Chic And Healthy Soups To Take To Work (And Make Your Co Workers Jealous!)

This post from Career Girl Daily came into my in box 3 weeks ago and rocked my lunchtime world!

Gluten Free Instant Noodles image from
recipe below

I love having soup for lunch in the winter. (or what we jokingly refer to as winter here in Phoenix, where it doesn’t actually get too cold!

Gluten Free Instant Noodle Cup Recipe From Gluten Free On A Shoestring

But when I’m working I don’t want to bring those store bought cups of msg-rich, powdered, just add water soups that are guaranteed to make you swell up by early afternoon, and I don’t want to bring Tupperware containers of soup from home to heat up in a microwave either.

Kelp Noodle Pot image via Career Girl Daily

But how about homemade noodle cups with fresh vegetables and a multitude of options?? In a chic glass container? I am so hooked!

Kelp Noodle Pot Recipe from Deliciously Ella

Homemade chicken and vegetable pot noodles from

Homemade Chicken And Vegetable Pot Noodle Recipe From Kitchen Sanctuary

The concept with these soups is that you are filling a jar with wholesome goodness and then when lunch time rolls around you just add boiling water, let it steep for a few minutes, and you are good to go!

The Pho Jar image via Career Girl Daily

The Pho Jar Recipe from

They don’t just taste fantastic, but they are so visually appealing. 
You feel satiated and satisfied and yet you’ve had a low calorie, fat free lunch that is both colorful and nutrient rich.

I bought these French Hermetic Terrine Jars at The Container Store. The middle size is perfect for a lunch soup. It’s important to get glass jars, not plastic. The glass ones look better and won’t stain.


This weekend I’m going back to buy some of these 
Panoply Canisters, because I think they are also made of glass and I think they would look pretty amazing too. 

Panopy Canisters from The Container Store

What I have learned doing these is:
 *You need to soak rice noodles over night. Boiling water on dry rice noodles doesn’t get them soft and edible.
*You can make a bunch of these ahead of time (they look super pretty in your refrigerator) and just throw one in your bag in the morning on your way out the door.
*In a pinch if you need more flavor or don’t have time to prep a sauce-base you can just throw in noodles, fresh vegetables, some kelp a miso paste.

There are 11 more recipes in the original post on Career Girl Daily

While clicking away on every recipe that Career Girl Daily had in their post I found some fab blogs to follow, including Deliciously Ella, Gluten Free On A Shoestring and Kitchen Sanctuary

If you have some good ideas for a chic and healthy soup recipe, tell me about them in the comment section below!

How To Prepare Your Home For Fall

How To Prepare Your Home For Fall

It will still be summer where I live for a while, but I might start prepping for fall anyway, especially after reading this article in Career Girl Daily.

How To Prepare Your Home For Fall


There are so many reasons to be excited for fall, from cosy evenings todelicious homely food and our favourite TV shows returning. One of our favourite things about fall is preparing our home for the darker evenings. Whether you need some inspiration for your dorm room at Uni or whether you’re lucky enough to have the whole house to yourself, there are so many cute ways to dress up your space this season!

In summer, we love light, bright, airy rooms with fruity scents and thinner sheets, but it’s time to switch it up a little bit. There’s nothing better than coming in from the cold, shivering and clinging to your jacket, and strutting into a room that oozes comfort, warmth and seasonal goodness. Strip off that soaking raincoat and enjoy these ways to prepare your home for fall.

#1 Start with the scents

We love clean, citrus scents for summer, but there’s nothing better than coming home to warm spiced smells in the fall. You can opt for a warm, fruity diffuser like Dr vranjes chinotto pepe diffuser 250ml from The Conran Shop that contains citrus, bergamot and mandarin with spicy cardamom, nutmeg and saffron and will continue working in your home while you’re at work. Or you can invest in a gorgeously scented candle to light when you get home like this Incense & Embers candle from Jo Malone.

