The Hot New Blondes For Summer

Are you thinking about upping your blonde game for summer?

Blonde and summer go together like gin and tonic – they are a perfect pairing. 
But not just any old blonde.
You are a modern girl, you love fashion and beauty, and you want to be sporting the blonde du jour, so I got the downlow for you.

One of the super cool things about being a working makeup artist is having access to some of the leaders in fashion. So when I wanted to find out about the most fashionable blondes for summer 2016 I asked Rodeo Drive celebrity color specialist Heather Strange (who now takes clients in Scottsdale) what the 4 biggest trends are this season for the super chic blonde.

Here is what she told me.

1. Color Melting


This is the cooler, sleeker sister to ombre. It’s more subtle, with a shade in between your root color and your ends color, with the shades blended seamlessly which makes it look more natural.


2. Rooted Blondes


This is the best option for girls with naturally darker shades. You won’t have to run to the salon every 3 or 4 weeks to get a touch up, and it has a great subtle sexiness to it.
this works on bother paler and warmer shades.

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3. Nude Hair.


This is a very new and sultry color for 2016.
Although it’s “new” it actually takes hair color back to shades found more naturally in the hair. And it suits pretty much everyone!

4. Pastels.


Fun, flirty pastels are all the rage for summer!
You can cut loose, choose something fresh and fun and not have to be married to it forever, because they usually fade quite quickly, especially if you are getting some beach time or pool time this summer.


If you want to have Heather color your hair (she is the best!) you can reach her at Carolyne’s Salon in Scottsdale.
Find Heather on Facebook at Colorist