Fifty Shades Freed Inspired Valentine’s Day Makeup

Hi Everyone!

I was on NBC this morning doing a Fifty Shades Freed inspired Valentines Day makeup look.

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But let’s talk about Valentine’s makeup.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Most men really don’t like a face full of makeup. If you spend forever perfecting your contour, whipping out the absolute most perfect winged liner ever, or blowing out the greatest smoky eye in the history of the world, your guy just won’t care! Men seldom go crazy over a big makeup. If nothing else it looks somewhat scary. The best way to super woo your man with your makeup is to scale it back. Choose glowing skin, keeping foundation to a minimum. Softly enhance your cheeks with a cream blush, gently accent your brows and keep eye makeup a little more neutral.

Valentine’s Day is the festival of smooching, so you should draw all the attention to your mouth. Make your lips the focus with a bold, sexy shade such as a red, cerise or fuchsia. Reds make you look a little wild, a little femme fatale. Just make sure you use a formula that isn’t glossy and doesn’t wind up all over your glass.  Men don’t want that all over them so a big glossy lip tends to be the anti-kiss formula! Choose a hydrated matte or longer wear satin so that you don’t have to worry about it getting all over your teeth and you don’t have to keep checking in the mirror to make sure its still on.

As promised in the TV spot, here is a list of the products I used today along with affiliate links:

To Prep The Skin

Sonia Roselli Water Balm available here on This is my new favorite product. It is the perfect pre-makeup prep balm, keeping the skin gorgeously hydrated but not slippery, so makeup glides on but stays in place. The most important thing that you can do to keep your makeup looking beautiful is to get the hydration situation perfect before you put makeup on.

The Foundation

My favorite foundation is Makeup Forever HD Ultra Foundation. It is really concentrated, so you can get a flawless finish to the skin using only a tiny amount. This means that you don’t have a thick, caked on foundation, yet you can still get a lovely coverage. Makeup Forever HD Foundation is available here at Sephora

Glowing Cheeks

I created a soft cheek by first applying a little Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light, just enough to create a glow and make the complexion look radiant. My favorite blushes are cream blushes, soI added color with Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Moon Beach.

Brows and Lashes

My model Angelina has fabulous brows, so I just added a little Anastasia Brow Definer to enhance them. I love the slanted angle of this pencil, and the colors are fabulous. You can get them here at Sephora.

I mixed a few different eye shadows together from my kit but I gave Angelina layers of Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes  mascara topped off with some demi wispie lashes.

The Lips

If you are going to wear a matte lip it must be a hydrating matte, otherwise the lip will start to look dead. I love Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks because they are super hydrating and keep the lip looking kissable, yet are also matte. The absolute perfect shades for Valentine’s Day are Matte Revolution, The Queen which is a cerise that reads like a pinky red and is madly sexy, or the ultimate red lip, Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Red Carpet Red. Red Carpet Red is an old Hollywood glamour red, and is just timeless.

In the Fifty Shades Freed movie Anastasia Grey wears a beautiful glowing skin, barely there makeup and a bold neutral lip. I prefer a little pop of color on the lip for Valentine’s.

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How To Choose A Makeup School

makeup artist photo shoot

Do you want to be a professional makeup artist? Are you looking for a makeup school? If you are trying to choose among a few different makeup schools and don’t know exactly how you are supposed to make this multi thousand dollar decision I have some very important criteria for you to consider.

Up until the end of last year (2017) I had been teaching a pro makeup artistry program. I am not teaching at the moment, so I can offer you advice from the inside, with nothing to sell you and no personal profit to gain.

There are some really fantastic makeup schools out there with alumni who have gone on to build huge careers. And there are some really shady makeup schools, operating with very sleazy business practices. To an industry newcomer or to someone with no experience of the industry it can be a very expensive money trap.

The makeup artistry education industry is not regulated. If you want to be an aesthetician or a hairdresser or a manicurist then you have to go to a state regulated school and be taught an official curriculum. You have to hold a state license and the school has to be licensed with the state. If the school doesn’t meet the state’s rules then they lose their license and go out of business.

