15 Celebrities With Long Bobs

The long bob ( or LOB) was easily the hottest haircut in 2015.

Ashley Olson looking gorgeous with her long bob

Versatile, modern and fresh, it can feel like long hair while keeping the ease of a short cut.

Fashion forward yet quintessentially feminine the LOB flatters any face shape. 

Adele never looked more beautiful

As we move into 2016 the LOB is still one of the biggest trends in hair, and from the look of things it’s going to be around for a while!

If you are thinking about making the cut and getting a new hairstyle for 2016,  get a little inspiration by checking out these 16 Celebrities absolutely rocking their long bobs:

Rosie Huntington Whiteley 

Taylor Swift

Jennifer Lawrence

Jessica Alba

Rose Byrne
Heidi Klum

Khloe Kardashian

Kate Mara

Jennifer Connelly

Karlie Kloss

Kristen Bell

Reese Witherspoon

7 Celebrities Rocking Wavy Bobs For Short Hair

It has been the season of the LOB (long bob), but if you are getting ready to trim off the inches that have been thrashed by summer’s sun, surf and chlorine, or you just want to change it up a little, here are seven fabulous celebrity wavy bob’s for short hair to inspire you.

7 Celebrities Rocking Wavy Bobs For Short Hair


Lily Collins’ center part opens and then her face so that her sensational eyebrows and lips can take center stage.
I love these big, fat waves on shorter bobs. 

Kate Mara ombre, wavy bob

Kate Mara’s slightly off-center part draws attention to her fabulous ombre waves. The cut looks a little asymmetrical too. The two features combined make for a perfect look when you need a significant cut, and also want to grow out a shorter look.


Need to go even shorter? The color play on this short, wavy bob makes it much more interesting.
Creating an off center part and hooking the shorter side behind your ear opens up your face and helps you draw attention to your eyes.

Charlotte Tilbury Looks Campaign


If you have a square shaped face or a rectangular face, side swept bangs completely soften your full forehead.
The trick to making this bob work is to keep it choppy at the ends, and not blunt, and to drop the length below the jawline to stop your face looking more squared.
If you don’t have a squared face shape this cut will still look gorgeous.


I don’t think I have ever seen a bad haircut on Jessica Alba?
I love this for it’s simplicity. It looks fresh and modern.

Charlize Theron Short Wavy Bob

Charlize Theron looks amazing no matter what – did you see her bald in Mad Max?? Stunning.
These soft, full, curly waves on her short bob are ultra feminine and pretty.

Brooklyn Decker wavy bob

Brooklyn Decker’s long layers and choppy ends give the illusion that her hair is longer.

Charlotte Tilbury Looks Campaign

Celebrities With Choppy, Bob Length Hairstyles

I was on an editorial shoot this week, and one of the girls from the magazine absolutely rocked everyone’s world with her fantastic new haircut. 
It was super modern, fun and ultra chic.

She started the day with a choppy, bob length cut, looking smooth and shiny, and then part way through the day the hairstylist on set (who had actually done this stunning haircut the week before) took an oval wand curler to the cut and turned it into this super modern, beachy wave. It was fresh, it was fun and hands down out of all of us – magazine peeps, models and glam squad, she had the most fashion forward, sexy hair.

 I am really attached to my long hair so I will probably never make the cut, but I had to start googling others who have. 
Check out these celebrities with fabulous, choppy, bob length haircuts, and maybe this spring you too will go for the cut.

Dianna Agron

Jessica Alba
Drew Barrymore

Vanessa Hudgens
Emma Stone

Jennifer Lawrence

Karlie Kloss

Taylor Swift

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