#2 Wall decorations

Don’t underestimate the power of wall decorations, girls. They can make your room feel like an entirely different place! Invest in a cute piece of wall art like this LOVE print by CloudWalkerStudios on Etsy, or cut or tear out your favourite bits from magazines. In the cold weather you can’t beat a twinkling st of fairy lights, either. You can always get some from a local discount store or invest in these cute and affordableMagic Gem Fairy Lights from Urban Outfitters. String them up on your wall or around your bed frame for instant twinkly goodness.

#3 Bedding

We all have our favourite bedspreads, but you might want to get a new quilt or throw for the season. As well as being super warm and cosy, they can update your old favourite sheets. Try this Houndstooth Blanket from Zara Home if you need extra cosiness in the evenings or purchase this amazing Sheepskin Rug from Oliver Bonas and use it all year round, draped on a desk chair or for extra snugness lay it out across the floor.

#4 Accessories

Of course you can always DIY your own home decor, stringing paper chains together, spray painting vases bronze and marbling jewellery dishes are all the kinds of things a crafty girl could easily put their hands to. We like to try our hands at stringing things up and using glue, but when all else fails you can’t beat a beautiful flower in an even more beautiful vase, like this Small Glass Vase From H&M Home. We love this ring dish from Kate Spade, too. Accessories can be anything from cute perfume bottles to shells you collected on the beach in summer.

Decorating your home for fall can be one of the most fun parts of adapting for the new season. Even if you just look for cute free bits and bobs to put on your shelves and string a few leaves together, scents, sights and sounds that change to reflect the season will help you jump out of bed in the morning and have you heading for home with a spring in your step.

How To Get The Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face


I am eyebrow obsessed.
Not with those crazy, square, shiny brows that are all over Instagram, but with perfect, eye framing, face balancing brows.
A well executed brow is a work of art.

Check out this brow story written by Juliana Chow for Career Girl Daily. 
There is a tutorial from Michelle Phan inside the story. I’m not sure I agree with her brow color theory, but I love her brow shape theory.

How To Get The Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Eyebrows are everywhere and anywhere these days, from runaway models to Instagram #browperfection, eyebrows are the most talked about beauty obsession of our time. Nowadays there are hundreds of make-up products on the market that will help you achieve your desired eyebrow look. You can even get thick Cara eyebrows with eyebrow extensions, that is apparently getting increasingly popular. Not that the fuzz is at all overrated because it is after all the brows that frame our eyes and face, which makes it important for us to know how to get the eyebrow shape perfectly right. Whether you want Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner eyebrows, or simply eyebrows that fit your personality, here is how you get them absolutely perfect-looking.



Spend time in front of the mirror, take a couple or selfies and analyze your face. By figuring which face shape you have, you can get a general guideline on which eyebrow shape would fit your face shape the best. Now, try finding celebrities that you admire, or that has a similar face shape as you, and try to envision how you really want your eyebrows to frame your face.


When you have a general idea of how you want your eyebrows to look, whether it is thick, thin or arched eyebrows, take a concealer and try concealing the areas that you want to trim, before tweezing away. When you are satisfied with the look, use a tweezer to pluck any unwanted hair between and below the area of your eyebrows. If the plucking hurts, use an ice cube to soothe the pain.


Find a really good eyebrow pencil that fits your need, shape, and color. The rule of thumb is, that the color of your eyebrows should be 2-3 shades lighter if your have dark hair, and 2-3 shades darker if you have blonde hair. If you do not want to spend too much time filling in your eyebrows every day, the fastest and easiest method is using an eyebrow pencil. Though if you wish to upgrade your eyebrow game and spend a bit more time on perfecting them, try using a powder kit and brush. Note, that filling in your brows with powder will often make your brows appear softer, than they would with a pencil! When filling in your brows, try measuring your starting point, the natural arch and ending point of your brows. Lastly, set your eyebrows with a brow gel, so they will stay in place all day.


Juliana Chow, 19 and founder of, has a multinational background and currently lives in Copenhagen where she finished her study of International Business. She has a passion for traveling, blogging, social media and dreaming big.