How To Get Glowing, Beautiful Skin

Now that winter is over, and summer is on its way, this is the perfect time to get started creating a beautiful, radiant complexion.

image by Eric Cassee, hair by Will Zecco, makeup by Corinna Cooke

The cold months leave us with dried out, lackluster looking skin which needs a little extra lovin’ to get back on track and look fresh and youthful.
Here’s a little step-by-step guide to help you get gorgeous, radiant skin, just in time for the warmer weather.

How To Get Glowing, Beautiful Skin 

(in 6 easy steps)

1. Exfoliate Daily With Clarisonic

If you follow this blog then you probably already know that I am a huge fan of the Clarisonic. When I’m doing movies I get Clarisonics for all my leading ladies – they make such a huge difference to the skin.
Basically, using a Clarisonic every day will cleanse your skin 6X deeper, and will lift away debris from the surface of the skin.
Light reflects off of smooth surfaces, making your skin look fresher, younger and more vital.


2. Weekly Enzyme Mask
I’m not a fan of exfoliating scrubs.
I always think they rough up the baby skin underneath, so instead I have my clients use enzyme masks to exfoliate, such as this one by Ren
Skin looks vibrant and alive after an enzyme mask, and it feels fabulous.

3. Moisturize.
Use a quality moisturizer morning and night.
Moisturizers containing ceramides and/or niacinamide strengthen the lipid barrier, which is the absolute key to glowing skin.
Make sure you apply your moisturizer liberally, and work it into the skin in an upward motion.

4. Brighten
Brighten dark spots/patches and even out skin tone with serums and/or creams that contain kojic acid, hydroquinone or vitamin C

5. Facial SPF

Use a free standing facial SPF of 50+
If your daily moisturizer has SPF in it already, still use a free standing facial SPF over top, and apply it liberally.
Don’t forget your throat and decolletage. I tell my clients to only apply it where they want to look pretty – nothing ages you faster than sun damage.

6. Fake A Tan
Don’t let the sun tan your face, as it just fast tracks the aging process. Instead opt for a fake tan, but don’t go color crazy. Adding a little golden glow to your complexion will leave you looking radiant and beautiful.

How To Do Your Makeup When You’re Going To The Snow

Holla Sno-Bunnies!

The past couple of weeks I’ve been spending some time mountainside, and from what I’ve seen, we need a little snow-makeup-101.

It seems like girls go to one of two extremes when hitting the snow:

full makeup – which looks ridiculous, even if you are a super-celeb

or full blown commando (makeup, not undies) which unless you are a perfect nordic beauty

can leave you looking like one of the boys.

(And you are unlikely to have landed on my page if you want to look like one of the boys…)

Regardless of whether you are an alpine athlete or a chalet girl,

it doesn’t hurt to look just right.

So check out this picture of my lovely friend, 

model Marlowe De Vonne.

(The Agency AZ)

Apart from the fact that she is staggeringly beautiful anyway,

Marlowe gets her snow makeup perfect, every time.

With this being the type of look we are going for, here is 

Snow Makeup 101

1. Moisturize (like crazy)

You will need much more moisturizer than normal when getting alpine. The high altitude will strip the moisture out of your skin in no time, so start the day by super moisturizing your skin, ideally with a heavier formulation than you use every day.

Your moisturizer will need extra time to soak in, so go do something else for a couple of minutes and let it really absorb.

2. Facial SPF

I can’t say it enough, but a free standing facial SPF of no less than 30 is essential every day, and even more so when you hit the slopes. 

The air is thinner,  the altitude puts you in a far greater burn zone and sun damage zone. Even if you have an overcast day the sun’s harmful rays are bouncing off the snow and into your beautiful face, wrecking all kinds of havoc, from a bad burn to super aging sun damage.

I always go with the highest SPF I can find, normally around SPF 85 to 100

There are some schools of thought that nothing is more effective than SPF 30 anyway, but they also used to recommend smoking to relax you during pregnancy, so I use the highest SPF for the face that I can find.

