7 Tips For Self Tanning Your Face

Have you been avoiding using facial self tanning products because of the fear factor?Are you afraid of having un-repairable, streaky, patchy color on your face?


Kate Moss has perfected the ultimate in faux tans, with a little help from St Tropez. Here are tips to help you achieve the same results:

Seven Tips For Self Tanning Your Face

1. Exfoliate.

Before you get started you need to create a smooth, even surface to work with. Exfoliating will clear away the dead cells sitting on the surface of your skin.
Try Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Exfoliating Treatment, available at Nordstrom.com

2. Moisturize.

I recommend exfoliating and doing a moisturizing mask the night before, or taking time out to do a moisturizing sheet mask in the morning.
You need your skin to be super hydrated so that your tanning color doesn’t grab onto dry patches, but you also need your moisturizer to be all the way soaked in to your skin before you start, with no residue left on the surface.
Try the Moisturizing Recovery Mask sheet mask from Memebox 

3. Protect Your Hairline

Stop the color from bleeding up into your scalp by using a little vasaline at the hairline (at the scalp edge, not along the face), and also in your brows. Don’t let the vasaline migrate over onto the skin around your brows.


4. Only Use Products Designed For Your Face.

Don’t try to double up by using the same product you use on your body on your face.
Body products are likely to clog your pores and cause you breakouts.
Try St Tropez Luxe Dry Facial Oil or St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion For The Face from Nordstrom.com


5. Pay Attention To Your Creases.

Go slowly and focus on applying it evenly. Don’t forget the creases around your nostrils, any dips or dimples in your chin, and make sure you smooth the product through any fine lines and wrinkles, stretching any areas smooth while you apply. If an area is particularly tricky try using a duo fiber makeup brush.

6. Don’t Forget Your Neck.

Your tan mustn’t stop at your jawline. Make sure you smooth your self tanner over your throat with an upward motion, starting at your decolletage.


7. Wait It Out.

Once you have applied your facial self tanner be patient and wait for it to completely dry on the surface and absorb into your skin. Don’t race to put makeup on, and don’t go straight to bed – the last thing you want is pillow case creases tanned into your beautiful face!

7 Foundations That Every Makeup Artist Loves

My favorite Sunday morning routine involves taking some quality time by my pool with a cup of coffee and catching up on what my favorite bloggers have been posting all week. I loved this post from Byrdie (www.byrdie.com) about the 7 Foundations That Every Makeup Artist Loves. Personally in my kit I use (and swear by) Makeup Forever HD Foundation and Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation. I wear both them myself, as well as Chanel Vitalumiere. Tell me in the comments section below which foundations you personally use and love.

The 7 Foundations Every Makeup Artist Loves

MAKEUP | 03.24.15 by Alina Gonzalez

The 7 Foundations Every Makeup Artist Loves

When it comes to creating flawless complexions that look like they were blessed by a choir of heavenly angels, nobody knows more than celebrity makeup artists. They can get creative with a cat-eye, or craft a killer oxblood lip, but the foundation (pun intended) for it all is perfect, natural-looking skin.

With the help of their holy-grail foundation (and a few insider tricks), these seasoned makeup artists are able to mask redness, conceal blemishes, smooth uneven texture, and induce glow where there once was none—and all without skin looking overly “done.” Which is why we asked six top makeup artists to reveal their all-time favorite foundation. These are the foundations they cannot work without, that have changed their game, and flatter a variety of skin tones. Keep scrolling to see their picks!

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    Carl Ray

    Makeup Artist: Carl Ray

    Clients: First Lady Michelle Obama, Natalie Portman, Claire Danes

    Follow: @carlraymakeupartist

    Favorite Foundation and Application Tip: “One of my favorite foundations that can always be found in my kit is Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation ($43). It’s oil-free and has a medium to full coverage. The formula covers all your skins imperfections, while remaining invisible on screen and in real life. It comes in 26 shades that are easy to mix and match to make the perfect shade for any skin type. I use a blender sponge for a flawless finish, and always use a moisturizer and a face primer before applying foundation.”

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    Kate Lee

    Makeup Artist: Kate Lee

    Clients: Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway, Rooney Mara

    Follow: @kateleemakeup

    Favorite Foundation and Application Tip: “Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Sunscreen Makeup SPF 15 ($47) is my cannot-live-without product for life. The formulation is so light and luminous, and it’s easy to use. This foundation just looks like a more perfect version of your own skin. You can apply with your fingertips, but the most flawless way to apply is to place dabs of foundation in the larger areas of the face, starting with cheeks, then forehead and chin, and then take a Beauty Blender($20) dampened with Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist ($90) and gently blend till the product is invisible. You are left with a radiant complexion, and a little protection from harmful UV rays.”

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    Beau Nelson

    Makeup Artist: Beau Nelson

    Clients: Nicole Richie, Kristen Stewart, Nina Dobrev

    Follow: @Beau_Nelson

    Favorite Foundation and Application Tip: “A lot of people love Armani Luminous Silk foundation, which is amazing, but I love Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Smooth Firming Foundation ($67) even more. It provides even, adjustable coverage and a natural matte finish that looks flawless and natural to both the human eye and the eye of the camera. I apply with a synthetic brush like the It Cosmetics Foundation Brush ($48) or tap it on with a damp Beauty Blender from the center of the face outward—and if anywhere needs more coverage, I do a second layer.”