Makeup schools aren’t held to any similar standard. Part of the reason for this is that makeup is considered to be an art form, and although there may only be one correct way to wax an armpit there are many ways to enhance an eye.


You have decided that you want to become a professional makeup artist and you realize that this career generally starts with a quality education, so how do you choose a school? How do you differentiate between a fantastic program and a sleazy money-trap?


The first step is to look in depth at each school as a business. Who are they, how long have they been in business and what is their reputation in business? How long have the current owners owned the school? If there were previous owners has the change been a positive or negative one. If the school had a bad reputation under previous management or ownership it could be great now. Conversely if it had a fantastic reputation before, the new owners may have trashed the program since taking over.


When you go tour the facility look to see that the area is safe. Where will you be parking your car? How well lit is the parking lot at night? Is student safety a priority?

How clean is the school? Are the floors clean? Are the bathrooms clean? What does the makeup room look like – is it well lit with good sized work stations? If they are not taking care of the facility itself, chances are they won’t be taking care of you.


You can learn some crucial information by reading the school’s reviews. Hopefully the school you are considering has some good reviews, but you also need to consider the bad reviews. If there are bad reviews you need to look at the dates and what the reviewers are saying.

Are the bad reviews spread out across a broad space of time? If so that is a major red flag. It tells you that the school is not addressing and correcting its problems. Are the bad reviews consistent? For example are you reading multiple reviews saying that the owner is mean and rude to students, or that the course material is incomplete? Are you reading multiple reviews that criticize the teachers or a specific teacher?

What is the school’s response to the reviews? Are they writing a reply that indicates they are fixing the problem or are they assigning blame? I read reviews on one school that kept replying that the review had been written by a disgruntled or fired employee (why so many fired employees?)

If there are multiple bad reviews you may want to take that school off your list. Any business can get a bad review, but if there are multiple bad reviews you need to question what is going on.


If there is a constant turnover of staff it indicates a bigger problem. If a school treats its teachers well they will stay for a long time. Trouble tends to run from the top down, so if the teachers aren’t sticking around it would indicate that there is a problem at the management or ownership level.


What is this school’s refund policy? Ask them specifically what they would do if you have a death in the family, or if a medical situation arises. Are they going to postpone your finish date or can you get your money or the balance of your money back? Get this in writing.

makeup artist


You need to go over the curriculum with a fine tooth comb and look to see what is being taught and what isn’t.

Ask who wrote the curriculum and what their background is. I wrote my curriculum after 20 years working as a freelance makeup artist. It was based on what you need to know to successfully build a makeup career and also what I didn’t learn in makeup school. It wasn’t until I was actually working and building my career that I realized there had been huge gaping holes in my (very expensive) education.

Most makeup careers are freelance careers. You don’t have just one employer paying you. This means that most makeup artists need to be able to work in multiple areas of the business. You might be on a photoshoot one day, then shooting an industrial the next day. You might round out your week with a satellite hook-up on CNN, a commercial and a wedding. This would be a fabulous week! Each of these days require different makeup skills and profiles, will utilize different types of cameras and lighting, and will have a different work rhythm. A good makeup curriculum will teach you multiple aspects of the business.


A successful makeup career is about much, much more than just being able to blow out a good smoky eye or a killer winged liner. You must understand the business aspect of running a freelance career, how to manage your money, how to market yourself, how to balance your advertising expenses with your kit building expense and your business expenses. You need to know how to factor in your tax burden as well as how to structure your fee schedule. This is really important. Most of you are going to makeup school because this is what you want to do for a living, so you need to be taught how to earn a living doing this.

Which brings me to the next crucial factor:


makeup Sadie Robertson

Touch ups on set with Luca Magazine

This is massively important.

If you are paying for a makeup education then the person teaching you must have had, or currently have, a substantial makeup career.

Ask the school for your teacher’s resume. Look to see exactly what they have and have not done in their career.

