Intelligent Nutrients Anti Aging Mist

I am intrigued with this product, although I haven’t tried it yet. I found out about the Intelligent Nutrients Line via Gwyneth Paltrow and her fabulous GOOP website.

Gwyneth’s skin always looks incredible, so this line is no doubt well worth looking into.

The product I’m so fascinated with is the Anti Aging Mist ($35)

From what I understand, this is a pre-serum spray. I can never get enough products, so love adding any extra steps into my skin care regimen!
You spray this mist onto the skin, then apply your serum, then moisturizer, then SPF.
You can reapply this throughout the day, spritzing your skin as needed
What it does:
* prevent and correct signs of aging
* feeds, protects and restores the skin
* provides refreshment and hydration to the skin.

Good for all skin types, this product is silicone free, paraben free, contains no petrochemicals and no synthetic fragrances.

This one would be a great product to keep in your handbag to revive your makeup (or your bare skin) during the day, and keep you looking fresh and gorgeous through the holiday party season.
Great stocking stuffer too!

Get Your Leopard On!!

Normally fall fashions get overwhelmingly tedious with all the gray/brown/blackness that reach out and hit you over the head like a dulled mallot. But not this season. Fall 2010 is giving us a little excitement in the form of leopard prints. Fun, fabulous, fantastic leopard!

Kate Moss – always perfection

We are seeing leopard everything – from shoes

to handbags to belts and scarves.

 Fall 2010’s bottoms look best dressed in a leopard thong…

thong by Sensuelle

The divine leopard print coats and jackets that ruled the runways, can kick up any old black ensemble and make it super sleek chic and cool.


Unless you are JLo or Jackie Collins don’t try to pull off head to toe leopard. Instead of suggesting a little inner feline you’ll look like you’re unleashing your full on cougar! Ideally wear one statement piece (dress/coat) and counterbalance it with a simple solid, or take a couple of fab leopard accessories and use them to bring the drama to anything you own.

When using more than one leopard piece, make it more interesting by layering different sized and colored prints, and combine different textures.

There are two major makeup trends to pair with leopard this season.

The first is a smoldering, sexy eye coupled with a soft nude mouth. Major eye shadows to use are a metallic shimmering eggplant, or a copper khaki shimmer. Make sure you make the eye very sultry, buffed out and with considerable depth.

Angelina Jolie, gorgeous in leopard

Use a full bodied foundation, give your cheeks lots of autumnal love, then soften it all with a dewy finish on a nude lipstick.

Maxim Magazine’s sexiest woman on earth, Christina Hendricks


The other major trend is to again use a full, luminous base (try Makeup Forever HD) a well contoured cheek, and this time add in a power brow – well groomed and defined, a soft, bare eye shadow on a well lined heavily lashed eye and set the whole thing alight with a bright, bold, catch me if you can red lipstick. Avoid burgundy reds, purple reds and dark reds. If you only buy one piece of makeup this season, make it a bright, modern, exciting red!


Here is the Daily Dish segment all about leopard for fall 2010:

Face Shapes and Hairstyles

In keeping with the SheKnows TV Chat Pack episode about hairstyles and face shapes, I’m going to get into a little more depth about face shapes and hairstyles.

Here are 6 face shapes and the best hairstyles for them as well as which ones to avoid.

If you have a round face, the goal is to create less volume around the face, thereby minimizing the roundness. Try cuts that fall just below the chin. Soft, graduated layers are ideal because they make the face look slimmer while they remove the bulk and weight from the sides. Wispy tapered ends and side swept bangs create a lovely illusion, and modify the roundness.
Avoid one length blunt cuts, volume thru the middle, and short curly hairstyles. They will all maximize a round look.
Celebs with round face shape include Christina Ricci, Kirsten Dunst and Drew Barrymore

If you have a square shaped face you want to play down the strong angular jaw. Long layers starting at the jawline and working their way thru the length, creating movement are lovely on a square face , as are side swept bangs. Curls are fabulous too.
Avoid one length bobs, blunt cut bangs, and any blunt cuts that end at the jawline.

Celebs with square shaped faces includethe lovely Sandy B, Demi Moore and Kristin Scott Thomas.


Oval is the most versatile shape, and can pull off pretty much any look.

Avoid short layers with height at the crown as this will elongate the face too much. If the hair is curly avoid a blunt cut as this can give a pyramid look. Curly hair on an oval face is best when shoulder length or longer, to weigh it down. Avoid short curly hair if you have an oval face shape.

Celebs Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz


A heart shaped face is wider at the temple and narrower at the chin. Heart shaped faces look completely gorgeous with cuts that are chin length or longer, carry weight in the nape to balance out the narrow chin, they are lovely with chin length bobs, side parts, swept forward layers around the upper face, wispy bangs. Be sure to emphasize those beautiful cheekbones!

Avoid short full styles that emphasize the upper face, too much height at the crown, and severe slicked back looks. (unless you are Victoria Beckham, in which case by merely breathing you are close to perfection and nothing else matters).

Celebs include Posh, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Emmanuelle Beart


Rectangular face shapes need to add width but not height or length. Brow skimming bangs, chin length bobs, curls and waves are all fabulous as they add the illusion of width and soften the angles of the face. Long layers with pieces hitting the nose, chin and collarbone are totally lovely. Keeping length in the back and slightly shorter sides creates a beautiful, soft frame to the face.

Avoid too much height at the crown or long straight looks as they will just lengthen the face too much.

Celebs include Gwyneth Paltrow, Janet Jackson and Gabrielle Reece

  1. Diamond

This is perhaps the most exquisite face shape of them all. Virtually everything looks divine on a diamond shaped face. Sometimes a little extra weight at the nape can balance out  a chin that’s very narrow, but in general, you’re perfect anyway.

Just think Linda Evangelista. Perfect.