3. BB Cream (or CC Cream)

Foundation looks kinda crazy when you are at the snow. The multi faceted BB and CC creams make for the perfect solution. They give your skin some added treatment benefits, but also smooth out and even out skin tone, giving you the benefit of a foundation without the weighty-ness of it.

They last amazing all day long, and really give you the look of great skin rather than makeup.

4. Eyebrows  

Your eyebrows are so important – they not only frame your eyes, but give your visage dimension as well.

Makeup Forever Aqua Brow is an ideal option as it is waterproof, and will stay on all day, even if your snow-goggles are pressing up against it.

It is super, super concentrated, so use the tiniest amount.

5. Cream Blush

Not so that you look like you have makeup on, but just to sweeten your cheeks, and give you a slight flush.

Unlike a powder blush that sits on the surface of the skin, a cream blush will look like its your natural complexion.

6. Keep Your Eyes Simple

You will have sunglasses or snow-goggles on all day anyway, and a full eyemakeup looks a tad ridiculous.

If you are going with eyeshadow, opt for flat matte neutral shades that you can create dimension with, but not look over done. Keep liner minimal but build some good lashes with a water resistant mascara.

7. Lips 

The one thing you will really see is your mouth, and this is where you should draw focus.

Firstly use a really strong lip balm with SPF, and reapply it all day. Scaly, flaky, dried out or burnt lips are anything but kissable. In fact they look hideous. So keep your your lips protected and super moisturized all day.

Draw attention to your mouth with color. Red can be too vampy, and when the light bounces off the snow a red lip can look overly harsh. 

Instead seek out bold fucshia and magenta hues.

If those shades feel too intense, look at sunny pinks and corals (not pastel, not opaque). You need a color with life in it. Make sure the formulation isn’t too matte and drying, but also not too glossy. Gooey glossy lips look silly up in the alps, and also can work like baby oil on the beach, and burn your lips like crazy.

Go girl…

image credit exclusively snow

How To Prepare Your Skin For Early Morning Makeup ~

From the tutorial series, here is one all about prepping your face for makeup when you have an early start to the day.

image courtesy of

When you have to get up extra early in the morning it can be tricky to get your makeup to go on looking beautiful, and to stay on all day. 
Tired or stressed skin can eat makeup off in some areas , while other patches of your skin are dehydrated and grab hold of makeup, leaving it looking cakey and uneven.

Chances are if you have an early start your face and eyes might be a little puffy, and if you haven’t had enough sleep your skin can look grey and lifeless.

 Whether you work in breakfast TV or just have to get up early, the steps to gorgeous are the same.

The tutorial is at the bottom of this post

Step One: Cleanse your skin, but gently.
Give your skin a light cleanse to remove any surface oils or debris and to get it fresh for the new day. Use cool water, as this helps to wake the skin up.

Step Two: Keep your eye gel in the refridgerator.
Applying cool gel to puffy eyes not only hydrates them, but helps to wake up the skin and get rid of puffiness.

If your eyes are looking exhausted or puffy you can also apply a cool washcloth to the area, use a gel filled eyemask that has been kept in the refrigerator over night, or use an eye treatment mask such as skynIceland’s amazing Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels.

10 minutes with these on and your eyes are hydrated, the puffiness is gone, and the skin looks firm and toned. They are magic!

Step Three: Use a moisturizer that contains menthol and/or caffeine. These two ingredients wake the skin up and get the blood circulating, amking your complexion look radiant and glowing.

Step Four: Always use a facial SPF of 30 or higher (I use SPF 85) no matter what the weather is.
Facial SPFs protect your skin from sun induced cancers as well as from premature aging due to sun damage.
Only apply it to the parts you want to look pretty…

How to Prepare Your Face for Early Morning Makeup — powered by ehow

Step Five: Use a good primer.
This will help your makeup to bind and hold, and to go on evenly.