Camille Styles Entertaining

I love entertaining.

Camille Styles Entertainiing

tulips, coffee, and reading up on how to make Camille Styles’ Lavender Lemonade

Whatever the season I love to have guests over for dinner, for drinks, for lunch or brunch. Any excuse for a get together!

I love planning the themes of my mini events, planning the menu, the drinks menu, the playlist. I also love throwing things together last minute for a spur of the moment party.

I’m an avid collector of party planning books, from Martha Stewart in the early days to Lulu Powers who has been a standard in my home for years. Recently while reading some blogs online I came across Camille Styles Entertaining: Inspired Gatherings and Effortless Style. I featured this book on my March Coveted List, then promptly ordered it on Amazon!

Camille Styles Entertaining

Camille Styles Entertaining is all about effortless style. A little planning up front, but essentially setting you up to be able to throw together a super stylish yet casual little party, for 4 or for 40, without any stress or drama.

Camille says “My secret to modern, stress free entertaining: keep the focus on just a handful of details that pack a major punch and leave a lasting impression in guests’ minds.”


Camille Styles Entertaining


I’m planning out some spring and summer entertaining, so this weekend will involve some quality time with good coffee and Camille Styles Entertaining, picking through her ideas for table settings and menus, cocktails and party themes. I love outdoor chandeliers and lights strung through the trees, and I love normal weeknight dinners served on pretty plates at a beautifully set table outdoors under the stars.


Camille Styles Entertaining


One of the things I love about this book is the celebration of everyday life, making the normal feel just a little bit more special. Camille tells us not to wait for special occasions but instead to infuse some of her ideas into our regular life. Make our dinner tables looking prettier and more festive, eat outdoors rather than at the dining table.


Camille Styles Entertaining Ideas

Her book is full of lush images, great personal stories that breathe life into her parties (when I read the first page story about turning a tedious work dinner into a fun Mexican fiesta I knew this was the book for me!) recipes, menus and cocktail ideas. It makes a great gift for friends, for Mother’s Day, for yourself. Whether you entertain all the time or whether you never entertain at all, there is something for you in this book.

You can find Camille Styles Entertaining on

Camille Styles Entertaining

The Coveted List, March 2017

coveted for spring

Spring is here and brings with it all kinds of fabulous things to covet!

I getting ready to spend several weeks in Europe with my Glam Tours, so right now everything I look at has that in mind.


The anchor piece is a simple black sundress. I found this Autumn Cashmere Square Neck Midi Dress at

black square neck midi dress revolve+

It’s super versatile (especially for spring/summer travel), can be dressed up or worn casually, is great with flats or heels. Its perfect.

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The coolest girls in Europe wear Supergas.

superga sneakers pink

I bought my first pair on the island of Lipari a few years ago, and since then have bought a new color each year. They are chic, cool, and look great with everything. On shoots I wear them paired with a black maxi dress. They look great with jeans, shorts, cropped pant – everything! I found these pink ones on Zappos.

Prada sunglasses.

prada sunglasses

Obsessed. I try them on every time I go to Nordstrom.

This clutch purse from Kustom Klutch is fantastic.

kustom klutch lemonade


I love the lemonade shade with the colorful lining.(it comes in other shades too).

kustom klutch color splat lining

Kustom Klutch bags are handmade in Charlotte NC. Check out their website here.

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in Hels Bells.

charlotte Tilbury Hel's Bells

My favorite lip color at the moment is this shade of raspberry/red-crimson. It looks so stunning! Not as aggressive as a red lip, it still commands attention, and is perfect in any situation. Love.


Tatcha Deep Hydration Firming Serum.

Tatcha deep hydration firming serum

My favorite serum, ever. I always buy travel sized Tatcha products for my trips, but I buy this one in full size. After the dreariness and dryness of winter our spring skin is screaming for some extra hydration and luminosity. This serum is the holy grail. My Spring 2017 Zoe Report Box of Style had a full size Tatcha Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder in it – I love Tatcha products, so was crazy happy to find it in there! You can check out the Box Of Style here.


Foreo ISSA

The ISSA toothbrush from Foreo. This revolutionary toothbrush goes beyond the abilities of regular sonic toothbrushes. It whitens and brightens your teeth, and apparently is amazing for gum health. It is good for everyone, including those with sensitive teeth and gums. Instead of regular bristles the ISSA has silicone bristles, which reduce/prevent gum recession, damage from over brushing, and damage to tooth enamel.

They come in a variety of colors, (I like this lavender shade)only need charging twice per year, and the head lasts a year. Brilliant. (Read more about the ISSA toothbrush here)

Camille Styles Entertaining

Camille Styles Entertaining: Inspired Gatherings and Effortless Style. I saw this on a blog recently and had to click through and buy it. (It’s on it’s way to me now!) I love entertaining, and Camille’s book is full of fun, chic ideas as well as gorgeous recipes.