Has this person been able to support themselves and be financially successful solely from their makeup career? If not how on earth can they teach you to be successfully financially self-sufficient with your makeup career? Has their income been a part-time income with their husband or boyfriend or family actually paying their way? (You can figure this out to a degree by looking at their resume)

If the school tells you this person has worked on magazines, ask them specifically which ones. They should be able to show you tear sheets and covers with that person’s name credited on them. Your teacher needs to have worked on multiple magazine shoots – just one or two doesn’t cut it.

What advertising campaigns has this teacher worked on? The school should provide you with a comprehensive list. You cannot teach makeup for advertising if you have never worked in it. Advertising is an extremely lucrative area to work in and requires a different set of skills and knowledge than wedding makeup does.

What film and television has this person worked on? Did they key these jobs? You cannot teach film and television if you haven’t worked in these fields.

How recently have they worked in commercial/music video/film and TV?  Technology is moving at lightning speed, so if your teacher hasn’t worked in these areas for a long time, chances are they are not going to be able to teach you the specifics you need to know about cameras, lighting and how you need to amend your techniques to be a viable hire on any of these jobs.

Does this person have work experience outside of your city or town? In a big market such as Los Angeles or New York this isn’t such a big deal. You can have massive careers in those cities without ever leaving. But if you are in a smaller market you should at least know if your teacher has relocated from a large market, travels for work, or has only worked in this small area.

Most beauty makeup courses cost thousands of dollars. You are paying for the use of the facility, a starter makeup kit, and for the products they have on hand to work with. But most importantly you are paying for someone to give you a quality education that prepares you to go out into the workforce. This means the teacher either has to have worked in all of these aspects of the business, or ideally still be working in the business.


Once again, you have thousands of dollars about to be invested in a makeup program so ask the school specifically which teacher or teachers will be your instructors, and ask for a sit down meeting with them.

Come to the meeting prepared with a list of very specific questions about their makeup experience. No matter how fun and bubbly they are, no matter how fabulous their own makeup is, if they haven’t done the work they are not qualified to be your teacher.

Ask this person why they are teaching. A successful freelance career will pay much more that a teaching job, so why are they doing it? Some will have small children and want an easier schedule, others may have wanted to slow the pace they were working at. My reason was that the divorce judge told me my son would be extradited back to Phoenix if I moved back to Los Angeles. There has to be a reason why they are doing this, so ask the question!

If the school is not willing to set you up with a meeting with the teacher you need to question why.


Another important piece of information you need relates to former students of this school. A school that is worth your money should be tracking their alumni and the jobs they are working on. If the school is not keeping an eye on this it would indicate to me that they just want your money and don’t care what happens after you leave.

Do the math. Ask them how many students they average per class, how many classes per year, and how many years they have been running the program. This will give you an idea of how many people have come through this program. Now ask to see a list of former students and their success stories.

A handful of girls who have worked on a handful of weddings doesn’t count. If this school is worth your while they should have a brag sheet telling you which student did which magazine, ad campaign, film, television series. Who has been to New York Fashion Week, who is working with which celebrity. If you are seeing a broad cross section of alumni doing a broad cross section of jobs then chances are this school is a good school.

Write down the names of several alumni and check them out on social media. Ask them about their experience with the school, who their teacher was, and if they recommend this program. Some may be too busy to respond, but I would imagine you will get enough responses to make a good judgement call.

I am so proud of the alumni of my classes. So many of them have gone on to do great things. Many of them just wanted a solid part time side hustle doing weddings and events, and are hitting it out of the ballpark. Others work in film, key TV shows, go to New York Fashion Week, do fabulous magazine editorials, work corporate gigs and work with celebrities, athletes and musicians. Some are out around the world working. One has become the official makeup artist at one of the Saudi palaces.

A really great makeup program is going to produce some really great success stories. If the school you are talking to is not bragging like crazy about their alumni successes, ask yourself why.

makeup room photo studio


If your school provides a makeup kit as part of your fee ask for an exact breakdown of the products in that kit and how much you are being charged for it. Pro makeup discounts are normally around 40% and schools get up to 50% off of the retail price. Do the math and make sure you are not being charged more than the retail price on your kit.

Also look to see what products are in the kit. A pro makeup artist kit should be mostly pro products. These are products that are designed to hold up under studio lighting and be shot either by a photographer or in a TV/Film/Commercial/Video environment. If you are not familiar with the pro brands, google them. Ask some pro makeup artists on social media.