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    Makeup Artist: Tamah

    Clients: Alexa Chung, Allison Williams, Elisabeth Moss

    Follow: @TamahK

    Favorite Foundation and Application Tip: “My holy grail foundations are the Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation ($62), and the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation($62). When it comes to foundation Koh Gen Do can do no wrong! I have never met a foundation that enhances skin as perfectly as these gems. Not only do I use them on my clients, I use them on myself. Both are luminous without being shiny, and have enough pigment to conceal without blanketing the skin in makeup. I usually don’t need to use any additional concealer when I use these—they do it all! They’re also great if you want to just spot conceal—they’re great alone under the eyes, around the nose, etc. The Moisture formula is a bit creamier in consistency, while the Aqua is more of a traditional liquid formula. I usually apply them with a soft brush, but they are easily applied with fingers or a sponge as well. A little goes a long way, so start small; a mini squeeze or one or two pumps usually do the trick.”

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    Nick Barose

    Makeup Artist: Nick Barose

    Clients: Lupita Nyong’o, Uzo Aduba, Lena Dunham

    Follow: @DilokritBarose

    Favorite Foundation and Application Tip: “The look of the new Lancôme Miracle Cushion Foundation is really natural and easy to apply; it gives good buildable coverage that can be really sheer, or you can layer for medium coverage. The cushion compact makes it easy to travel with, and you can use it to do spot coverage. It’s perfect to carry around in your bag, easy to use, and not messy. It also comes in a range of shades from fair to deep dark. After applying moisturizer and letting it set, I apply the foundation with the sponge puff that comes with it, gently padding it starting from the center of the face and blending outwards.”

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    Quinn Murphy

    Makeup Artist: Quinn Murphy

    Clients: Lily Aldridge, Kate Upton, Nicola Peltz

    Follow: @QuinnMurphy1

    Favorite Foundation and Application Tip: “My go to favorite foundation is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($62). To date, I have not found a prettier, smoother, and more realistic foundation than this. Also it has the best shade range, and the shades cover a large range of skin tones, so most people can find an exact match. The foundation is sheer and dries down to a glowing, slightly matte skin-like texture. It is easily blendable on the skin. I like to play with the coverage. For women who only need a tiny bit of unification on the skin, I will add a drop of a dry face oil (Nuxe Multi-Usage Dry Oil, $29 or Tarte Maracuja Oil, $46) to sheet it out. For those needing a bit more coverage, the formula is buildable and mixes well with other fuller coverage foundations.”

    Have you tried any of these foundations? What’s YOUR holy grail foundation? Tell us in the comments!

How To Wear Summer’s Gold Makeup

The Spring/Summer 2014 runways were a veritable gold rush, full of glorious
metallic hues, with models looking like Goddesses from a bygone era.

For those of you who are aiming to look like Dolce and Gabbana’s golden Sicilian beauties, but instead are finding yourself gazing in the mirror at some warped version of Cleopatra, here is a little road map to pulling off the golden look to perfection.

First you need to understand that the objective is to radiate a slightly golden glow, not to look like you’ve been painted gold.


It all begins with the complexion.

Skin needs to glow, so therefore you have to get it ready long beforehand. Keeping your skin nicely exfoliated and well hydrated is absolutely key to achieving success.

With your skin in great condition you need to build in some color. Either with a facial self tanner, or with foundation. The most important issue if you are using foundation is to get a sheer formula that lets you see through it. Anything heavy or opaque is going to kill your look before you get started.

Thick or heavy foundation looks hideous in the summer, and anything overly powdered is going to make the complexion look dusty, old and tired.

Add some warm golden highlighter with a slight sheen to the upper cheekbones. You can use it alone or mix it into your foundation. You want to create a soft glow, not a mad sparkle. Charlotte Tilbury’s Bar Of Gold highlighter is amazing. It adds a warmth to your highlight and can be used in many ways – eye’s, lips, cheeks, basically anywhere you want a little lift. You can read about it here

When you add sheen to your cheekbones, also hit your collarbones and shoulders if they will be exposed. You can’t work a golden glowing complexion if your shoulders and chest look flat and lifeless.

The golden accent must be worked into the skin and not sit on the surface. When it melts into the skin you look gorgeous and exotic.

The Eyes

The trick to making golden shadows work is to go for warmth. Yellow golds seldom look good on anyone, but bronzy warm golds and pink champagne golds look stunning on everyone. Keep the shimmer to the lid and then blend out to matte formulas to build into the crease and fade out to the brow bone. If everything shimmers we wind up looking like Cleopatra again.

Line the eye with deep expresso browns or eggplant tones instead of black.



The Lips

If you add shimmer to the eye then you need to avoid shimmer on the lip. Instead opt for a gentle shine. Avoid anything too porno-glossy, opting instead for a luscious, succulent sheen.

Understand which gold is for you.

If you are fair skinned look at rosey pink champagne golds. Yellow golds will stand out against the skin and golds that are too coppery or bronzey will look muddy.

If you are medium skinned look at peachy golds to warm the skin, or if you are more olive try bronze golds.

If you have dark skin look at deep, warm coppers and bronzes.

Don’t Abuse Bronzer

My ultimate pet peeve in makeup-land is the misuse and abuse of bronzer.

Learn how to apply it correctly, and understand its objective, which is to make you look like you’ve been out in the sun.

It is not to color in the face, fix a foundation shade that is too pale, or the worst offense of them all – it is not a contour product.

Everyone second person with a youtube account or an Instagram tells you to contour with bronzer. Bronzer is made up of bronze tones designed to be a little reflective, and as I said above is to make the skin glow like you’ve just been running around outdoors on a sunny day. Contour products are made up of black , red and grey and are designed to absorb light and recede features that you want to
diminish. Bronzer used as contour looks ridiculous, especially once it has wornin for a couple of hours.

When used as a contour product bronzer will ultimately make your face look muddy.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Limited US