: Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy’s blunt, choppy lob is chock-full of movement and texture—perfect for girls with wavy hair. Her swoop of bangs only adds to the off-duty vibe.

Khloe Kardashian

Medium: Khloé Kardashian

Beat the summer heat with a shoulder-length cut worn stick-straight and parted down the middle à la Khloe. Razored ends prevent the cut from feeling weighty.

Selma Blair

Long: Selma Blair

If you’re not willing to part with your locks, take one from Selma’s playbook and just touch up your ends so they feel fresh and blunt. If you’re craving more of a change, try out cool-girl bangs for the season.

Olivia WIlde

Long: Olivia Wilde

Give Rapunzel-length locks the warm-weather treatment with a layered, weightless cut. Olivia’s breezy waves epitomize the season’s quintessential bohemian bent.

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How To Choose Your Perfect Shade Of Blonde

Taylor Swift Vogue 2016

I love love love Taylor Swift’s new blonde hair.
It’s fresh, it’s modern, it brightens her up – it’s just fantastic! And it got me thinking, how do you find your perfect shade of blonde?

Summer and blonde go together like gin and tonic. They are a perfect pairing. But only if you get the right shade of blonde for your complexion.

Ever wondered how to get the absolutely perfect shade of blonde for your skin tone? Or maybe you tried blonde and it looked awful?

One of my good friends, Heather Strange,  is a celebrity color specialist who worked forever on Rodeo Drive perfecting some of the most most famous blondes in America, so I figured she would be a good person to ask how to choose your perfect shade of blonde…

When you are choosing a blonde the most important thing to remember is that your shade of blonde has to compliment and set off your complexion. The wrong shade of blonde can wash you out and make you look awful, so we are going to break it down by skin tone.

Pale Skin


Pale skin girls can pull off platinum shades and shades close to their skin tone, but need to be careful not to lose their facial features or look washed out. If you are going pale think about balancing it out with a strong eye makeup or a bold lip. 

OR go with a warmer, more sandy toned blonde to brighten you up. Think about the shade of butter or the inside of a banana peel.

Pink Skin Tone

Pink toned girls look great is ashy blondes and beige blondes. The blue and green undertones help balance out the rosiness in the skin.

Yellow Skin


If your skin has a yellow undertone your best bet is to go with a neutral blonde, not too ashy and not too warm.

Darker Skin


Darker skin tones need to stick with darker blonde shades. This not only keeps the maintenance down but also keeps the hair looking more natural.


Think about honey blondes and butterscotch blondes. Color Melting is fabulous for darker tones.

Summer Blonde Hacks

Heather also gave me a couple of fabulous hacks for summer blondes.

1. Even when doing darker or rooty shades she pops a few highlights on the hairline to keep her clients looking bright. Lightening up around the face is always a good idea.

2. No matter what shade you are you want to keep a blinding shampoo on hand to keep brassy-ness at bay. The summer sun can bring out those unwanted orangey tones, but using a blinding shampoo 3 or 4 times per month will keep your color true.
Try SachaJuan Silver Shampoo from Sweden, available online at Space NK

Silver Shampoo, , large

You can find Heather on Facebook at Scottsdale Colorist

See some of her blondes on Instagram @ScottsdaleColorist

Or go see her yourself in Scottsdale at Carolyne’s Salon

The Hot New Blondes For Summer

Are you thinking about upping your blonde game for summer?

Blonde and summer go together like gin and tonic – they are a perfect pairing. 
But not just any old blonde.
You are a modern girl, you love fashion and beauty, and you want to be sporting the blonde du jour, so I got the downlow for you.

One of the super cool things about being a working makeup artist is having access to some of the leaders in fashion. So when I wanted to find out about the most fashionable blondes for summer 2016 I asked Rodeo Drive celebrity color specialist Heather Strange (who now takes clients in Scottsdale) what the 4 biggest trends are this season for the super chic blonde.

Here is what she told me.

1. Color Melting


This is the cooler, sleeker sister to ombre. It’s more subtle, with a shade in between your root color and your ends color, with the shades blended seamlessly which makes it look more natural.


2. Rooted Blondes


This is the best option for girls with naturally darker shades. You won’t have to run to the salon every 3 or 4 weeks to get a touch up, and it has a great subtle sexiness to it.
this works on bother paler and warmer shades.

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3. Nude Hair.


This is a very new and sultry color for 2016.
Although it’s “new” it actually takes hair color back to shades found more naturally in the hair. And it suits pretty much everyone!

4. Pastels.


Fun, flirty pastels are all the rage for summer!
You can cut loose, choose something fresh and fun and not have to be married to it forever, because they usually fade quite quickly, especially if you are getting some beach time or pool time this summer.


If you want to have Heather color your hair (she is the best!) you can reach her at Carolyne’s Salon in Scottsdale.
Find Heather on Facebook at Facebook.com/Scottsdale Colorist