Sometimes I see school kits made up of absolute nonsense, products that you could never use on a professional job, and I feel so sorry for the students who have invested in them not knowing any better.

The makeup kit has to be in balance with the education too. I know of one school who provides a fantastic kit – it is enormous and full of great products, but they only provide 2 weeks of education. You can’t learn a career in two weeks. If the education isn’t in balance with the kit then you have just been on an extraordinarily expensive shopping trip!

Look at the products in the classroom that you will be working with too. If the school doesn’t teach with professional makeup products, don’t buy their program.


A career as a professional makeup artist is both fun and rewarding but it is not easy. Very few people just land on their feet and have all the doors open for them. Most of us have had to pay our dues and work really, really hard to make it in this very competitive field. Not only do we have to be constantly striving to improve our skills and techniques, but we also have to go after the career aggressively, we have to be assertive, we have to be thick skinned.

We work long hours. Our days can start very early – 2:30am, 4am, 6am and they can run incredibly late. We do it because we love it and because this career can be very rewarding.

Before you pay for a makeup school ask yourself if you are a self-starter? Are you disciplined? How much hustle do you have in you? If 10 people tell you no, will you still get up and go after number 11?

If you plan on going to makeup school do your research. Compare multiple schools. Look at the business history of the schools and read their reviews. Be wary of complaints – too many bad reviews means something is not right.

Compare the curriculum for multiple schools. Most students don’t know a good curriculum from a bad one until they start comparing them.

Research the teacher from each school. Research their careers. Have they been successful makeup artists themselves? If not then how do you expect them to teach you how to be successful?

Ask about each school’s alumni success stories. Make them get specific. You should be bowled over by the number of former students out there killing it as professional makeup artists!

Just to be sure that no one was being sketchy with the truth, get on the social media channels of these alumni. See what they are posting, message them and ask what they thought of the school, who was their teacher, what was their experience.

Ask for the student kit to be itemized and ask for the exact dollar figure you are being charged for this kit. You are paying for it, so you deserve to know.

There are plenty of really dubious characters out there running some really shady operations. If you do your homework and your due diligence you will save yourself from being scammed, and find a really fantastic school that can prepare you for the most fabulous career in the world!

If you have questions about this post please ask them in the comment section below, or private message me on any of my social media channels @corinnamakeup


How To Choose A Makeup Artist For Your Wedding Day


Did you get engaged recently? Is someone you know getting married sometime soon? More couples get engaged during the holiday season through Valentine’s Day than at any other time of the year. If you are reading this at the time of publishing, or if you are planning your wedding, or helping someone plan theirs, then you may be thinking about hiring a makeup artist for the big day.

I work on weddings around 30 weekends per year, and have been the makeup artist on more than 400 weddings.

Most weekends I have bridesmaids telling me makeup horror stories from other weddings they have been in, sometimes sadly, their own. Multiple times per year I get panicked phone calls from brides whose makeup artist has cancelled on them the week of the wedding, or who hasn’t shown up the day of the wedding. Luckily I have a team of makeup assistants for whom this becomes another layer of job security as they race off across town to take care of the bride in need!

The nightmare stories and bad experiences are easily avoidable if you know what to look for when hiring a makeup artist for your wedding. I’ve broken down 10 things to look for when hiring a makeup artist for your wedding. If you use this as a guide you should have no difficulty finding the right makeup artist for your big day!

10 Tips For Hiring A Makeup Artist For Your Wedding Day

makeup artist weddings

1.What Is Their Career Background?

Who is this person and what have they done career-wise? Is this person a professional makeup artist or are they a makeup hobbiest?  There is a big difference between someone who has a makeup box and likes playing with makeup products and someone who does this for a living.

A professional makeup artist is going to know how to maneuver your makeup to work with the light, is going to know how your makeup will photograph, will use products designed for professionals and built to last all night. A professional will know how to help you out if something unforeseen happens, such as a giant wedding day pimple, a bad sunburn the day before, an unexpected crying fit. Lots of things can happen and they frequently do. A professional makeup artist is a huge asset when they do.

