10 Of The Most Beautiful Train Stations In The World

 I Love that my country  is represented!

This is a Saturday morning re-post from one of my favorite blogs, Because I’m Addicted.

I love that in bloggie-land there are so many fascinating things to find. I would never in a million years have thought to blog about the 10 most beautiful train stations in the world.
I hope you will devote some time this weekend to searching through the blogosphere and finding new things to inspire you.

because im addicted

10 of the most beautiful train stations in the world

Rossio Station // Lisbon, Portugal

Gare du Nord // Paris, France

King’s Cross Station // London, England
Grand Central Terminal // New York City, New York

São Bento Station // Porto, Portugal
Mind the gap.

Five more gorgeous train stations (one of which has an indoor rainforest!!) from around the world after the jump…

p.s. what/where is your fave?

Central Railway Station // Helsinki, Finland
Dunedin Train Station // Dunedin, New Zealand
Sirkeci Station // Istanbul, Turkey

Atocha Train Station // Madrid, Spain

Union Station // Los Angeles, California

Johnny Vagabond Goes To Antigua

I love reading travel blogs.
They prepare me for the next adventure, or give me ideas for a new one.
I knew that a blog named Johnny Vagabond just had to be fascinating.
And it is.
I’m hooked.

Check out what he got up to in Antigua:

Photos: Antigua’s Alfombras, the Beautiful Sacred Carpets of Semana Santa

April 20, 2012 · 14 comments

Photos: Antigua's Alfombras, the Sacred Carpets of Semana Santa

No one celebrates Easter quite like they do in Antigua. For
the month of Lent, processions march through the streets each Sunday,
carrying massive platform with statues of Christ and the Virgin Mary.
But the real fun begins the Sunday before Easter, when local families
and business begin creating alfombras, intricate carpets made out of dyed sawdust, grass, flowers and vegetables. It’s an incredible (and fleeting) sight.

Photos: Antigua's Alfombras, the Sacred Carpets of Semana Santa
For days and days, people are busy dyeing sawdust — first it’s run
through a screen to weed out the rough bits. Then small bags of dye are
added and it’s stirred by hand. The color is adjusted as needed and this
takes some skill — a seemingly green dye was added to a fresh batch and
the mixer explained that the final product would be purple. I was
doubtful but he proved right in the end.

Photos: Antigua's Alfombras, the Sacred Carpets of Semana Santa

The majority of alfombras are created with the use of
intricately-carved plywood stencils. I asked the manager of my hotel,
Yellow House, whether these were traditional patterns passed down
through the family or if each alfombra was different. She explained that
they save the stencils each year but that each carpet is unique, mixing
and matching designs from the past or being created entirely from

I do have to give a hearty recommendation for Yellow House in Antigua
— I stayed there two weeks over two visits and found it to be the
friendliest, cleanest place I stayed in all of Guatemala. The free
breakfast was great, showers hot (without being deadly)
and the patio had a view of all the volcanos. [Full disclosure — they
did trade me three nights stay for a mention, but I wouldn’t have stayed
there 2 weeks if I didn’t think it was a good value.] I can’t wait to
go back.

Photos: Antigua's Alfombras, the Sacred Carpets of Semana Santa

The amount of detail that people managed to coax from sawdust and
sand was stunning. I especially like the one with tiny penitents
carrying an anda (wooden platform) and about to walk across an alfrombra of their own.

And that’s their fate — these beautiful, amazingly-detailed carpets
have life spans of just a few hours. After being finished, cared for and
admired by the crowds, they will soon be trod upon by a procession of
thousands of worshipers.

Photos: Antigua's Alfombras, the Sacred Carpets of Semana Santa

Photos: Antigua's Alfombras, the Sacred Carpets of Semana Santa

Sawdust wasn’t the only material of choice, however. Many alfrombas
were created from large blankets of grass, covered in flowers, fruits
and other natural goodies. Some of the most popular carpets, judging
from the huge crowds that hovered nearby, where made entirely of fruits
and vegetables. The one you see here was at least 50 feet long and 10
feet wide — 500 square feet of fresh produce, stacked high and awaiting

Photos: Antigua's Alfombras, the Sacred Carpets of Semana Santa

Photos: Antigua's Alfombras, the Sacred Carpets of Semana Santa

This goes on for days and most groups will build several alfrombas
over the course of the week. But the big night is the Thursday before
Good Friday, when everyone stays up most of the night to assemble the
most intricate, flamboyant carpets you can imagine. They race through
the night to finish their creations before the procession rolls through
in the early morning and destroys it all. Thankfully, the hotel provided
snacks, coffee and rum to keep us going through the night.

