5 Juicy Tips For Buying Lipgloss ~ Bridal Beauty Tip #30

5 Tips For Buying Lip Gloss For Your Wedding

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Are you planning on wearing a colored lip gloss on your wedding day? A shimmery, juicy lip always looks fresh and inviting.

The problem is not all lip glosses are created equal – even major brand, expensive lip glosses can be troublesome, so I recommend test driving your lip gloss for a day before committing to it for your wedding. You will find that almost all lip glosses look great for the first few minutes, but after a while plenty of them can look or feel awful.

So in the interest of keeping your lips looking luscious all day and night, here are 5 things to look for when choosing a lip gloss for your wedding:

1. Does It Turn Tacky?

Most lipglosses will glide on super smooth and look gorgeous. In the beginning. But after they’ve worn in for a while many often get sticky and tacky and ball up on the lip. This is not a winning look for your wedding!

2. Is It Too Slippery?

Is your lip gloss slip sliding around the outsides of your lips? A lip gloss that has migrated outside the lip line can make you look like you just finished eating a plate of chicken wings. Light reflects off the shiny surface making it look even worse in pictures!

3.  Is It Super Drying?

Some lip glosses really dry the lips out, leading to painful cracking and chapping.  As your lips start to feel dry you add more gloss thinking it will soothe them, which ends up making the problem worse and keeping it in a perpetual cycle of dry, sore lips.

4. Is It Too Glossy?

image via designsnext.com

If your lip gloss has too high of a shine you can wind up looking like a porn star, especially in your photos. 

Your groom is not going to want to smooch a super glossy lip either – he doesn’t want that slippery slime all over him.

5. How Is The Color Pay Off?

Most glosses look somewhat even as they go on, but the color often gets patchy after a while. Look for a gloss that has a good color pay off – true color that applies and holds evenly

5 Tips To Wake Up Your Winter Makeup

If you are anything like me then you have a major dose of the mid January blahs.
The fun and excitement of the holiday season is now firmly ensconced in the rear view mirror, your waistline is resplendent with holiday carbs, and the face in the mirror is reflecting grey skies with makeup boredom and stressed out mid winter skin.

Need a little makeup pick-me-up?

Here are 5 tips to wakeup your mid-winter makeup

image via Oprah.com

1) Make sure skin is well hydrated before you apply your foundation –  dry/sensitive/irritated winter skin doesn’t hold makeup well. If you are wind burned/extra irritated from cold weather + central heating try Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream or Rhonda Allison Grape Seed Oil to help smooth skin and provide a barrier.

2) use a silicone based foundation like Makeup Forever HD Foundation to help skin glow. Apply sparingly with a duo fiber brush to get a sheer smooth cover.

image via www.taaz.com

3) Use a cream blush to make complexion look alive and vibrant.

4) If you’re feeling washed out, use warm tones on the eyes. Bronzey/warm golds warm up a lifeless complexion. Silvers, greys and blues can leave you looking ashen and cold.

5) If you are looking pale make a statement with a strong lip color. Red is always exciting, this year I am wearing a punchy fuchsia to liven everything up.

How To Line Your Entire Eye With Eyeliner

From the eHow.com Corinna B series, here is a quick video on how to line your entire eye with eyeliner.

image Kelly Cappelli

How to Line Your Entire Eye With Eyeliner — powered by ehow

So, to recap:

1. Think about the shape of your eye.
If you have small eyes, keep the liner thin as completely ringing your eye with liner can make it look smaller.
If you have very close set eyes, don’t take the liner all the way into your inner corner, as it can make your eyes look even more closely set together.

2. Use a moderately sharpened pencil – don’t sharpen it to a tight point as it will probably crumble. Don’t use a completely blunted down pencil either, as you will lose definition. You want to have control of the line you are creating.

3. Lie the pencil on it’s side and move it through the lashline, using small, even strokes.
Start in the middle of your eye, move the pencil through the outer corner, ans then come back through the inner corner.
Don’t try to pull it through in one perfect sweep – chances are it will bounce across the eye and make a bumpy, uneven mess.

4.Using an eyeliner brush (like the Corinna B Taklon liner brush) and a powder eyeshadow that matches your eyeliner pencil – dark brown shadow with dark brown pencil / black shadow with black pencil etc

image Kelly Cappelli

firstly set the pencil with shadow to stop it moving and disappearing as the day/night wears on, then secondly using feathering motions, buff through the pencil and soften out that line.
Tipping the angled liner brush on its side, slide it under your lower lashes, and buff a soft smudgy line, accenting your lower lashes. (I prefer not to use pencil under the eye as it doesn’t have much staying power and can look too severe)

5. Top it off with a couple of coats of mascara.