Personally I have had to sew brides into their dresses, have had bridesmaids arrive covered in hives from allergies to the Arizona plant-life, have had to do repair-work on brides who have had unexpected (and expected!) crying episodes. I have had brides who have woken up with a giant pimple, others with a cold sore, and brides who out of pre-wedding nerves have broken out in sweat, drenching clothes, hair and makeup. After 400+ weddings I have pretty much seen it all!

In each case having a professional artist who knows what to do and can stay calm has been a lifesaver. Someone with a makeup hobby probably wouldn’t have been much of an asset.

2. Read Their Reviews

Before you hire someone to do your makeup for your wedding you need to know a little bit more about them and their work ethic, and the best way to find this is by reading their reviews. Is this artist on The Knot or Wedding Wire? Wedding vendor sites can be a good source of information because the artist can’t mess with reviews and delete the ones they don’t like.

You can get a good idea about this person when you read a series of reviews that all say similar things. He/she was punctual and fun, organized and on top of their schedule for the day, made everyone look and feel beautiful, was easy to work with. When you see multiple brides all saying the same types of positive things about this artist you can be confident that this person is a good hire.

Sometimes you find your makeup artist because they did your friend’s wedding or another family member’s wedding and have come with a good referral. I always think referral business is the best business! If you don’t know where to begin looking for a makeup artist for your wedding try asking friends who they used and if they had a good experience.


3. Are You Comfortable With Their Personality?

It is really important to find a makeup artist whose personality meshes with yours. This person is going to be with you and your girls all morning, and how the personality game plays out can set the tone for the entire day.

If you are upbeat and bubbly and fun and your makeup artist is dull and depressing it can feel like a wet blanket has been thrown on your party. If you are quiet and more reserved and your makeup artist is loud and obnoxious you won’t care how good he/she is at doing a smoky eye, she is going to drive you crazy!

Watch out for the artist with the super ego and watch out for the energy vampire. Your wedding day is about you, not your artist, so the person you hire has to be able to go with the flow.

A good makeup artist will be able to take everything in stride, won’t get moody, will keep everything on time and won’t get stressed out.

4. Ask For Samples Of Their Work

Everyone can talk a good game and tell you stories of jobs they have done, but can they back it up with pictures?

Before social media became such a big deal artists had to ask photographers for images from the weddings they worked on, and it could take ages before they received them (busy photographers don’t always have time to get pictures for makeup artists!), but now everyone is posting pictures from their wedding on Instagram and Facebook, so a working artist should be able to show you lots of images of their work even if it’s just scrolling through the insta feeds of previous brides.

Look to see if there is variety in their work, and also to see if they are showing the style of makeup that you are looking for. If their images are predominantly Kardashian-style, heavy duty makeup and you prefer a more scaled back look then that artist may not be the fit you are looking for. If you like big, bold looks and this artist only has pretty, soft, neutral looks to show you, then that may not work either.

A good makeup artist can do any type of makeup look, so make sure you ask them if you don’t see the type of look you are planning on.

5. Does This Artist Have A Contract?

Does your artist have a contract for you to sign, that outlines the specifics for your wedding, and what is covered?

Weddings are a business. The artist you hire should treat your big day as business. That means they should be highly organized and have a good business system in place. Their contract needs to detail how many people they are doing, if they are bringing an assistant and if so how many people that assistant is responsible for, what time they are leaving you, and how much everything will cost (with no hidden  surprises). When you fill out your contract you should be 100% certain of everything that is included, so there is no confusion on your wedding day.

If your artist uses a contract they are not likely to skip out on your wedding and leave you high and dry.

An artist who treat weddings as a business is going to be thinking about the referral business they can get from your wedding and the review that you will write them. They are going to be aware that they need to make sure they meet your needs, do a fabulous job, are lovely to be around and leave you feeling happy and beautiful. Because that is how you stay in business.


6. Does This Artist Have A Clean, Well Prepared Kit?

When you have a trial makeup with your prospective artist observe their kit. Is it clean? Is it organized? Is it full of cheap products or is it built on professional products? Are their brushes clean?