Photos: Antigua's Alfombras, the Sacred Carpets of Semana Santa

Photos: Antigua's Alfombras, the Sacred Carpets of Semana Santa

Photos: Antigua's Alfombras, the Sacred Carpets of Semana Santa

And when the procession rolls through, you’d best step away.
Thousands of hooded penitents roam the street with 80 of them carrying a
5,000 pound anda, moving lock-step through the cobblestone
streets. A band follows close behind and more thousands of pilgrims,
penitents, families and tourists follow in their wake. It’s a wave of

Photos: Antigua's Alfombras, the Sacred Carpets of Semana Santa

And after they’ve all passed by, a small crew of men scrape up the
remains and shovel them into a small bulldozer that follows the
procession. Within moments, the street is clean with only a few splashes
of colorful dye showing that anything happened here at all.

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The Coveteur – Rachel Zoe

Today I am re-posting The Coveteur again,

this time their look at Rachel Zoe’s fashion office.

Fashion stylists always have the most amazing lairs, 

full of exciting stuff. 

You gotta love having a sneak peak…

Fashion Offices With WhoWhatWear: Rachel Zoe

CEO, Rachel Zoe Inc. Los Angeles

Welcome to RZ HQ – the heart and Louboutin-sole of all things Rachel Zoe Inc.! We teamed up with our lovely friends at Who What Wear—once
again!—to take you inside the holy grail of glamness, Zoe Headquarters.

While our “office” (a.k.a. other people’s closets) are always filled
with rows upon rows of fab footwear, we couldn’t help but be completely
sole-struck by the sea of shoes in Zoe’s bureau. I mean, we’ve all
“seen” the inside of RZ HQ on the big screen—The Rachel Zoe Project is
our #1 guilty pleasure—but, trust us, there’s a whole lot more to that
office you haven’t seen. 

Her L.A. loft has played host to the industry’s
best actresses (we’re looking at you, Annie!) and accesszoeries (the
bags were BA-NA-NAS!) 
We died for Zoe’s vintage archives and ashtray
collection—but, seriously, would you expect any less from the Queen of

From the branding office to Zoe’s personal workspace, we got
deep inside Team Zoe’s wondrous workshop. And there’s plenty of creative
juices flowing out of this fashion factory: Style advice from A to Zoe, our daily dose of inbox pleasure, The Zoe Report,
a thriving clothing and accessories line and much more. 

All we can say
is that it’s a good thing she’s got Camp Zoe (or Zoe-bots, as we like to
call ‘em) behind her—headed up by prez, hubby (and our BFF) Rodg—to
help crank out one glam project after another. And with that, we give
you, Zoe Headquarters… where the magic happens!

This is where
the magic happens! My branding office is where I spend most of my time
in meetings for my collection and designing.

An aerial view
from the loft in my office overlooking the first floor. I love how open
and airy the space feels – but also cozy, because I want all of our
visitors to feel at home.

 A peek into my
office of vintage archives, aka, my second closet! It is the greatest
source of inspiration when designing new looks. Reference the past to
see what works and what doesn’t.

 OMG shoes! People ask me if I get desensitized seeing so many shoes every day, but I don’t think that’s actually possible.

I am an extremely organized person at work and at home – color co-ordination (especially in one’s closet) is everything.

 I am big on
magazine tears for inspiration. I stick them all on these giant inspo
boards in my branding office. I also spy a pair of my favorite vintage
Chanel sunnies in the mix – who is more inspiring than Coco?

 Sunglasses, Vintage Chanel

Obsessed with this vintage mirrored coffee table! Mirrors in every form instantly add glamour to any home or office setting.

See the article in its entirety here: The Coveteur Fashion Offices With Rachel Zoe