How To Write A Thank You Card

I had a speaking engagement recently during which I alluded to the importance of writing thank you cards. 
A sea of confused faces looked back at me. 
I was somewhat shocked when I realized that people really didn’t know what I was talking about. They told me that thank you’s these days, if they happen at all, arrive via email, or even worse via text.

Thank You Cards From Made By Girl

Receiving a hand written card tells you that the person sending it took time out of their day to acknowledge you. 
Whether it was for a gift, an introduction in business, a lunch or a dinner party ~ whatever the event, your thoughts/kindness/generosity/hospitality/friendship were appreciated. It takes effort (albeit minimal effort) to choose a card, pick up a decent pen, and compose a few thoughts.
And those thoughts are really lovely to receive, and can make a great impression.

Thank you card from Made By Girl

In this particular case I was speaking to a group about putting your best foot forward in business, but being that its now the the day after Christmas, there is no more perfect time to talk about the art of showing your gratitude.

How To Write A Thank You Card

1.) Start by keeping a variety of thank you cards on hand.
Simple monogrammed cards are fabulous, as are regular thank you cards. Check out websites such as Made By Girl for stylish, modern cards

Note Card from Made By Girl

2.) Thank the person for the gift/introduction/event.

3.) *If its a gift, say something about how it will be used.
     *If it was a business introduction, connection, or some other form of business benefit to you, in a sentence or two acknowledge how or why you appreciate it, or how it may impact you.
    e.g. “I needed to make some connections in publishing and Bill is going to introduce me to X”
     *If it was an event, say something about how fun it was (even          if it wasn’t), how much you liked the food/drinks (even if you        didn’t), or what a great blend of guests they put together (even        if it was hellish). The point is they made effort, and then                included you, so show gratitude.

Thank You Card From Made By Girl

4.) Reference something about them or something happening in their life. This indicates that you pay attention to what they say, and that you are invested in them as a person. 
Perhaps more important than the actual thank you itself.

5.) Close with once again thanking them and indicating that you hope to  see them/talk to them again soon.

Be prompt sending your card, and know that receiving it may actually be the high point of someone’s day.