Above all else the makeup artist you hire must practice a high standard of hygiene. Do not ever let anyone put a dirty makeup brush on your skin!

I don’t know any successful, professional makeup artists who have dirty, unorganized makeup kits. If a makeup kit is full of drugstore products that may not be the artist you want to hire. With few exceptions drugstore products aren’t designed to last all day. They tend to have lower quality ingredients and aren’t as pigmented as professional products. There are exceptions and most artists will have a variety of product brands in their kit, but a kit should not be predominantly built from cheap products.

7. Is This Artist Asking You Questions?

Is the artist you are having a trial with or talking to about your wedding asking you a lot of questions? They should be. Your makeup needs to be telling the same story as the rest of your wedding. It needs to compliment your dress, your hair, and the overall vibe of your wedding. The artist needs to get a feel for who you are, what your comfort level is with makeup, how you want to look on your wedding day.

They also need to be asking you what time of day you are getting married – makeup for an 11 am ceremony is going to be different from makeup for  6pm wedding. They need to be asking about your location, your flowers, your dress, your hair. Your makeup artist needs to be asking you a lot of questions.

The look they design for your wedding day needs to be built from all these questions. You don’t want to hire someone who just does their thing on your face, not taking into account who you are and what your wants and needs are.

8. Is This Makeup Artist Listening to You?

This goes hand in hand with the previous item. Your makeup artist needs to ask you a lot of questions and then listen to you. If you are not feeling heard then this is not the person to hire for the biggest day of your life. A good makeup artist is also a good listener.

9. How Is Their Appearance?

A person’s appearance tells you an enormous amount about them. This is not about money or how expensive their outfit is, but it is about how they are presenting themselves and representing their business.

Is this person well groomed? Are they dressed sloppily or professionally? Are their nails groomed? Is their hair all over the place or have they made an effort to make it look nice? Are they wearing makeup? Are they wearing scary makeup? If an artist looks like an Instagram makeup picture, with giant eyebrows and sparkly highlighter with brown stripes on their cheeks, chances are that’s what they’re planning on doing to you!

Does this person present themselves in a professional manner? This is going to be the biggest day of your life, and at this point quite possibly the most expensive day of your life! Does this artist look like they appreciate and respect the fact that you are considering hiring them for such a momentous occasion?

At a wedding I did recently the bridal party were showing me photos from a friend’s wedding 2 months prior, where the makeup artist showed up in old leggings and a plaid shirt, both covered in cat or dog hair! She literally hadn’t bothered to take the time to put on clean clothes. If the person you are thinking about hiring can’t be bothered with their appearance, find someone else.


10.Are They Discounting Their Work?

I don’t believe in discounting my work and wouldn’t be comfortable hiring someone who does. Artists who run legitimate, professional businesses seldom if ever discount their work. You are paying for their time, their experience, their quality products and the quality of their work. If someone is cutting their prices, or God forbid doing a discount service like Groupon, that either says they are not booking work or they don’t value their own work.

You need to be confident that you are paying the same as their other brides, not more.

If you hire someone because they are cheap, chances are you won’t be getting quality.

If an artist is inexpensive but meets the preceding criteria then maybe they are at the beginning of their career and are working their way up the ladder. If they behave professionally, take pride in their appearance, ask you questions and listen to your answers, work with you to create a look you fall in love with, have clean brushes and a clean, well organized kit and take pride in their work, then they may just be a really good hire.

There is a huge difference between cheap and inexpensive.

When considering hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day let price be the very last detail in your equation. Make sure they meet all the other requirements first. Sometimes you will find someone who is a perfect fit for you and who is not the most expensive person on your list. Other times you may have to raise your budget a little to get that person who is really good and meets all of your needs.

Don’t ruin $3000 of wedding photography for $50 of makeup. Don’t ruin your wedding day because you saved a few dollars and got awful makeup, or because you hired someone who was mean or didn’t show up.

Use these ten steps to make sure you find someone who makes you both look and feel absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day! If you have any other good tips please share them in the comments section.


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